[CLOSED] OnePlus 2 Invite Giveaway!

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  1. PooonPD
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2015

    PooonPD , Aug 11, 2015 :
    My name is Julian, I'm from Central New York and I just turned 16 years old August 8th. Please help me with an invite. I've never owned a smartphone so I've been saving up money for this phone for a year now because to me it's the best option. Right now I have a prepaid Verizon flip phone. Everyone makes fun of me because of it! Please! I need an invite!!!

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  2. kbarbora
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2015

    kbarbora , Aug 11, 2015 :
    Muy phone description;: broken screen, power button not working, speaker damaged, and it reboots itself constantly I dont know why, therefore new a newwww phoneee

  3. kimhaggstrom
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2015

    kimhaggstrom , Aug 11, 2015 :
    I'm Kim, a webdeveloper from the not-so-icy-right-now North of Sweden. My last phone, a Sony Xperia, turned out to not be fall proof and made that fact known by falling 45m from a carousel at a local festival. I'm currently using my old Sony Ericsson W710i until I can get myself a new phone. :eek:

    Unfortunately, while I might be patiently waiting for this awesome phone, my job isn't. I use my phone for work-related development on a regular basis. A project is coming up where I'm going to need a phone (I can borrow my colleagues' phones only so much..) and if I can't get my hands on a OnePlus2 in August, I'm going to have to buy another phone and simply... forget about this beauty. :(

    Settling feels wrong, especially when it's this close. Obviously, I'd just pass the invite I receive at a later day forward to someone deserving as I'll be set :)

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  4. Aadi_2710
    Gingerbread Aug 11, 2015

    Aadi_2710 , Aug 11, 2015 :
    university student...using 2.5yr old samsung galaxy grand quattro(its not even having cyanogen:().. saved some money for a new phone ......saw that op2 is to be launched n d'cided that OP2 WILL BE MY NEXT PHONE.....n now m waiting and waiting for invite so i can @last get a new phone -_-
    PS. m around 3.7k in the reservation list and i have no hopes that i get one invite until september:(

  5. ppathak
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2015

    ppathak , Aug 11, 2015 :

    I don't even know if this is even valid now. I mean you might have given it to someone already. Anyways I'm desperate for one. Why should you give me? Well,, you might get interested once you read this, or not, but i sincerely hope that you do.

    I have been using this phone for a while now.

    This was my backup phone when I lost my Moto G. That was just over a year ago. Since then I dreamed of getting hands on a OPO. But I was in college and couldn't afford one without asking my parents for money. I didn't. Then I graduated and started working. Now I had money but didn't have an invite. So, when OPO went off without invites I was really happy. I added it to my shopping cart on amazon and was about to order it when OnePlus confirmed the release of OP2.
    I said to myself, "Patience. We'll buy the best phone yet".

    And so I waited. And it goes on. I still am. I was 7000 on the waitlist initially but now its down to somewhere in the high 40000s.

    I hope you can share your invite with me.

    Thanks :)

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  6. PooonPD
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2015

    PooonPD , Aug 11, 2015 :

  7. Sumit Kumar Mittal
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2015

  8. djromz
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2015

    djromz , Aug 11, 2015 :
    Hi adamski08,

    I know your choice isn't going to be easy, but please consider me !

    Reason I really need an invite : I've been using a stupid nokia for 3 damn months, my one plus one was literally ripped out of my hands (!) while on a call downtown ...

    Will have to buy somewhere else if I don't get a two before early September, as I will need a smartphone for work at that point.

    Thanks and take care !

    (Event manager in Belgium)

  9. renrenderla
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2015

    renrenderla , Aug 11, 2015 :
    Hi adamski! ! Haha! Im renren! And I'm a professional bum right now. Currently, im using the Asus Zenfone 5. I really wanna get my hands on this new OnePlus 2 coz my previous OnePlus One decided to go for a swim and took a dip into the pacific ocean haha. During the One days, i scavenged the internet for invites and was so desperate enough to personally message all the people who posted their new OnePlus one on the instgram page to ask for invites! So pleaaase Adam! Im desperate to have this invite! And right now, im here in vancouver on a vacation so it's just timely to give the invite to me so I could get the OP2 while im still here before i go back to PI. Thanks brother!
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  10. rsix
    Gingerbread Aug 11, 2015

    rsix , Aug 11, 2015 :
    I am homeless right now living on the streets and do noCell phone with your invite I can purchase the phone with the money I have saved up on the street and will be able to finally have a smartphone

  11. romaan7
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2015

    romaan7 , Aug 11, 2015 :
    Roman from India.. Need for gifting it to dad with my first salary.. Please :)

  12. jovver123
    Donut Aug 11, 2015

    jovver123 , Aug 11, 2015 :
    college student with a galaxy s3 in my hands right now looking at a post wishing that what i was holding was that awesome op2 at the moment but hey i can dream can i?

  13. longnmusic
    Eclair Aug 11, 2015

    longnmusic , Aug 11, 2015 :
    I desperately need a new phone but don't want to buy anything else but the OP2. I had the OPO but the screen started having ghosting issues, so I bought a whole new screen for it. When I installed it was working fine for a bit but then eventually just went black (not sure if I messed something up when installing). SO naturally I tried to trouble shoot it some more but just couldn't get it working and didn't want to dump more money into fixing it when knowing the OP2 is so close! I'm currently using an unlocked sprint samsung galaxy s4 for my t-mobile network so half of the features don't work, the most important ones being 4G or HotSpot :(. Please save me from my misery! If not you are still awesome for giving it away to some lucky person and thank you for being so generous!

  14. zpolic
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2015

    zpolic , Aug 11, 2015 :
    I have the opo, I really want to upgrade and i haz half life 3

  15. Kringz
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2015

    Kringz , Aug 11, 2015 :
    My name is Jacob, I currently have an iPhone 5S and I would like to switch to Android mainly because I have a lot of company related apps that only work on Android. The OnePlus 2 & the Moto X are the only phones I would consider switching to as the other Android phones kinda suck *** so yeah here I am waiting for an invite as I would prefer the OP2 over the Moto X :D

  16. SapanTailor
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2015

    SapanTailor , Aug 11, 2015 :
    I am gifting it to my father. He has always given me what I wanted. This would be the best gift for him. I would appreciate if you can provide me the code. It is not for me. I already have oneplusone. I want something better for my dad.

  17. satoto01
    Eclair Aug 11, 2015

    satoto01 , Aug 11, 2015 :
    my name is Iwan. I'm indnesian. Always fans of Oneplus. Own oneplus one. Two will be the perfect replacement.

  18. kennyquach
    Froyo Aug 11, 2015

    kennyquach , Aug 11, 2015 :
    Dear Adam
    First I would like to thanks to you to sharing your invite, even through i get it or not but I think whoever get it will be the happiest !! I appreciated for your time .
    Here is the reason why i need Oneplus Two
    My current phone is Oneplus one but the phone was stolen in the class room
    1/ Safety :
    I’d feel more comfortable having a safety net in case something goes wrong. I’m not trying to freak you out, but I’ll need a phone in case of an emergency. If you let me get a smartphone, I’ll have a built-in GPS for times I get lost (which we both know is often). Not only that, but having a phone lets you keep tabs on me (within reason, guys) so you’ll feel secure letting me go over to a friend’s house for a rousing video-game marathon!
    And don’t worry… after all those terrifying PSAs, I will absolutely not text and drive!
    2/ Education:
    Teachers know that most kids today use smartphones, so they’re incorporating new technology into their lesson plans. Having a smartphone could actually make me a more productive student! With a handheld device, I have access to the entirety of human knowledge! That’s pretty neat! One moment… I’m going to fall into a Wikipedia hole and learn all about the Renaissance…
    3/ Learn important Skills
    Technological literacy extends beyond high school classes. If I have a smartphone now, I’ll be acclimated to using it in the future. It’s likely that technology will only become more and more sophisticated. If I can’t adapt, I might be less employable later on. I’d like figure out how to balance real-life interaction and an online presence while I’m still living with you!

  19. julyhartono
    Cupcake Aug 11, 2015

    julyhartono , Aug 11, 2015 :
    Hi adamski07,

    I hope I am not too late.

    I am just another IT person, currently have iphone6 plus, and I want it because I did have the one plus one and liked it a lot. Hoping to switch to Android, but did not want to switch to glitchy ones like samsung/htc/etc. I would really like to be able to compare the two (iphone6 plus v oneplus 2).


  20. Faz
    Froyo Aug 11, 2015

    Faz , Aug 11, 2015 :
    Sup Adam.

    Currently a student, proud OnePlus One owner and would love to upgrade to a +2!