[CLOSED] OnePlus 2 review: a great phone but don't believe the hype


OnePlus 2 review: a great phone but don't believe the hype

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  1. gkp3403
    Cupcake Sep 5, 2015

    gkp3403 , Sep 5, 2015 :
    OnePlus 2 design and build quality
    The design of the OnePlus 2 impressed me from the moment I first saw it. I have to admit that it looks better than I had expected, a fact not always true of phones that have been as hyped up as the OnePlus 2. At first glance, the company’s "Never Settle" slogan seemed to have burst into affordably premium life. But first impressions can’t always be trusted.

    For starters, the OnePlus 2 looks an awful lot like its predecessor. While some will appreciate that OnePlus has stuck to an existing design language, others who demand innovation at every step will likely be bored. We need only look at the backlash surrounding the design similarities between the HTC One M8 and One M9 to see this in action.

    The OnePlus 2 (right) shares a lot of visual similarities with the OnePlus One (left). / © ANDROIDPIT
    The OnePlus 2 we got for review is the Sandstone Black color option: the same as the original OnePlus One. The textured back is a little rougher one the new device, and it feels nice at first, until you realize it is a textured plastic cover. Not that the back of the OnePlus One was real sandstone – it was a textured veneer over a plastic base too – but this one feels a lot cheaper than the back of the One.

    While this may not be so significant for some, it definitely doesn’t feel like an improvement over the One. So why opt for this material choice? Because the back of the OnePlus 2 is removable. But don’t let this fool you into thinking the OnePlus 2 has a removable battery, because it doesn’t.

    The reason the plastic battery cover of the OnePlus 2 is made of a flimsy plastic is that it enables you to switch rear covers. OnePlus previously tried to push StyleSwap covers with the original One, with pretty disastrous results (which actually led to the company cancelling the accessory).

    The OnePlus 2 makes the process of swapping rear covers easier and less risky, but it comes at a price. Each StyleSwap option costs US$49. Fortunately, these options give you 'real' materials to work with: Kevlar, and three types of timber, Bamboo, Black Apricot and Rosewood.

    These are sourced from China, Morocco and South America, respectively, and they’re certainly better than the stock Sandstone Black option, although the timbers feel a little slippery in comparison.

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