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  1. Rezback
    Eclair Nov 10, 2016

    Rezback , Nov 10, 2016 :
    i still doubt full about new version of oneplus 3 it most be tablet ! i mean this is not moral my friend order op3 just about 1 week ago in china for me and got it after 3 days he will come back here 4 days from now ! it means my phone will be 2nd phone of this company before i can touch it box :D but i think T is tablet and 7 means 7 inch hopefully :D

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  2. runboy93
    Jelly Bean Nov 10, 2016

  3. jvidia
    Gingerbread Nov 10, 2016

  4. Rezback
    Eclair Nov 10, 2016

    Rezback , Nov 10, 2016 :
    i am not sure but i know they still have problem with supplying amoled panels so maybe thats the reason in the other hand still oneplus.cn has op3 in stock.

  5. meatandy
    Oreo Nov 10, 2016

    meatandy , Nov 10, 2016 :
    Maybe "T" is for tiny! Possibly a replacement for the X.

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  6. Rezback
    Eclair Nov 10, 2016

    Rezback , Nov 10, 2016 :
    that works for me too :)) i hope so

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  7. meatandy
    Oreo Nov 10, 2016

    meatandy , Nov 10, 2016 :
    Guess we'll find out next week unless
    @Carl and Company decide to drop a few hints in the forum before then.

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  8. F_Claudio_Cancedda_NZZp
    Donut Nov 10, 2016

  9. runboy93
    Jelly Bean Nov 10, 2016

    runboy93 , Nov 10, 2016 :
    Replace OP3 with OP3T, they really cannot produce 2 devices at same time, if they had problems with OP3 alone.

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  10. MartijnRGS
    Eclair Nov 10, 2016

    MartijnRGS , Nov 10, 2016 :
    Was this posted already in this topic? Some Dutch tech journalist from RTL (biggest national commercial radio and television platform) posted he has a review device! Let me translate it for you:

    "Daniel Verlaan: @dannygraaff haha, let me say it like this: OnePlus is coming with a new smartphone (that's known) and I already have it ;-)."

    "Danny: @danielverlaan Lucky bastard! Is it a small or big upgrade? That's all I need to know.."

    "Daniel Verlaan: @dannygraaff I can't tell you but there are enough rumors."​

    And the last tweet is not important haha. So there's coming a new smartphone, not tablet or watch. So I hope it's not a complete replacement of the OP3 and the OP3 won't get any attention anymore... The wait is so long...


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  11. ChinChinati
    Jelly Bean Nov 10, 2016

    ChinChinati , Nov 10, 2016 :
    welcome to oneplus

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  12. Rezback
    Eclair Nov 10, 2016

    Rezback , Nov 10, 2016 :
    oh! if this is true i hope T means tiny like meatandys idea :D maybe 4.7 or 5 inch display

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  13. SimonRam
    Lollipop Nov 10, 2016

    SimonRam , Nov 10, 2016 :
    If they do it's going to be as cryptic as before.
    Frustratingly shrewd way to keep all eyes of the tech press on the company.

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  14. Kyojinn
    Froyo Nov 10, 2016

    Kyojinn , Nov 10, 2016 :
    Haha, they seriously made an article about this? Oh god...

    When on Android 7.x, you can enable Google Assistant by adding/replacing the product name in the build.prop file. Now, imagine someone with a OnePlus 3 running CM14.1 and edited their build.prop to have the following because they wanted Google Assistant:

    If this person ran Geekbench, then the device will get registered as "OnePlus Pixel". Gotta write those clickbait-material articles, huh?

    It has been said so many times... T-X means X time units before something happens, you can read more if you still doubt it.
    So, they posted on Nov. 8 saying that there is an announcement on Nov. 15. T-7. Days are the time units in this case. 7 days before something happens. 7 days before the announcement. Nov. 8 + 7 days is Nov. 15. How's that confusing?

  15. Topper_Gas
    KitKat Nov 10, 2016

    Topper_Gas , Nov 10, 2016 :
    No @evleaks simply said 3 + $80 + lTime] = 3T, I assume the time bit was the 5 months between the release dates not the new name
    @evleaks referred to the new phone being a "3T" plus what's @Carl referring to quoting "37" with 5 days to go?

    The way the OP tweet was shown with the T inside an hexagon which seemed to suggest the T was more than just T-X although I guess I might have read more into that, regardless unless the device is most going to be called something else other than just OP3?

  16. jvidia
    Gingerbread Nov 10, 2016

    jvidia , Nov 10, 2016 :
    That's the point .... so it cannot be a tablet! Supposing OP still want's to sell a phone ;)

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  17. Kyojinn
    Froyo Nov 10, 2016

    Kyojinn , Nov 10, 2016 :
    -> The phone's name is very, VERY likely to be 3T, as first "leaked" on the OnePlus designer's Weibo post and as confirmed by evleaks.
    -> The T inside a hexagon does not necessarily mean that T-X is something specific. Although, the whole thing might be a subtle reference to the T in the phone's name, I agree.
    -> Carl's tweet is mainly for building hype and teasing people IMHO, but the 37 might refer to 3T in semi-leetspeak.

    Let's just forget about "OnePlus T-7" because that doesn't mean anything. The journalist tweet seen on the screenshot posted earlier by @MartijnRGS states that it's a phone, so there goes all the tablet lovers hopes I guess.

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  18. mpotra
    Donut Nov 10, 2016

    mpotra , Nov 10, 2016 :
    Two things I can't understand in threads like these: 1. People that spend so much time trying to decypher marketing messages. 2. People being outraged that a new phone might come out shortly after they purchased the "latest".
    Stop speculating and propagating false information; and wait for 14 Nov to find out. No matter how hard you try, you won't crack what's clearly a well designed marketing strategy.

    I just ordered a second OP3, a couple of days back, having already heard the rumours about a new device coming up. Do you know why? Because OP3 is still among the most powerful phones, and a fair price. Do you want an expensive and obsolete tech phone? Buy an iPhone. Do you want an expensive and bloated phone? Buy a Samsung. Do you want to spend 4 hours scrolling a page on an expensive 2GB RAM phone? Buy something else.
    And lastly, if you bought your OP3 just to brag about having the latest phone from OP, then put your money where your mouth is and buy a 700USD+ phone, you cheap bastards.

    The only valid concern is about software support, since OP's history at providing support for older models is somewhat shady; but hopefully this is to be corrected.

    And if you just passed your 15-day return period, and you complain about not being able to switch for the latest phone, then GOOD, YOU DESERVE BEING MISERABLE because you obviously wanted to buy a jewelry not a smartphone.

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  19. SimonRam
    Lollipop Nov 10, 2016

    SimonRam , Nov 10, 2016 :
    T in the hexagon is a reference to the hexagonal head of a hammer.
    Obviously a tribute to the legendary MC Hammer:
    "It's hammer time"
    Or not.......:)

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  20. G_Christian_Palladino_FM
    Froyo Nov 10, 2016

    G_Christian_Palladino_FM , Nov 10, 2016 :
    For them to release another phone so soon is surprising, my guess is the 4 will be delayed a little while, and this is to tide us over until then. There'll most likely be an improved camera, we know it will have snapdragon 821 in it, and my personal guess is that it'll come with Nougat and a larger battery, and possibly a QHD display, although I might just be dreaming with that one.