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Do you prefer OLED over LCD?

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  1. volteon
    Lollipop Nov 14, 2016

    volteon , Nov 14, 2016 :

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  2. EpicLPer
    Honeycomb Nov 14, 2016

    EpicLPer , Nov 14, 2016 :
    Of course, because it's not a speculation after that anymore ;)

  3. Psicosis
    Marshmallow Nov 14, 2016

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  4. JasonMR
    Lollipop Nov 14, 2016

    JasonMR , Nov 14, 2016 :
    And then the OP4 ones will begin...

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  5. Kyojinn
    Froyo Nov 14, 2016

    Kyojinn , Nov 14, 2016 :
    Confirmed by who? What are your sources' source? The fact that several blogs posted it does not make it true (should I remind you of the "OnePlus Pixel"?), it's the original source that counts, would you care to point us to it?

    The main problem is, nowadays, blog A posts "it is rumoured that X will have Y", blog B takes that and writes "X will have Y".

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  6. laurencebr
    Gingerbread Nov 14, 2016

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  7. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016; Most Active User 2020 Community Expert Nov 14, 2016

  8. F_Pedro_Duarte_xriK
    Donut Nov 14, 2016

  9. volteon
    Lollipop Nov 14, 2016

    volteon , Nov 14, 2016 :
    Right, there will be an official one after the announcement.
    No need for several speculation threads.

    He is referring to this article, it says:
    "Das Unternehmen bestätigte dort, dass das OnePlus 3T von einem Snapdragon-821-Prozessor mit 2,35 GHz Takt angetrieben wird und nicht – wie der Vorgänger – über ein AMOLED-Disyplay sondern über über ein LCD-Display verfügen wird"

    -> Roughly translated: "the company confirmes there (on twitter) that the OP3T will have a SD821 processor with 2,35 GHz and will not - contrary to the predecessor - have an AMOLED but a LCD screen."

    Since there is no statement from OP regarding the screen, the article is speculation.
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  10. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016; Most Active User 2020 Community Expert Nov 14, 2016

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  11. Kyojinn
    Froyo Nov 14, 2016

    Kyojinn , Nov 14, 2016 :
    Thank you! So, they indeed pulled that out of their a$$es, since the only public tweets out there regarding the screen are from Carl stating that they'll stay with AMOLED for the foreseeable future.

  12. Elgargawy
    Donut Nov 14, 2016

    Elgargawy , Nov 14, 2016 :
    @Carl doesn't care anymore.. He's been saying a lot of things lately, for example..
    They're releasing one phone a year, or his interview with XDA.. Saying the first people who bought the OnePlus 3 are the core fans and they're the most important, and he talked about OLED and LCD.

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  13. MartijnRGS
    Eclair Nov 14, 2016

    MartijnRGS , Nov 14, 2016 :
    Of course it has a LCD screen, and I hope so! Because when it has, people stop complaining and we (the guys that have the OLED screen) have the superior screen. Since the OLED screens are limited to produce and not easy to get, why for ... sake would they introduce a "new" better phone that will have even more sales if they can't handle current sales? So yeah, welcome to OnePlus with "Trump-like" promises!

    But still, I still can't believe it's a new "better" version of the OP3. There's almost no difference between the Snapdragon 820 and 821, you really won't notice the difference in real life situations. The (probably) LCD screen uses more power, so even with a bigger battery (3300-ish) would be less efficient than an OLED screen. The only upgrades that will be "real upgrades" are the camera and storage bump. But then again, it wouldn't be as good as the original OP3, just a "compromises" phone because they can't ship the original one.

    Quite a bad move for OP, not for me tho, I really like my OP3 and always will and don't want to have a newer one. But think about it... OP can't handle the orders right now, as everyone can see (so why introduce a new one?!). They can't handle upcoming orders, mark my words. They will be blamed by a lot of people crying about bad support or orders being shipped way to late and @Carl himself will get a bunch of unsatisfied customers. The first "OP3" buyers he "loves so much". What OP should've done is getting the OP3 producing flow on track and focus on the software part. They want too much too soon, just too greedy. And greediness is one of the things that killed a lot of promising companies...

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  14. sajuttan
    Cupcake Nov 14, 2016

  15. thahusyn
    Gingerbread Nov 14, 2016

  16. DracoSura
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 14, 2016

  17. jvidia
    Gingerbread Nov 14, 2016

  18. Topper_Gas
    KitKat Nov 14, 2016

    Topper_Gas , Nov 14, 2016 :
    If the rumours are ture about the LCD screen guess @Carl hands are tied if he simply can;t source sufficient OLED screens to meet demands? Given OP/OPPO can't produce screens themselves I doubt there is little else he could do, other than see demand continue to outstrip supply.

    Hopefully OP will continue to produce the OP3 once the OP3T is released, meaning that present OP3 owners continue to get decent OS support. You do wonder if the OP3T will be released worldwide or just restricted to certain markets?

  19. ChinChinati
    Jelly Bean Nov 14, 2016

    ChinChinati , Nov 14, 2016 :
    yep. i even heard that their CEO is working without salary

  20. 1+T4me
    Gingerbread Nov 14, 2016

    1+T4me , Nov 14, 2016 :
    Twilight zone e*plan-nation
    Oled and 3D are future, but for now, LCD is better choice for responsive 3D and in-move outside phone glare; so 1+3T(=37) could be a 1+3D=E.T. option as a stand-by Xmas to decide if next flagship One+4 will be AR or not:

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