[CLOSED]POCO F1 & other Xiaomi flagship phones get 960fps slow motion video capture

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  1. Kool_Kunal Eclair Dec 5, 2018

    Kool_Kunal, Dec 5, 2018 :
    Hi OP Dev Team,

    Xiaomi has started giving OTA to new MIUI for POCO F1, Xiaomi MI 8 Explorer and Xiaomi MI Mix3.

    Just wanted to know is there a team working on it?


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  2. Intruder71 Lollipop Dec 5, 2018

    Intruder71, Dec 5, 2018 :
    Already posted

  3. Kool_Kunal Eclair Dec 5, 2018

  4. YRJ Lollipop Dec 5, 2018

  5. Kool_Kunal Eclair Dec 5, 2018

    Kool_Kunal, Dec 5, 2018 :
    Hi Yash,
    That concern was raised for OP5T.
    I am looking for an answer from Dev Team, are they working on something for OP6T. The concerns might be very similar but are relatively different as I want to know if someone is working when can we expect the update coming for Oxygen OS 9.0.X

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  6. YRJ Lollipop Dec 5, 2018

    YRJ, Dec 5, 2018 :
    Developers will not reply here. This is community forums and the people around here are users like you. If there is something that you want and want that on your phone do not create threads, which won't help you.
    Instead post your feature requests and suggestions here https://forums.oneplus.com/feedback/
    It would make a difference.


  7. camohan Marshmallow Moderator Dec 5, 2018

    camohan, Dec 5, 2018 :
    Indeed. Thread answered and closed.

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