[closed]Returning my 8t PreOrder

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  1. zazasLT
    Eclair Oct 20, 2020

    zazasLT , Oct 20, 2020 :
    Congratulations on losing a customer OnePlus marketing department. Person who had idea to market water bottle as 99$ gift should be fired on spot. If you think your customers are a joke good luck handling all preorder returns.


  2. Oastjc
    Cupcake Oct 20, 2020

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  3. vineethrp
    Gingerbread Oct 20, 2020

    vineethrp , Oct 20, 2020 :
    Yeah never expected oneplus to do this. Its sad that as company grows, its ethics come down

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  4. mbilenski
    Donut Oct 20, 2020

    mbilenski , Oct 20, 2020 :
    Already started my return. Been around since one plus 3 and this is an absolute joke.

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  5. zazasLT
    Eclair Oct 20, 2020

    zazasLT , Oct 20, 2020 :
    I just Tweeted at their CEO (Pete Lau) if more people join in maybe he will notice that there was a problem with this strategy. Also if most of the preorders will get returned.

  6. geoff.rispin
    Donut Oct 20, 2020

    geoff.rispin , Oct 20, 2020 :
    Just received my 8T with a water bottle and returned it. It's insulting to be offered a water bottle and be told it worth $100.
    I've had 5 onePlus phones and this experience will likely end that run.

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  7. F_Tom_Williams_fdfo
    Eclair Oct 20, 2020

    F_Tom_Williams_fdfo , Oct 20, 2020 :
    I've tweeted OnePlus support OnePlus the CEO OnePlus USA and nothing even mention I think they may have broken consumer protection laws by falsely advertising a $99 gift when they clearly sell it on their own site for $27. Even hit up their Facebook page and it's crickets they clearly don't care at all.

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  8. Cooklung
    Honeycomb Oct 20, 2020

    Cooklung , Oct 20, 2020 :
    Can someone explain? I just got my 8t as I ordered the Pop-up bundle that at time of order also said free mystery gift. I got: phone, charger, protective case, ear buds and a team smooth nonsense card.
    What's the gift? Nothing in this package was a mystery..
    Haven't tried the phone yet and I'm looking forward to it but I thought I was getting a mystery gift. Is it coming later?

  9. tokektokek
    Gingerbread Oct 20, 2020

    tokektokek , Oct 20, 2020 :
    Where did you guys order to get the water bottle? I ordered straight after launch as soon as the 8T was available to pre-order, and the free gift was a nice sandstone bumper case - there was no option to get a water bottle. I had no water bottle in my box either, just the phone box (which also included a clear case inside) and the free sandstone bumper case.

  10. F_Tom_Williams_fdfo
    Eclair Oct 20, 2020

  11. kebenelevator
    Froyo Oct 20, 2020

    kebenelevator , Oct 20, 2020 :
    I clicked the "buy now" button or whatever it was and the page said a mystery gift worth $99 was included in the purchase. The invoice for my order, and everyone else's, shows a metal flask as the gift.

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  12. RO_CK
    Eclair Oct 20, 2020

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  13. Saravia
    Eclair Oct 21, 2020

    Saravia , Oct 21, 2020 :
    To the best customers, to those who bought first, to the usual customers ... They sent us a "mystery gift" !!! A stupid cheap bottle !!! Value $ 99 !!! This is not a violation of consumer protection laws ???

  14. X1603141720046
    Honeycomb Oct 21, 2020

    X1603141720046 , Oct 21, 2020 :
    I don't like being scammed either...mine comes tomorrow so I will see what the mystery gift is for me...but I will say this...that we're buying this phone for the phone...NO??? Not a free gift! Everybody likes a free gift to be worth something but this is bordering on 12 year old kids arguing over who's dad is stronger? I am waiting on my 8t because I am returning a Galaxy S20 FE which is JUNK!!!! The screen and the proximity sensor on the FE DOES NOT WORK...just look it up on Google. So be glad you got a phone that works! Stop whining and buy something else...if you think it will work better for you...but to return a PHONE because your FREE gift was not up to your expectations? Childish!

  15. Horsault
    Moderator Moderator Oct 21, 2020

    Horsault , Oct 21, 2020 :
    As said above, there's already at least one existing relevant thread in which to post rather than opening another thread on same topic.
    This thread is closed.