[CLOSED] RIP 2013-2018 Flagship Killer Company ! Sweet days of OnePlus are gone ..


So my friends do you really think that OnePlus still makes a flagship killer device ??

Poll closed May 13, 2019.
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  3. *u*k , OnePlus , we 've got many new devices giving nice specs and camera at a better price

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  1. Vivek transzakle Gupta
    Eclair Apr 24, 2019

    Vivek transzakle Gupta , Apr 24, 2019 :
    Those sweet days of OnePlus are gone, when they used to be the flagship killers !!

    Bye Bye OnePlus , it was fun while it lasted !!

  2. Topper_Gas
    Jelly Bean Apr 24, 2019

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  3. Nikola2000P
    Froyo Apr 24, 2019

    Nikola2000P , Apr 24, 2019 :
    You must understand that OnePlus is trying to do it's best while people are expecting it to do impossible, OnePlus is still going to release normal OnePlus 7 with lower specs (display, speakers, camera), but personally i always wanted to see what OnePlus would be able to do if they had unlimited budget, and OP7pro is result i was waiting for. Of course, it will be around 700-850$ but it's still better than Samsung or any other flagship, they can't sell it for less because they invested more money in it.

    OnePlus did nothing wrong, they just made their own flagship, and i do understand that many people went crazy when they removed the headphone jack or when they decided to add a pop up camera but we have to understand that things they do aren't easy. I love OnePlus because they are still using clean Android while adding some helpful features to it, my 6T is still fast and smooth even after few months of use. For example OP3T just got it's own version of Android 9 after so long, they never forget about their customers. OnePlus isn't one device or one man controlling it, it's a community. As they say, By community, for community.

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  4. pablofg1978
    Spanish POC Assistant Head Moderator Apr 24, 2019

    pablofg1978 , Apr 24, 2019 :
    OnePlus don't uses the "flagship killer" slogan since the Op2.
    Pointless thread closed