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  1. Badrinadh03
    Cupcake Nov 7, 2021

    Badrinadh03 , via OnePlus Nord 2 , Nov 7, 2021 :
    Why OnePlus Nord 2 5G not getting updates properly. And also I between switching of apps the phone is getting black screen. If we are opening gallery it is crashing sometimes and restarting again.
    I got last security patch on September 5th till now there is no update.

  2. Aaron2017
    General Support Expert Award 2021 Nov 7, 2021

    Aaron2017 , Nov 7, 2021 :
    This is the latest update, released October 9, for your device.
    OnePlus releases updates once every two months so the next one will most likely be released in December

  3. Shume44
    Froyo Nov 7, 2021

    Shume44 , via OnePlus Nord 2 , Nov 7, 2021 :
    They can at least release a December patch in December, unlike getting the September one in October. I have no problem with BiMonthly updates, but make them for the month the update is released in.

  4. Badrinadh03
    Cupcake Nov 8, 2021

    Badrinadh03 , via OnePlus Nord 2 , Nov 8, 2021 :
    Even we didn't receive October security patch. I don't know why OnePlus doing like this. Main reason I took this mobile is proper updates and UI. I didn't expect this from OnePlus.

  5. RedIndianRobin , via OnePlus Nord 2 Gray Sierra , Nov 9, 2021 :
    You should have done proper research. One Plus is worst when it comes to updates. Also don't expect too much. Updates comes with outdated security patches, 0 bug fixes. Lots of issues from launch are still present. Even Xiaomi is better than this.

  6. Cervantes
    Moderator Moderator Nov 9, 2021

    Cervantes , Nov 9, 2021 :
    Please, Use the search engine before opening a new thread: Search

    Check and use the latest update thread for questions and comments, read the first post: Here

    -- You can try clearing the cache of the apps that have problems:
    settings, applications, app, storage and cache: clear cache
    -- reboot the phone

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