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  1. Trista W.
    Global Community <3 Staff Member Oct 18, 2018

    Trista W. , Oct 18, 2018 :
    In order to offer more users the opportunity to join in this contest, we decide to extend the deadline to Oct 30. The winners will be announced on Nov 5. All the others remain unchanged.

    Hello everyone,

    As you have already heard, there is another meticulously designed product coming: our new OnePlus Explorer Backpack. Thanks to your passionate feedback and suggestions, our product team has created a new backpack that integrates your needs and OnePlus genes. We want to introduce a sibling of 'The Lab'- 'The Showcase'.

    To kick off 'The Showcase', we’re launching a review program where you have the chance to write an unbiased review about all aspects of our new backpack. Those selected will be among the first users to own and unveil the mystery of our new 'explorer'.

    Are you ready to join us? Please post on this thread about your favorite backpack:
    • why it attracted you (appearance, functionality etc.)
    • how long it has been in your company
    • what memory it has left you
    Include pictures! Photo skills will be one of the areas we consider and your pictures may show up as the banner in final-round poll.

    Another surprise for The Showcase is our different way of picking out the final winners. This was inspired by @Dunnow ’s suggestion in one of our Let’s Talk threads.

    How this works:
    1. Share your story on this thread about your favorite backpack
    2. After the cut-off date, our staff will preliminarily pick out several high-quality entries to remove the possibility of any unqualified content.
    3. And then, it’s your show time! We will start a poll. Please vote for your favorite post or whoever you want to hear from. Let us know who you think is most suitable to test and review our brand-new backpack.
    In the end, 10 of you will be chosen based on the votes received and the quality of your reviews (word & pictures). Submissions are open until 9PMHKT on October 30, and we’ll announce our final reviewer squad on this thread by November 5.

    • Entries in English Only.
    • If chosen, you agree to complete all requirements on time and in an honest manner; if you are not able to do so, you agree to return the backpack in its original condition and give your spot to the next candidate.
    • As a reviewer, you agree to provide OnePlus with the free right to use and publish any production materials (video, pictures, articles, etc.) that are generated and submitted during the review period.
    • When you apply, your entry will be added automatically to an internal backup reviewer list. We reserve the right to contact backup reviewers for additional review purposes during the selection period.
    • OnePlus reserves all rights to this event. The views and opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of OnePlus.
    Notice: OnePlus Contest Official Rules, Terms and Conditions [Here]

  2. Yashshah_36
    Honeycomb Oct 19, 2018

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    Yashshah_36 , Oct 19, 2018 :

    Ever thought of having a perfect backpack that serves all the purpose? Oneplus got you covered. I have been using the Oneplus Travel Backpack for more than 5 months now and I've been travelling constantly since then. It truly serves the purpose.


    First let's talk about the colour, Morandi Grey, looks absolutely amazing. It has that casual funky look which gives it an edge over many backpacks. The colour os one of the reason why I love this backpack so much. It's unique and eye-catching. If you have one, trust me people are gonna come up to you and ask where did you get this from. They also have a black coloured option which gives it more of a formal look.


    The design asthetics of the bag is truly amazing. This 20L backpack has one single large compartment with a laptop compartment at the back. It is very spacious and can be used for a single day trip. It includes a cloth bag in which I don't think many clothes are gonna fit in. It can be used for keeping accessories though. The bag also has many small compartments. It can be used to keep passport and wallets. In the bag I usually carry my laptop , keyboard, tripod and various amounts of cable and it handles them with ease without any fuss. The backpack is not much congested and is minimalistic which makes the bag stand out of most of the travel backpacks. There's padding on the back which gives makes it comfortable for long usage. The weight distribution of the backpack is absolutely good.


    The materials used in making the bag is pretty sturdy and can be used for regular use. It's rugged and is built like a tank. it's definitely not gonna wear and tear soon.


    I absolutely love this backpack and never go out traveling without it. It's an absolute travel companion. Utility and beauty combined.


    Since I've been travelling a lot, The just feels so solid and absolutely amazing. Talking about memories, All the memories are still in the making , but I have one cute memory to share though. Fews days back I was in Lavasa, Maharashtra and there this puppy started following me. He was there during my shoots and kept jumping around. So I kept my bag down. And then I knelt down to pet him to give him biscuits, it started chewing and playing with my bag instead. He didn't damage or create any holes or something in my bag just because it was a small puppy and it as so cute. So then I let the bag be there so that the puppy would play with it and then not interrupt my shoots as it was coming and chasing the bag all along.

    Edit : All photos were taken on the Oneplus 5.
    I forgot to mention about the compartments on the
    sides of the backpack in which you can keep your
    small water bottles or umbrellas or anything which
    which you wanna access quickly.
    And the hidden small compartment in the front is too good and well concealed that it's hard to notice it. I usually keep my wallet and earphones in that because it's quickly accessible and hardly visible at the same time.
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  3. BobbyV8_
    The Showcase Reviewer Oct 21, 2018

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    BobbyV8_ , Oct 21, 2018 :
    When it comes to accessories, I’m a fan of watches and backpacks. It has been long time since I bought one and while looking for options, OnePlus listed Travel backpack for raffles. 11.jpg
    Ever since I saw that my heart said you need to own it. It was kind of a feeling towards the brand and appearance of the bag as well. The colour combination as well as it’s design are simple and meets my taste. OnePlus Travel Backpack stands to be my favourite backpack.


    Weight is equally distributed & with memory foam padding on shoulder straps, it doesn’t stress out on shoulders. Mesh covering over the foam helps the sweat to dry quickly and even after an hour long drive straps aren’t moist.


    Little plastic clips sliding across the straps binds the extra strap together and they don't hit me anymore while on bike.

    Overall stability of the bag will let it stand stiff. Now I don’t have to keep adjusting the bag while at work meaning, less distraction. Little stand like pads do their job as intended.

    It has space to carry enough for me to run through my day. Lunch, water bottle, laptop, couple of books / files, standard stationery and additionally a camera bag fits in with ease.

    While on the move or short trips, I can replace the lunch with a pair of clothes and I’m all good to roll. Clothes bag comes handy in here. Only downside for me is the space of side pockets. I used to place a 1L water bottle in the side pockets, but with this I have to keep it inside.

    I have it for 2 months now and I’m sure we’re going to have a long time together. My bike, helmet & a backpack with essentials is all needed to get me going.


    The fact that I have it is the memory it will leave for me. I was looking to win it either in a contest or raffles and it happened. I got it for reaching Level 3 of the Let’s Talk contest. Every glance or have it on my shoulders, I keep reminded of the contest and the feel good vibes continue.
    After I started using this, people notice me as ‘OnePlus Man’ and this feels good as well.
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  4. Trista W.
    Global Community <3 Staff Member Oct 21, 2018

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    Trista W. , Oct 21, 2018 :
    oh, ofc you can join. I quote dunnow's post for applauding his good idea, but after consideration, we also want to make some adjustments based on his idea, since we don't want to rid the new member of this chance, we believe new members can form a long-term friendship with us. So no compulsory active time requirement.

  5. puma95
    Jelly Bean Moderator Oct 21, 2018

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    puma95 , Oct 21, 2018 :
    I decided to take part in this contest to share with you guys how much I actually appreciate my backpack!
    Usually I don't do product reviews but this one has lots of memories attached to it so here we go :p

    So which backpack did I went with?
    The OnePlus Travel Backpack in Morandi Gray! :3
    I got it at an EuroTour event in cologne, in a club where we had a gathering with fans, media and two german staff members :)
    I met @script there and got to know @otto2 @woSch @theKatie and many others! It was really fun, so even receiving the backpack is connected to cool memory :)

    Since that day I was wearing it almost EVERY DAY to uni!! (I sometimes skip lectures..)
    And this is what usually is inside:
    - Food & Water!! And since a little while bananas! (thanks for the tip @Ruby G. :D)
    - My Laptop, my most important tool
    - Paper and something to write (I like to exercise my hand muscles once in a while)
    - (sometimes) Books and my E Reader
    - Cables and USB sticks :rolleyes:


    So this boi is my loyal companion in my everyday student life and does a good job at it keeping my stuff all together, protecting my laptop and looking stylish on my back in every season!
    Thanks to the sturdy shoulder straps he even keeps it all safe when I have to do risky sprints to get the train, riding the bike in the city or simply handling some weight after a visit in the library. Sometimes even all at once!

    But of course my backpack isn't dealing with everyday work/student life, we had a few trips and vacations too!
    When doing trips, I usually had a weekender with me, I mean I have to put all my stuff somewhere for a few days, right? WRONG!
    On the very first Mod Meet I remember @Plenkske saying something like "ye I have all my stuff in my backpack" and in my mind I was like, dude you either are a super minimalistic guy or this backpack must have much more room inside than its filigree body shows.
    What can I say, this backpack indeed can fit a whole damn lot. On every other trip in the past months I had only my backpack with me, inspired by the words of @Plenkske :D

    We were in Moscow, Monaco, Bochum and some other places
    Here we are chilling at the beach in Juan le pins, Nice:

    Let's end this post finally! :D
    Back to the original questions

    why it attracted you (appearance, functionality etc.)

    Well it didn't at first, it just came to me and I started to realize how much I appreciate it!

    how long it has been in your company

    Since November 24th, 2017!

    what memory it has left you
    Only positive ones so far! 10/10 would buy again!

    Thanks for reading! :)
    Your Pums <3

    Almost forgot to tell you about my favorite feature!
    The hidden pocket at the front/side of the backpack, see attached image below! ;)
    It's so well hidden that even I haven't noticed it the first few days using it, the only hint is the little black zipper that eventually shows itself!
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  6. Its.Leandroo
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Oct 22, 2018

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    Its.Leandroo , Oct 22, 2018 :
    Hi everyone,

    I would like to share my story with you all. It doubles as my submission for The Showcase.

    For a long time, I used to have an Eastpack backpack for anything that was related to school. Things like pencils, books, clothes, food and drinks are all things that I used to carry along on a daily basis.

    Over the recent years, my life has changed quite a bit. I met new people, changed habits, learned many new things and I became part of this community. But one thing that has changed even more, are the things I carry in my backpack, and the backpack itself too.

    Earlier this year, I lost both my grandparents. It was around the same time that I took part in The Lab for the OnePlus 6. It really was tough, and still is every time I think about them. Since then, I changed the way I live, and my view of the world. I spent more and more time on completing projects for school, and getting better at what I do; UI/UX Design and photography. As a gift from my other grandparents for both my loss and still being positive about what I do, they bought me the OnePlus Travel Backpack - Space Black, because it looks clean and professional. It has been with me for about 2,5 months so far.


    Important Things First
    It's not only emotional value for me, it's also part of my daily routine. As my education exists of programming, I always carry around a laptop suitable for work, and at the same time powerful enough to play a few games when I'm taking a break from work. It's the most important thing in my backpack, too. I was surprised my laptop fits in it, as the max size listed on the website is 15 inches. It could be, because I'm using a different compartment for my laptop than I'm supposed to do.


    Creative Thinking

    Some of you might know that one moment when you have an idea in your head, but you have nothing to draw it on? That's why I have my OnePlus Sketchbook. It's the second most important thing in my backpack, and I use it very regularly. I won't be able to share my drawings however, as it contains mock-ups of projects that I'm working on. But, it fits perfectly fine in the backpack. There's even a separate compartment for it (I mean, it fits...).


    Common Contents

    Then, there are your other needs. I always take a load of accessories with me including; chargers, adapters, cables, cleaning cloth for my camera lenses, food and drinks, earbuds, phone cases, and more. For all of it is room, without having to squish it all together which was the problem with the backpack I used before it.


    Build Quality

    There is however a slight problem with it; It's not suitable for intensive travelling in my opinion. The way you open the main compartment is not my favorite thing to do, so you'll always need two hands to open it. That's not an easy task when you're holding things like an umbrella and a camera.

    Apart from that, the materials used do look and feel very premium, and the overall design is great too. I don't feel the straps around my shoulders being there either, well, almost. It's still ~6 kilo that I'm carrying every day. It's also easy to clean, which is a very positive thing as I like to keep my stuff clean all the time.

    The reason I want the Explorer Backpack is not to replace my Travel Backpack; It has emotional value for me. Instead, it's an addition to it. I'd love to keep work and travelling around in the woods and nature separated, instead of having to change the contents of it.

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  7. RJBoss
    The Showcase Reviewer Oct 23, 2018

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    RJBoss , Oct 23, 2018 :
    Share picture..-1..jpg
    Over the years of my life, all I have felt is left out. Having to deal with no one in particular, I started to hate myself. Then one fine afternoon, while having a walk in the mall, doing nothing and only aimlessly roaming around, my eyes spotted a gorgeous backpack from Accessorize. And I instantly wanted it. Because the doodles on the backpack will grab your attention and make you relish those childhood memories once again.

    But a backpack lover can’t limit their choices in owning that one perfect backpack, right? So I started to own backpacks from Accessorize (yes, they are too good to be owned), Vans and Bewakoof as well, until one day I was selected for the Open Ears Forum (OEF) by OnePlus. To be honest, the backpack from “Bewakoof” looks just like the OnePlus version. And a fellow mate of mine (@GopalB.) even commented on owning one more backpack of OnePlus cause we were gifted a OnePlus backpack after entering the venue where the OEF event was going to be held. And having to finally own a backpack I had ever wanted, but always had it in my Wishlist, this sudden surprise came as a boon to my extended collection.

    Now since Black is my favourite colour, I wanted to look in the bag and check the colour. And to my thrill, the Space Black Travel Backpack from OnePlus made my day. It also complemented my Nylon Black Case which held my OnePlus 6 Mirror Black edition as perfectly as possible.
    Share picture....jpg
    The texture of the backpack is royal with its comfortable and smooth fabric that has made it a wearable icon in my opinion. And the look just mesmerizes me more. The way it has been designed, with three of its secret pockets (inside, back, side), it is surely anti-theft proof but still it is a piece that is meant to be kept guarded and close to my heart.

    Now it has been almost 5 months of owning this beast and it has been one hell of a ride. This backpack is indeed meant to travel all around. I have carried it to a different city, taken it to such iconic places around and it has also supported me while walking around a forest.
    Share picture..-2..jpg
    Going through such harsh weather conditions, it has survived the dust as well as the creepy onlookers that eye to own one someday, but it is my lucky backpack, that is only mine, to keep.

    It is also durable after the wash and turns out to be just like a brand new baby, again. And I don’t have to bother looking for a shoulder to cry on or laugh upon. Because now I have so many beautiful friends (Backpacks) that support me even if my day has gone bad and I am certain they will never leave my side until I choose to or my mother gives it away to a more needy child because I have so many to use. But as a mother is scared to lose a child, so am I, to lose my favourite beauties for whom I can even write a book upon. Because they are worth to be owned and cherished, forever.

    P.S. I will be uploading pictures to this post latest by 25th October, 11:59 PM, IST.

    Edit: Done uploading the pictures hence, done with the final review. And it's only 11:39 PM, IST. xD
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  8. dalmia09
    Jelly Bean Oct 24, 2018

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    dalmia09 , Oct 24, 2018 :

    My Backpack

    My backpack is a black colored 'Liviya' backpack. It is huge and has a 38L capacity. I have been using this backpack for the last 4 and a half years straight. This backpack was bought for me by my aunt, and I have been (ab)using it daily since middle school, since then. The great number of pockets and the tremendous amount of space was what attracted me to the bag the most! A lot of memories are attached with this backpack.

    IMG_20181024_172225 - Copy (2)-01-01.jpeg

    General Overview

    It is made up of 450D polyester majorly and the stitching is top class. It is quite water repellent but cannot be used in heavy rain. The zippers are really smooth, and the zip pullers are strong and made of metal. The backpack is huge and has quite some heft to it. It has 3 main internal compartments, and a multitude of smaller compartments and pockets on the inside. It also has mesh water bottle compartments on both the sides.

    The base and the rear of the backpack is made of thick plastic like material and is textured, which prevents damage to the contents of the backpack and lets me keep it wherever and on whatever surface I want to like concrete, playground, gravel, airplane cabin, train floor and even on the public washroom floor. Since it is thick plastic like, even water cannot cause damage to the contents whether the backpack is lying or standing, but is not very easy to clean.

    On the top is a sturdily attached handle to carry the bag. It has broad and well padded straps, which minimize pressure on the shoulders and help me carry even a heavy load without any discomfort. The straps have an attachment latch that goes over the chest. It helps to keep the straps in place and prevents slipping down from shoulders. It also had a buckle to keep the bag stuck around the waist, but one of the sides of the buckle strap got ripped a couple years ago.


    The Compartments

    The first and foremost compartment is a small one, with an in-built organizer and numerous pockets. The second middle compartment is the main huge one. And the last compartment has a built in laptop sleeve and opens completely.

    The front compartment and organizer has a lot of different pockets and stores most of the small items like stationary, tifin box (I used to carry this a lot earlier, not so much now), sunglasses, mobile phone, chargers and cables, earphones, hard drive, a notepad, other small junk and some preferably eatable stuff. It is pretty easy to organize everything because of so many different pockets for everything. It comes in very handy while traveling as well, as it can store all toiletries in an organized fashion.


    The side mesh water bottle compartments are just amazing and one of the things that I love most about this backpack. It helps the lazy me stay hydrated, holds wet umbrellas, and has even helped me carry rolled chart papers for projects a lot of times while I was in school, without damaging them!

    The middle main compartment is where I carry my books and notebooks to class. It is so big that it can easily fit 2-3 binders for homework sheets along with the books, or some really fat books as well! While travelling, it can store enough clothes for a 2-3 day trip!


    The last compartment has a padded laptop sleeve with a latch which holds the laptop cozily and safely. It opens up completely which comes in handy during security checkouts at airports.



    There are some bonus compartments as well!! There is a small pocket at the front as well, where I usually keep my wallet, keys, id card, and loose change. The final pocket is a velcro pocket on the front, which I use only sometimes to keep stuff that I need handily.


    Our Journey So Far

    This bag has definitely suffered a lot of abuse as can be seen. The abrasion of the fabric is noticeable now, and I have even managed to lose a chain puller of the laptop compartment. Nevertheless, it is still a really dependable and a wonderful companion.

    It is stylish looking, yet low-key; really utilitarian and sturdy and comfortable to carry as well.

    My aunt had bought me this backpack for school at a time when my dad was really very ill and hospitalized (he's thankfully perfectly fine now). I have a lot of memories with this bag. I have carried a loads of books, carried groceries, tossed this backpack around the football field, traveled numerous places like Delhi, Hyederabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, Singapore, and Thailand with it, hung it on tree branches, and have even carried other people’s backpacks inside it!!

    I have hidden love notes from my girlfriend in it, have had my mom find them and scold me for them, have hidden even more notes and small handmade gifts from her (which my mom hasn’t found yet, don’t tell her:p) inside it, in the numerous small pockets!!! (I even discovered a 3 year old such note that I didn’t know was even there, while writing this review!!!)

    I had never thought how much a simple thing that I use every day could mean this much to me. Writing this review made me reflect the whole journey I have had with this backpack, and it makes me wish I never part with it. Thanks for the opportunity.

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  9. sapshot
    The Showcase Reviewer Oct 25, 2018

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    sapshot , Oct 25, 2018 :
    So I've been using this bag (Lowepro 22L AW) for more than 5 years now. Ever since, it has been my absolute companion in any outings or trips that I've gone to.

    The reason why I choose this bag was it's functionality and it's look and feel.
    It is basically a camera backpack with a customizable camera compartment on the lower back side of the bag. It can fit 1 camera body and 3 medium size lenses.

    The entire square camera compartment has a pouch design and is stuck to the bag using really strong Velcros and can be detached entirely to make the backpack a normal one.

    Above the camera compartment is a half sized normal compartment which can easily squeeze 1-2 pair of clothes. It also has a small chained pocket to accommodate cash, keys and valuables.

    The front of the bag has a zipper and has two divisions, one of which is nicely cushioned and it perfectly fits my 13" Mac book Air.

    The strap of the bag has a Sunglass holder, a pen holder and a chest harness to tuck the bag nicely to my body.

    Like every other camera bag, it also has an attached Rain cover in its bottom part and it has really proved to be useful at times.

    It has side pockets on both the sides which can hold water bottles and are deep enough to fit small tripods.

    Most importantly, the colour of the bag is really attractive and makes for a good contrast in almost every situation and can be used as a good subject for photographs.

    I've travelled almost 5 different countries and more than 30 different cities in India with this bag over my shoulder.

    It proved to be the most t obedient companion to me throughout these 5 years. 1.jpg 2.jpg

  10. Overzee
    The Showcase Reviewer Oct 25, 2018

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    Overzee , Oct 25, 2018 :
    For more than two years I’ve used the Naturehike 40-liter outdoor backpack. The reason I chose this backpack was rather simple; I needed a small and light backpack, but big enough to provide space for a ‘one-day trip’.

    Appeareance, quality and functionality

    I find this orange-grey backpack a real eye-catcher, the mix of these colours are blended perfectly together.

    The build-quality is really great! After a lot of trips, the backpack doesn’t show any kind of wearing. Since I live in Europe and the chance of rain is rather big, the waterproof fabric of the backpack comes in handy. If the rain gets really serious, you can pull the rain cover out of the bottom of the backpack and all your items are kept nice and dry! The shoulder straps and the waist pads are made of a nice, thick material that provide a great feel while hiking for long hours.

    The greatest feature of the backpack is the ‘Aircomfort’ system at the back. This system ensures a little distance between the backpack and the one wearing it, a constant flow of fresh air insures wearing comfort. There are a lot of (waterproof) zippers and little spots where you can store all kinds of things. You can store your mobile phone in a nice pouch, located at the top of the biggest compartment. This pouch is also accessible from a small zipper located at the top of the backpack. Near the pouch the is a (optional) headphone-jack hole, if you choose to use this a small incision should be enough to get it working. I personally haven’t used it, because I think this will lower the waterproofness. On the bottom left and right side of the backpack the is space to place two water bottles, I personally use two 1-liter bottles on each side to create a good weight balance.
    IMG_9931.jpg IMG_9932 kopie.jpg IMG_9933.jpg
    IMG_9868.jpeg IMG_9874.jpeg IMG_9878.jpeg IMG_9885.jpeg IMG_9898.jpg

    My greatest memory with this backpack

    Last summer we had a great road-trip with our campervan, we spend three weeks in Norway traveling through the southern part of the country. In these weeks we had a couple of great hikes, I want highlight two of those: Jettegrytene in Nissedal and Gaustatoppen near Rjukan.

    Jettegrytene in Nissedal is formed by stones and marbles since the ice age. The nature formed aquapark is accesable since the water runs through the hydroelectric powerplant. It was just my luck the powerplant was in maintenance so that the water was running its ‘natural’ way. The water level was much higher than normal and the water was raging down! Because of this I had to travel by foot and used my backpack to store all the stuff needed at this great nature park.


    Gaustatoppen near Rjukan
    was the biggest climb of this summer holiday, great to climb a beautiful mountain with beautiful weather. We had to pack our backpack very wise, at the start of the climb the ambient temperature was 13°C, the forecast predicted 2°C at the summit of the mountain and a wind chill temperature of -3°C. Bear in mind this was in mid-summer! The backpack provided al the space for the clothes we needed, and we needed a lot of layers of clothing because of the constantly shifting temperatures. At the summit of mountain you’re able to see 1/6th of this beautiful country, and we had a really great view, one you won’t easily forget!

    IMG_0006.jpeg IMG_0010.jpeg IMG_0008.jpeg IMG_0001.jpeg
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  11. Harichand_Raghavan
    The Showcase Reviewer Oct 28, 2018

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    Harichand_Raghavan , Oct 28, 2018 :
    When the travel bug bites you, there is no looking back. Instead “BACKPACK”. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines,pack your bag and get set to catch the trade winds .Explore Dream and Discover
    Adventures and Travel has been a part of my life right since childhood. People who know me close jolly well know my love for travel. For my part, I travel not to go to a particular place but to Just go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move .As much as I love travel, my relationship with my favourite travel backpack is something really very special.
    Without any further Ado here is my review on the First Version of the the Oneplus backpack i received when @Pete had come down to India ,Oct 2015.A big thanks to former community manager @ameya_kh .Well yeah am good at Numbers and Dates:p.
    The OnePlus Travel Backpack(2015 edition) has clean and minimalistic design. There is one zippered main compartment and another one in the front just below for the front pocket. Its made of a good quality sturdy fiber that is almost water repellent as Oneplus phones :p. It comes in dual tones Luna Grey color at the back, there are some good padding that keeps the air flowing while using it which is really nice. The shoulder strap has a nice thick padding that is so comfortable on the shoulder. Downloads1.jpg

    This backpack comes with a lot of packets literally, it has pockets for almost everything you need. It has one for a laptop that can fit 13 to 15-inch laptop. Inside you can also keep your smartphones and power bank organized, there’s also a zippered compartment perfect for documents, passport and wallets for easy retrieval. Going to the front pocket of the backpack it has a small compartment, perfect for ID, coins, USB cables, pen and other small stuff. And its easier to get your loose change using this front pocket.

    If i was to give a statement,” IT IS LITERALLY A ONE PACK FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS ”. IMG_4720.JPG

    I usually travel light .My only standards are a few sets of cloth, my red sneaker and my laptop. Backpacking is an art and i truely believe I ‘am someone who has excelled in it, I feel there is some kind of a bond i share with my backpack. BRkcy00FBDC.jpg

    My next travel with my Oneplus backpack is down to Delhi. Yes you heard me right, for the launch. Delhi and the place i hail from, Kerala is around 2100km .i have three days travel to reach Delhi and another 3 days to reach back.it might sound crazy to most, but that’s how it is. I’ve been to almost all the launches and popups since 2k15. This one on the 30th would be something really special and emotional. I am leaving the country in search of a job next month.so this would be the final event at least for a year and a half before i touch down. It’s been 3 years with this one hope she stays for many more.

    So here am I introducing my “ONNY” to you my peeps.


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  12. camohan
    Marshmallow Moderator Oct 29, 2018

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    camohan , Oct 29, 2018 :
    While everyone is busy watching the Launch, I thought will make a quick review of what I like about my favorite backpack.

    Here you go

    Common Man's review of a Backpack

    I was never a person who was keen on having a specific backpack for my daily use or for travel, until one day when I came to know about a new merchandise introduced by OnePlus. It took no time to be in love with this new merchandise which was called as “OnePlus Luna Grey Backpack”.

    Final 2.jpg

    The love at first sight was mainly due to the minimalistic look of the backpack which is enhanced by a great combination of dark grey and light grey with crafty use of red color which also happens to be the company’s corporate color.

    Quest to meet the backpack
    The journey to get the Backpack started and one fine day OnePlus hosted a Sticker contest in which the first 20 winners were to get this Limited edition OnePlus Backpack. I was selected as one of the Top 20 winners and somewhere in April 2016, I got this cool companion from Nicole Q. It has been almost three and half years since then, the backpack has been with me in thick and thin.
    Here is the link to the sticker I had made : https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/oneplus-sticker-2-0-round-2-selection.436981/#post-14630780 if you guys want to see.

    Feature exploration
    I use local transport to commute from Home to Work and back. One of the most important factor in such cases is to have a bag which should not be big enough (considering that public transport can be crowded and may cause inconvenience to self and fellow passengers) but at the same time spacious to have my things fit in a really organized manner. This backpack serves just right for my daily use as it has thoughtfully made pockets and compartments.

    The bag has laptop pocket which fits my 14 inch laptop easily and its safety is taken care with a strap which can avoid possible damage due to fall. The compartment has some cushions to ensure laptop is not damaged from side bumps. The strap is extended to another pocket with a size smaller than the laptop compartment, I use that to stuff in my papers which I might require anytime. It can also be used to keep some flat stuff like books.

    Than comes the main compartment which is quiet spacious enough to keep books, notepads, small umbrella, chargers, adapters, snack box, clothes as well.

    I am currently using it to keep my wallet, box of hard disk which has wireless bullets in it, laptop adaptor and dash charge cable and adapter. During rains it has been a good savior to store in some dry clothes. One of the cute little thing inside the main compartment is the little strap on the left to keep water bottles or cold drinks and stuff. I really like this as it keeps the outer appearance of the bag clean.

    Parallel to the laptop compartment on the opposite side you will find 2 small pockets which can be used to keep small numerous things depending on the need.

    At the front bottom of the bag, there is a compartment which I use for keeping my work i-card, metro pass, house keys and stuffs. It is actually a dumping ground for me to quickly put in things.

    Whats in the bag.jpg

    Build quality and material
    I have also used the latest Spaces Black backpack and one of the main things that made the Luna grey a clear winner for me is the how light weight the bag is. Plus straps around shoulders are not hard and gets easily squeezed as per the requirement. This to me gives to me a lot of comfort during my commute.

    Train and Bag.jpg

    To give a numeric comparison the Luna grey is approximately 700 gms as compared to space black which is approximately 1100 gms.

    The backpack is made of polyester which can protect the inside against the light drizzles but the internals may get wet with heavy downpour. This is quiet covered in space black.

    Summing it up
    In my honest opinion, this is one of the bags which ticks the criteria of beauty (Aesthetics) with brains (spaciousness). If someone does not mind the lack of waterproof capabilities or for that matter water resistance capabilities, this is the Backpack to go for.

    Special tips for regular travelers – It has the gap at the back so that you can fit in the suitcase handle and you can carry both the suitcase and bag without much trouble.

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