[CLOSED]Update coming... but not sure..

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  1. noonenonenone
    Eclair Jun 23, 2017

  2. Deactivated User
    Jun 23, 2017

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  3. Deactivated User
    Jun 23, 2017

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  4. Saurabh_221
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 23, 2017

    Saurabh_221 , Jun 23, 2017 :
    The only rom with hal3 i know is new legends rom...

  5. Deactivated User
    Jun 23, 2017

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  6. ehsaanbhati
    Gingerbread Jun 23, 2017

    ehsaanbhati , Jun 23, 2017 :
    I guess someone made a joke with you.
    I have contacted Oneplus Customer service on twitter and they have clearly denied for any kind of software updates to OP2.
    Attached chat snapshot fro reference

  7. G_Yash_Shah_KPfQ
    Donut Jun 23, 2017

    G_Yash_Shah_KPfQ , Jun 23, 2017 :
    hello guys, I think he is right... because one plus customer care also call me and tell me that op2 get update in few weeks...and I am ask to a nougat update but they told me op2 get OTA update...so I am not sure about nougat...but I think they update op2 in few weeks.

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  8. akashvshetty
    Eclair Jun 23, 2017

    akashvshetty , Jun 23, 2017 :
    are you sure and when did they called you?

  9. G_Yash_Shah_KPfQ
    Donut Jun 23, 2017

  10. G_Yash_Shah_KPfQ
    Donut Jun 23, 2017

  11. ShortyEx
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 23, 2017

    ShortyEx , Jun 23, 2017 :
    This was probably just about the 3.5.9 patch that has been provided to people with a specific VoLTE problem.

    It's sad that actual problems keep exisiting and that several updates have been more or less focussed on those VoLTE toddlers. If those idiots hadn't demanded VoLTE, chances are OOS3 wouldn't have gone to sh*ts.. still remember OOS2.x and the early days of 3.x, those were the days. Now we have to resort to custom roms who aren't completely stable, again mostly because of those damned modem files who are completely sh*t. Thanks a lot you guys! Good job!

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  12. Saurabh_221
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 23, 2017

    Saurabh_221 , Jun 23, 2017 :
    So you have some options...roll back to oos 2.x.x or roll back to oos 3.1.0 for old modem then flash a custom rom and enjoy the so called bug free experience...
    See i think volte is one of the most essential feature and many Carriers started rolling volte not only in India but also Some part of europe and Us...so i dont think its just focused on Indian users and as i said you always have option to use old modem for better network and one thing which oxygen os 2.x.x are you talking about bro...except battery nothing was good in older version of oxygen os...

  13. ShortyEx
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 23, 2017

    ShortyEx , Jun 23, 2017 :
    Look, I've always respected your input here on the forums and always will but, rolling back to older versions shouldn't be the "fix" for persistent problems. The problem is that JIO offered free VoLTE plans and everybody started crying for it until OnePlus started listening to those cries and all focus went to that. Remember 3.5.5, loss of imei then the 3.5.6 and 3.5.7 patches, all of them because modem firmware was messed up. Then we got 3.5.8, did it fix camera issues, battery drain, heat issues? Nope it just fixed modem firmware, or tried to, again. Thankfully they then released sources and we could enjoy a slight increase in stability in custom roms. But now we see this 3.5.9 update appear in rare occasions, and again does it solve any of the real issues? No again it's said to fix yet another VoLTE issue.

    I'm not trying to be a d*ck about it but while one target group is getting fix after fix, all of us have to keep dealing with issues that appeared when VoLTE was started to being integrated. And let's be honest, how many US residents or Europeans were complaining that VoLTE was "essential" to them and were creating threads like their life depended on getting VoLTE. Let's be real honest here, ever since that damned VoLTE integration got into the OS, everything else just went to sh*ts and now I have a OP2 which is more effective as a heater for my house than a phone.

    And I know how to install a custom rom, I've tried some and am planning on moving to AOSPA permanently when it's available but this is not about that. This is about that damned one feature which got so much focus because they dumped their remaining stock in India, that the rest of us had to suffer the consequences.

  14. Saurabh_221
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 23, 2017

    Saurabh_221 , Jun 23, 2017 :
    Agreed with you but only partially...!
    3.5.9 is still not officially out so we cant just say that its only volte improvement and volte is like a future proofing sought of thing...if they would have not released volte, then...for example a guy like me wont change this phone for next 2 years at that time I'll have custom roms for better battery and performance but volte is something which would be hard or even impossible to get and just think practically even if they release a stable version of oos you wont stay with you due to lack of support...so i guess volte was a better decision and also i saw some improvement in battery life on 3.5.8..!
    Now these are just my opinion and i completely respect your opinion ...

  15. ShortyEx
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 23, 2017

    ShortyEx , Jun 23, 2017 :
    Again, I respect what you're saying and where you are coming from but I think VoLTE has been something that became to much of a "foreground" thing while it was not a feature of the phone to begin with. Someone just had it in it's head that the OP2 should have it so they started lobbying. I would love for a custom rom to exist that is build on the 3.1.0 sources and is just plain MM and no "leveraged to nougat" code with monthly updates for security patches. That would be absolutely legendary but I also know that if it were any good, the thread here and on xda would start filling up with one simple question after about a week or so... "But does it support VoLTE?". Like it did with LOS which Grarak then provided of VoLTE but when it broke a lot of other stuff his twitter and all threads started filling with complaints about VoLTE being integrated but not working. It always boils down to the same thing and thats a pity to be honest :-/

    edit: I'm just getting frustrated here to see that VoLTE remains to be the focus point of patches and updates and all the while my phone is still acting like a furnace since the VoLTE updates, no to mention the battery drain...

  16. xchris
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 23, 2017

    xchris , Jun 23, 2017 :
    I did it

    i wanted to start with Lineage, also if on HAL1.
    I still cannot evaluate photo quality, but Lineage seems cool and stable for now. (few hours)
    (honestly i prefere old Cyano but it's ok)

    I put Lineage + Franco Kernel. As i never use my phone for gaming, i slowed down CPU and GPU and went for strong Doze.
    Let's see..



  17. Harshjyot
    Froyo Jun 24, 2017

    Harshjyot , Jun 24, 2017 :
    Hello all

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  18. apoorv4321
    Eclair Jun 24, 2017

    apoorv4321 , Jun 24, 2017 :
    can't really excuse the shitty devs at OP at the same time for breaking things. While I agree on your point that VoLTE has been a forefront of the recent builds, but OP never really did manage to get a good update for this phone. VoLTE isn't rocket science and they did have two models of the phone ( North American and Eurasian). They can just update the eurasian model. Heck they can even use IMEIs to update the phone in certain geolocations. People merely say what they want because a certain village idiot keeps claiming that he listens to his customers
    AOSPA is the way to go but I doubt how stable that will be. Nexus 6P has a solid nougat build but the code is AOSP. Last year they screwed up with Nexus 5. let's hope it doesn't happen with us

  19. apoorv4321
    Eclair Jun 24, 2017

    apoorv4321 , Jun 24, 2017 :
    what build of lineage are you using? The official or the unofficial one. There seems to be some sort of drain for me on the unofficial one. But network is so much more stable

  20. mjoshi
    Gingerbread Jun 24, 2017

    mjoshi , Jun 24, 2017 :
    Probably security update. It was officially announced Nougat isn't coming.