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  1. F1612660420111 , via OnePlus 7T Pro 5G , Jun 14, 2021 :
    Screen protector yes.
    I toke it off and cleaned the phone screen.
    It recognized my fingerprint roughly 1:5 tries. Even when I reset and restarted the phone
    My screen protector wasnt an issue till after this gods forsaken update lol. I cleaned it put it back on and fot it to recognized about same ratio for a whole 2min than it stopped.
    Ironicly it let me set my same thumb print 4 different times without deleting the previous once.
    thought id try cheating it. nope.

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  2. nerdkabir
    Jelly Bean Jun 14, 2021

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  4. iamaan786
    Honeycomb Jun 14, 2021

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  5. Jatinchawla963
    Gingerbread Jun 14, 2021

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  6. atenaa
    KitKat Jun 14, 2021

  7. fogfi
    Cupcake Jun 15, 2021

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  8. Rajnish_Dhull
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 15, 2021

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  9. Pravin2999
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 15, 2021

  10. manojsurya99
    Jelly Bean Jun 15, 2021

    manojsurya99 , Jun 15, 2021 :
    @Patrick N. Can you also provide an insight of how many users gave the feedback and what feedback you are taking out of the survey. This will inspire more users to step up and give feedback. You don't have to give any personal information but just the inference feedback you took from the survey.

  11. Patrick N.
    Froyo Jun 15, 2021

    Patrick N. , Jun 15, 2021 :
    I will gladly provide you guys with some more context :relaxed: at this point in time around 1700 people have finished the survey, thank you all for your participation! :cool:

    1. First of all we don't collect personal data, neither do we provide them to third parties - we only collect the username on a voluntary basis, so we can contact the winners for the giveaway. Data security is as important to us, as it is for you.
    2. Surveys like this are very important in several aspects and they generally provide us with the following insights:
    -We see clearly where exactly we have to improve our devices in the eyes of our customers
    -We see where the biggest pain points for our customers are
    -We can see in what budget range we can operate in
    -We can dive into the community and hear suggestions about features/functions we might not have thought about ourselves yet
    -We can have a clearer picture about who our customers are
    3. After we have analyzed and interpreted the data, we can make sure to communicate the results to the R&D and software departments to influence future decision making

    I know very well from personal experience, that it might seem that companies don't listen to your feedback, but in the end every company is data and user driven - and especially here at OnePlus we take community feedback very seriously.


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  12. Yash Pratap Singh.
    Lollipop Jun 15, 2021

    Yash Pratap Singh. , Jun 15, 2021 :
    They do - the hasselblad thing kinda showed that to the world.
    BUT - Customer support is terrible....if you pickup a cupcake from the forum, they'll be more helpful than a CS Executive...
    There have been several threads, so I don't need to elaborate here haha 😅

    That's a lottt....:eek:

  13. Patrick N.
    Froyo Jun 15, 2021

    Patrick N. , Jun 15, 2021 :
    we are hoping for quite a few more :)

  14. YSRReddy
    Honeycomb Jun 15, 2021

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  15. Priyanshu_01
    Froyo Jun 15, 2021

  16. Macobra87
    Honeycomb Jun 15, 2021

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  17. faris017
    Gingerbread Jun 15, 2021

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  18. Macobra87
    Honeycomb Jun 15, 2021

  19. ion2910
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 15, 2021

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