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  1. Slegha35 Donut Jul 23, 2015

    Slegha35, Jul 23, 2015 :

    So my nephew had his OnePlus One splashed with water. The phone was working for a week after that until one day it showed a fastboot screen. A repair place tried to check on the phone and when he opened it, he confirmed that all the water tags inside the phone are red. Which means the phone got really enough water inside.

    The phone is vibrating when you turn it on, the notification light is one when it is charging, turning to green once charged but the screen is blank/black. It looks like there is a back light on but nothing on the screen.

    Can that be repaired? Do OnePlus repair such damage? and how much it could cost?

    Any body had such experience?

    Best regards.

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  2. gregorykool Cupcake Aug 14, 2015

    gregorykool, Aug 14, 2015 :
    Hey, I went running with my OPO and it's started raining a lot. The liquid damage indicator turned red but i'm sure there could not be enough water that slipped inside to break it. It's still seems to work but the screen won't turn on :( are there any chance it will turn on again soon or if the liquid damage is orange the phone can't be used anymore ???

  3. DrJMun Jelly Bean Aug 14, 2015

    DrJMun, Aug 14, 2015 :
    There's not too much you can do once the damage is done. There have been several threads that discussed steps to take AS SOON AS YOU HAVE WATER damage. Steps such as: turn the phone off immediately; air it out (open back cover); remove battery; put the phone into uncooked rice for at least 2 days.

    If you put "water damage" in the forum search engine you'll gets lots of pointers such as:

    But I think it's too late for your phones now.

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  4. Slegha35 Donut Aug 25, 2015

    Slegha35, Aug 25, 2015 :
    Actually, after some hesitations,,, I opened the phone and broke the seal. I checked the electronic circuit (I am Electrical Eng.) and I found one chip to be bad. It was overloaded with current sort off.. It looks like the water has shorted it. So the phone is not really repairable. This is one of the damages. Repairing it will not for sure fix the issue... There might be more parts to replace.

  5. eranealon Eclair Aug 30, 2015

    eranealon, Aug 30, 2015 :
    hi ,
    I had a similar issue... went tubing... my wife's phone (Galaxy S3) was in the same backpack... got wet in same fashion... her survived... my OPO went silent... no rice, blow dryer, sun brought it back to life... I took it to a cellshop that repairs OPO... the tech said and I quote "what do u expect" ... I was pretty amazed... he said that maybe the specs look good on paper but under the hood you can't compare apples to oranges... bummer... I was thinking of getting a new OPO but now not so sure .... you pay cheap... but end up paying a lot...

  6. NicoleHanna5 Cupcake Sep 7, 2015

    NicoleHanna5, Sep 7, 2015 :
    Is this kind of damage expensive to repair?

  7. eranealon Eclair Sep 8, 2015

    eranealon, Sep 8, 2015 :
    I was recommended to buy a new phone... not worth fixing...

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  8. Sophie Woodrooffe Cupcake Sep 13, 2015

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  9. Sophie Woodrooffe Cupcake Sep 19, 2015

    Sophie Woodrooffe, Sep 19, 2015 :

    Hey, I've had a similar issue. I don't even know if it's water damage that caused my phone to black out on me, but after using it on a particularly humid day (in my rain jacket pocket) it basically fizzled out. Bottom buttons work fine, vibrates when I plug it in and blue notification light flashes. But screen is dead.

    Phone stopped working on/around 28 August. It's still covered by the one-year warranty. OnePlus tech support took a look at it remotely after several days of back and forth and I mentioned the humidity issue and they suddenly decided it was water damage. The repair estimate was about $200 for replacing the motherboard.

    I asked via email how they could prove that since no one had actually taken the phone apart and the tech support person told me (via phone) that the motherboard had short circuited and there were only a couple ways that could happen. I wasn't satisfied with the answer for a couple reasons: because I hadn't submerged the phone in water, I felt I had been using the phone reasonably and there was no verifiable evidence from their end (based on my understanding) that the phone had suffered water damage in the first place. Just because a motherboard short circuits and there are two primary reasons for that happening (water damage or excessive force) doesn't mean either of those apply in this particular case.

    So, after getting the diagnosis, I emailed tech support. I had multiple correspondences with multiple tech/customer support people, all of whom basically apologized and said they'd look into the matter. Then, I'd get a follow-up email repeating their original position. At this point, I felt as if they were just hiding behind the warranty and giving me zero benefit of the doubt, and also kind of giving me the runaround: They weren't putting their foot down but they also weren't accommodating the particularities of my situation. This has resulted in a protracted period of negotiating several different tech/customer support channels and people. I have spent in my estimation 5+ hours and two weeks dealing with emails/remote tech support/more emails, etc. And the phone at this point hasn't even been sent in for repairs.

    The latest technical support person I've dealt with tells me they can prove it is water damage because of the liquid contact indicator, apparently. But they haven't actually seen the phone. Is this even possible or am I being blatantly lied to at this point?

    Where it stands now is that after explaining (again) that based on my situation (phone in pocket on humid day) I really didn't feel comfortable counting it as damage caused by "accidents, neglect, misuse or abnormal use" as per the warranty. And that the "exposure to liquid, moisture, dampness, sand or dirt" can't yet be verified, so why am I being charged. And finally, even if the LCI is red, the amount of liquid to have damaged the phone must have been exceptionally minimal and so a shred of accommodation would be much appreciated, especially given that I've only had the phone for six months, especially considering that I've gone through all the available channels, and especially because I haven't really been getting straight answers in any reasonable length of time.

    Making things worse is that I was treated to excellent customer service and accommodation from apple a few months ago. I had a macbook air that got a few droplets of water on the trackpad and stopped working. I explained that to the customer support people at an apple store and they replaced it pretty much immediately. No questions asked. Obviously OnePlus is a much, much smaller company, but I had kind of hoped that the "Flagship Killer" would have equally killer customer service. It's been nearly a month, I've spent many, many hours trying to work with OPO and get a solution that I think is fair. Each person I speak with has been different and provides the same robotic answers.

    So, after all this, where are things at now? They've accelerated my ticket (again), and are forwarding the issue to HQ at Shenzhen, who will then verify whether they will fix the phone under warranty.

    Bottom line: maybe my expectations for how phone manufacturers deal with customers is way too high, but I had kind of hoped, based on OnePlus's reputation (and the way they describe themselves), that I'd be treated differently. Everyone I speak with has been extremely polite and patient with me, which is great, it's just the system and policy itself seems to be preventing them from accommodating individual cases where there seems to be a warranty grey area. Instead of giving the customer the benefit of the doubt and having the power to override policies (not to mentioning creating an opportunity to turn a disappointed customer into a satisfied one... and more importantly, a loyal one), they're hiding behind a warranty, pretending it's an open and shut issue, and putting their interests first.

    Anyways, the saga continues... we'll see what happens.

    Apologies for the length here... got kinda ranty.

  10. Sophie Woodrooffe Cupcake Sep 19, 2015

    Sophie Woodrooffe, Sep 19, 2015 :
    UPDATE: Here's what they tell me after near ONE FULL MONTH of back-and-forths:

    "Thank you for reply. I am very sorry to tell you that we need to follow our warranty policy which is posted in our official website. Please understand that we need to change motherboard of your phone, even change a whole phone for you if necessary. For liquid damage, it is not included by our warranty policy. Customer can repair their phone if they agree to pay the repair fee. But if you don't agree, we cannot create RMA for repair for you.That's the reason that issue have been stuck here for a long time.

    So I have made it very clear that you can send your phone back to us to check warranty seal if you cannot be sure whether it is out warranty.

    We deeply understand that you feel very sad and pity to be charged for repair. But this is not what we can change. It's pretty appreciated if you can understand our job. Thanks!"

    UMMMMM "It's pretty appreciated if you can understand our job" YEAH. NO.

    Sorry, but each case is different. And the flagship phone you're trying to kill (a.k.a. Apple) is getting much, much stronger in my eyes for one reason alone: They treat each case individually and in one shot.

    I hope that one day OnePlusOne can find some way to do that. Until then, I suspect more and more people will definitely feel like "never settle" is a slogan befitting their view of customer service complaints.

    And finally, asking a dissatisfied customer something to the effect of "please understand it's our job" is kind of like listening to a criminal tell the person she's robbed to shut up and deal because we all got problems.

    So yeah, OPO owners - if anything happens to your phone, fix it yourself or just go buy another phone. Avoiding this purgatory is worth a hundred extra bucks.

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  11. frevan48 Cupcake Jan 11, 2016

    frevan48, Jan 11, 2016 :
    So no solution on fixing a oneplus X that's been dropped in water for 2 or 3 seconds. Is it worth contacting the helpdesk?

  12. cezarvrabie Jelly Bean Jan 11, 2016

    cezarvrabie, Jan 11, 2016 :
    Oneplus will probably replace the motherboard. That would cost about 220E. I would recommend just selling the phone for parts.

  13. rushil gulyani Cupcake Feb 8, 2016

    rushil gulyani, Feb 8, 2016 :
    I accidently dropped my OnePlus X in water, before retrieving it after, like, 1-3 seconds.I blew it with a hair dryer and have also kept it in a bag of rice.It is working but the problem is that the touch is not responding properly,the three buttons on the bottom are not working and also the camera has moisture inside it.Can you tell me if I can do anything or the cost for which this will be fixed.Please help

  14. cezarvrabie Jelly Bean Feb 8, 2016

    cezarvrabie, Feb 8, 2016 :
    Try leaving it in the rice for like 1 week. If it doesn't work, the most likely the camera, motherboard and display will need replacing. From the prices I've seen OP quote, it will probably be cheaper to buy a new one.

  15. Gughanabishek Cupcake Dec 3, 2016

    Gughanabishek, Dec 3, 2016 :
    My one plus X wasn't getting charged when on switched on condition. It was getting charged, only when switched off.. I took it to the service center, and they say it's water damaged but I hardly remember any incident of it getting in contact with water other than keeping in a slightly wet pant. Is it so sensitive to water, like if the pants in which it is kept is wet, it will be water damaged.. Plus I did software reset, now mobile is perfect.. How to proceed with it?

  16. 9652578124 Cupcake Dec 4, 2016

  17. SpainMinecrafter Cupcake Dec 8, 2016

  18. Scherpenseel Jelly Bean Dec 8, 2016

    Scherpenseel, Dec 8, 2016 :
    Phones have water indicators that show a different colour when they got wet. If this happens their only fix will be replacing the complete motherboard as they can not see what electronical parts have been damaged. If you can still use your phone as it is now just keep it. Replacing it will be hell expensive.

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  19. varun balaji Cupcake Sep 24, 2017

    varun balaji, Sep 24, 2017 :
    guys, i have one plus 3t,i dont think my phone got liquid damaged cos i couldnt see the LDI blinking red.My phone charges good but goes in to boot mode, that is the logo shows up when i power on but the phone doesnt enter the normal way of switching ON.when i asked the oneplus service centre about this they told me that i should replace the motherboard and that costs 20,000INR.So is it repairable?? have anyone faced a similar situation?

  20. camohan Marshmallow Moderator Sep 24, 2017

    camohan, Sep 24, 2017 :
    When they quoted you it means it is repairable. What's the point?