[Closed] We want to hear your thoughts on OxygenOS 11

    Donut Oct 23, 2020

    DVS@YASH , via OnePlus Nord , Oct 23, 2020 :
    Community is called a community if we listen properly to what all of us need.
    First we need only the stock like experience rather than samsung UI.
    OnePlus please look into the apps like Chrome,Dialer and Game mode which is crashing very frequently and despite of having the best connection apps are loading too slow example SPOTIFY, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM, I don't know about others but my OnePlus NORD is behaving in this way i don't know why but if this continues i will have to discard this device.


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  3. _im_gm_
    Donut Oct 23, 2020

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  4. AaronLobo
    Gingerbread Oct 23, 2020

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  5. Unni Thomas
    Donut Oct 23, 2020

    Unni Thomas , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Oct 23, 2020 :
    After the oxygenOs 11 update battery draining is very fast than earlier..I have to charge this phone twice a day in a normal usage.. hoping for an update to fix it

  6. drhardik55
    Donut Oct 23, 2020

    drhardik55 , via OnePlus 8T , Oct 23, 2020 :
    Hello. Not liking the fact that OnePlus Scout Feature has been absent in the OnePlus Launcher on my 8T with Oxygen 11. Kindly provide an OTA to correct this,.I was really enjoying it on my 6T previously.

    Secondly there is no OnePlus Phone app also, Oxygen 11 is using Google Phone as the default application as dialer. Kindly correct this and also the search bar for contacts should be below on the screen on Dialer app - be it OnePlus Phone app or Google Phone, to make it more reachable.

    Third thing is I'm enjoying the Oxygen OS 11 overall however there is a wide scope of improving it.
    Thank you.

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  7. T1599202159030
    Cupcake Oct 23, 2020

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  8. Aish79
    Froyo Oct 23, 2020

  9. G_Prasath_Chidambaram_zx , via OnePlus 8T , Oct 23, 2020 :
    Please bring back the OnePlus Phone Dialer and OnePlus Message app as alternate to G suite.
    Also bring the full screen photo to show of the caller in the Phone dialer app. (this has been asked from OnePlus 3T release time)
    Please provide option to bring the Google search bar under the Dock icons.
    Allow us to change size of the icons in dock and home screen separately.
    Please provide folder cover with a swipe or double tap to open the folder keep it simple on the home screen or desktop instead of messy folders look.
    Please change the settings page icon outline color to full cover range to show good to the user.

    Why the OnePlus Lab which give new features in beta mode.?

    Also give more capacity battery in your new releases in the future.

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  11. Auzzya
    Gingerbread Oct 23, 2020

  12. E1596032632586
    Cupcake Oct 23, 2020

  13. sachinparihar16
    Cupcake Oct 23, 2020

    sachinparihar16 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Oct 23, 2020 :
    If you really want to hear our thoughts about Oxygen os11 then hear it... It is a shittiest update I've seen.. My Huawei mate 20 pro got better updates then your O2 os 11.

    1. Notifications panel don't come down. Apple music notification panel player never comes until and unless I reset all for it from settings or continuously play and pause music. And when it comes on notifications panel you can easily swipe to un show the player when listening to music how it is even possible.

    2. That so called Aod which don't shows any notification icon rather than WhatsApp and insta.

    3. System texts got bold.

    Why are copying Samsung.. I know you people tends to copy different phones companies. But you got only one thing good was os but now EMUI IS better.

    And hell is shelf?

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  14. Praveenkumar98
    Donut Oct 23, 2020

  15. tomsbautista
    Cupcake Oct 23, 2020

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  16. parkaash1
    Donut Oct 23, 2020

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  17. Faisal_Khan_07
    Donut Oct 23, 2020

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  18. X1602039656384
    Cupcake Oct 23, 2020

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  19. amitkpsingh
    Donut Oct 23, 2020

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  20. amitkpsingh
    Donut Oct 23, 2020

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