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  1. CD0
    Eclair Feb 5, 2021

    CD0 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Feb 5, 2021 :
    I'm really struggling to see the point of this forum. I keep finding myself to come on here to find out about software updates and answers to questions I may have. Instead I find threads with two warring sides of complainers and people standing up for Oneplus. There's very little actual information to be found.

    I'm not pointing the finger at those complaining by the way. I think right now there are legitimate reasons to complain. I, for one, a Oneplus 8 pro user on global firmware, seem to have missed out on an update that was said to be "coming soon" a month ago. Users also would feel let down when they're on a November security patch when other flagship phones AND budget phones by other companies are swiftly getting December, January and February security patches.

    The problem is that this forum is like yelling into a vacuum. There's no one here that has the knowledge to answer people's complaints or troubleshoot certain common problems, such as widevine or screen tint. One of the rules of this forum is to try not to repeat questions and to search to see if someone has asked something similar. You could do this and find the same complaint or question, but never a real answer, so inevitably it's going to turn into a hot mess of people repeating the same things.

    There needs to be much better communication between either Oneplus and their customers on this forum, or between OP and the moderators or representatives so they're better equipped to put an end to these endless questions by giving a concrete answer. Otherwise, they're creating an incredibly frustrating experience for their customers and publically damaging image for their business. An example of a breakdown in these channels is a moderator creating a thread for Beta 6 and linking users to a website which contains Beta 4. I mean, come on. This isn't anyone on this forums fault, this is completely on Oneplus. To obtain Beta 6, I needed to go to XDA's forum. This is one simple example of how Oneplus' "community" is deteriorating their image, and it's on them.

    Users who have complaints, may I suggest for your sanity to take your complaints to Twitter as you're much more likely to be taken seriously there as it's in the public forum.

    Oneplus, we need your representatives on this forum, otherwise all you've created is a vacuum that people can yell in.

    Moderators, I've looked closely at the rules and this thread does not go against any of them. I think you guys do a great job within the limitations you're working under.

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  2. CD0
    Eclair Feb 5, 2021

    CD0 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Feb 5, 2021 :
    I should add to this that there are users on here who are very helpful and knowledgeable - I don't mean to take away from this - but there are some questions that can't be answered by them. There needs to be Oneplus representation here for this reason.

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  3. Tobikage
    Nougat Feb 5, 2021

    Tobikage , Feb 5, 2021 :
    Yeah but you still posted in the wrong forum. Should've posted in off topic instead of a device specific sub section right ?

    No such place exists where you can find any information shared by OnePlus with regards to upcoming updates , status for a particular update or resolutions for any bugs that you may have encountered.

    You're in the right place to ask questions about issues that you may have about your phone as long as they are not about updates or ETA's or common bugs that hundreds of people may have reported and made threads for.

    And that's still the official stand as far as the next update goes.
    "Coming soon"
    Expect ZERO communication from OnePlus

    Yeah...."we don't do that here anymore"

    cc to @dsmonteiro
    Feels familiar ? :rolleyes:


  4. dsmonteiro
    Community Consultant Staff Member Feb 5, 2021

    dsmonteiro , Feb 5, 2021 :
    Hi there @CD0,

    You definitely raise some very relevant points, so much so that I've already shared this post with the rest of the community team. Thanks for the tag, @Tobikage. I've also shared your feedback about the global version update with the software team.

    Speaking strictly about software updates, we usually have a policy of no ETAs because, while their development is planned internally, there are multiple variables that will affect when a specific update will be released, with some, like certification, depending on exterior elements.

    We do track users questions and share monthly FAQs about OxygenOS to try to help some of those questions many users ask repeatedly.

    We also have the Bug Hunters that contact users directly on General Support section. Still, there's two final elements that also have a considerable impact on staff participation – consistency in the message, and the language barrier.

    I know you're asking for more, and that's a fair ask. Some of the actions we're considering in the future also have this in mind, to better bridge the gap between staff and users.

  5. CD0
    Eclair Feb 6, 2021

    CD0 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Feb 6, 2021 :
    Thank you for your responses. For me, I see this forum for what it is and I've accepted it. I just don't think it's a very good thing for business, especially when there are issues and delays, which we are seeing now. If someone who was considering a Oneplus device and came onto their forums, seeing some of the things people say here may change their minds, such as people saying it's going to be their last OP phone or actively promoting other handsets. And as far as customer retention, if even half of these people from this small sample pool of customers are being truthful about moving onto other handsets, this would be devastating to Oneplus in the long run.

    I hope there are changes in the future to this community and there is more of a presence of Oneplus for the sake of the company and the customer - it would actually be mutually beneficial. It would require money to be invested, but the cost of not doing it I believe would be greater.

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  6. U1580007062575
    Gingerbread Feb 6, 2021

    U1580007062575 , via OnePlus 8 , Feb 6, 2021 :
    Are you saying that everyone here that says that they (I include myself) sold their OP8 to buy a S21 ULTRA or another handset instead this piece of garbage are the wrong ones? Is not oneplus who is wrong?! Incredible.

    Let me tell you what , NA users has been neglected for the past 2 updates of this device, android 11 broke completely the device itself , it's not useful (something with 4 hours SOT it's not useful), we haven't received any response at all from oneplus, there's even a ridiculous glitch when viewing something fullscreen will stuck your phone on landscape mode , so no videos on fullscreen with your 900$ phone sorry.

    And this is on the long run, I know I made a bad decision buying this op8 as long as I got it on my hands, when the device page said it was dualsim and I had to wait 7 months for this device to be dualsim with Android 11, and guess that, that update broke my phone...

    I hope that every person that it's making the decision of a new handset comes to this forum and realize that oneplus isn't oneplus anymore , and they are releasing garbage tbh...

  7. CD0
    Eclair Feb 6, 2021

    CD0 , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Feb 6, 2021 :
    Where did I say that was wrong - I simply stated that it's a fact people are saying this. I'm pointing out this has the potential to damage image of Oneplus. I think I was very clear that I believe OP is responsible for providing a better service for customers to avoid these situations.

  8. pablofg1978
    Head Moderator Head Moderator Feb 6, 2021

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