[CLOSED]when is 9.0.5 coming?

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  1. MJK1314 Donut Apr 16, 2019

  2. MrTalon Honeycomb Apr 16, 2019

  3. v0 HaVoK 0v Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 16, 2019

  4. Waveform Modifier Lollipop Apr 16, 2019

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  5. OnePlus OxygenOS Honeycomb Apr 16, 2019

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  6. CosmoKramer70 Jelly Bean Apr 16, 2019

    CosmoKramer70, Apr 16, 2019 :
    its easy to work out... ready for some research...
    once you read that come back to the forums and find out when the last update come out. THEN and only then you will know when the approx time the update will be released...
    Now stop asking! cause there are NO devs here to answer your question only users that have the initiative to work it out themselves and wait patiently for it to be released...

  7. pablofg1978 Spanish POC Assistant Head Moderator Apr 16, 2019