[CLOSED] Why I don't install Oos 12. ¿ (must read) via OnePlus 9

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  1. VenkatPrathap
    Eclair Dec 9, 2021

    VenkatPrathap , via OnePlus 9 , Dec 9, 2021 :
    While using oos 12 I'm suddenly felt I'm using a realme smartphone in India most of users use realme they don't know oneplus options and other settings if anyone realme user use my op 9 running oos 11 he just feels WOW
    After installing oos 12 he feels huh it's like realme same options his phone cost is 8k my phone 49k I just felt dump
    If software was good I feel OK but no option for disable apps almost all apps in oos 11 with stock camera app was able to disable but now all shitty realme like feels worse to use my premium op 9 phone please change the software in at least oos 13 bye bye oos 12 welcome custom rom waiting for best custom rom for op 9 if I found I'll post with review

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  2. Tobikage
    General Support Expert Award 2021 Dec 9, 2021

    Tobikage , Dec 9, 2021 :
    Oh no. Feeling dump is very bad !

  3. B_Wrath
    Junior Moderator Junior Moderator Dec 9, 2021

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