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    KitKat Nov 24, 2014

    Ponds186 , Nov 24, 2014 :

    Credits for the Original Idea : @Sanjeev31aug
    CLUB INDIA has been a primary driving force in helping a lot of Indians to lay their hands on the beast , OPO. Now we are on the brink of getting OPO officially launched in India (Hopefully this year itself). The dynamics have changed. The need to import OPO is no longer there. While a lot of old timers were able to import and get their phones from US, it is now no longer required. India is Unique and dynamic and the need for the best at the most competitive price is unrelenting. We crave technology and strive to get it at the best price. Well OPO is your answer for all of us. However, the demand in India is going to be far higher than supply. My guess is might be greater than rest of the world put together. So buckle up and prepare for a long wait and help us to help lots more of us to fondle this beast of a phone.


    Disclaimer :
    • This is not OnePlus official India Specific Invites sharing thread. This is just a bunch of lunatics who have joined hands in helping people get an invite. Please follow OnePlus official pages on social networks and here for participating in contests or giveaways organized by OnePlus.
    • Each one of the moderators of this thread is completely unofficial. Any statement from them is purely personal and is not deemed to have come from OnePlus, even if they are from official OnePlus moderators.
    Common Sense Rules of this thread :
    • English is the primary language for posting. You may use regional languages now and then, but please exercise good judgement and use in moderation
    • Be courteous and nice to fellow members
    • Do not spam.
    • Do not post external links for OPO (Accessories are fine).
    • Do not sell or trade invites here. You are not welcome
    • Do not keep requesting for invites.
    • Do not use SMS language in this thread.
    • Do not use CAPS unless you want to really emphasize on something.
    Rules for Invites Eligibility :
    • Update your signature linking to CLUB INDIA Thread or THIS THREAD
    • Update your DP. DP subconsciously associates an identity for you. For example, everyone identifies me with Calvin and Hobbes. It is easier to get noticed.
    • You membership level needs to be GingerBread or above.
    • Your profile should be visible to forum members. Update your location in your profile.
    • Indian Tricolour needs to be present in your signature. It is left to your imagination as to how it should be , but it should be.
    • Update your signature with invite status with an appropriate status
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    KitKat Nov 24, 2014

    Ponds186 , Nov 24, 2014 :
    VIP List or Elite List :).

    This list is updated with all invites shared with CLUB INDIA upto 20-Oct-2014. Invites were easily available post that and expectation of Indian Invites in lieu of an easily available Global invite is not a fair trade. The list in in alphabetical order. Entry into this list will now only be possible if you share an Indian Invite directly with CLUB INDIA in an unclaimed state.

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    KitKat Nov 24, 2014

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    KitKat Nov 24, 2014

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    Ponds186 , Nov 24, 2014 :
    How to share Invites with CLUB INDIA - PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED

    For Invite Donors
    • For shareable invites, click the "Share it" button, copy the link that look something like this "https://account.oneplus.net/invite/claim/QZ3V-Q9QC-Z0XF-JMWM" but with different code.
    • For System invites, copy the link you would have received in your email
    • Directly share your Invites with MOD's By filling ***********, we will share your Invites with eligible members accordingly and will put your name in VIP list.
    • PM either your invite codes or inform MODS in case you have updated the ********** and wait for an acknowledgement
    Important (VIP LIST Related):

    VIP LIST entry is only for those who share Indian Invites with CLUB INDIA. This is effective from 01-Nov-2014. Invites directly shared with anyone and updated later does not qualify for VIP LIST. You need to inform the MODS or tag them in a post in CLUB INDIA thread and await an acknowledgement

    MODS do not take responsibility or commit that the Global Invites, if any shared with CLUB INDIA will be distributed in time. Please understand that this is something we do out of our interest and will try to share on a best effort basis. It is recommended that you please check the validity of the invites near its expiry to ensure the invite has been used. If it has not been used close to its expiry, please share it yourself in the forums. We have had a horrendous time waiting for the invites , so please do not let it go waste :)
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    KitKat Nov 24, 2014

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    KitKat Nov 24, 2014

    Ponds186 , Nov 24, 2014 :
    FAQS :

    1. What is this CLUB INDIA you folks are all jumping about ?

    CLUB INDIA is just a cool place to hangout for Indians. This was started by @Sanjeev31aug way back in July when OPO was an unknown entity for majority of Indians.

    2. Does CLUB INDIA share invites ?

    CLUB INDIA has shared invites in the past , but that is not the primary purpose of CLUB INDIA. If someone kind enough shares an invite with the CLUB, the moderators of the thread distributes it to the next deserving person

    3. I have a Global Invite which I am not going to use. Can I trade it with you for an Indian Invite ?

    No. Global invites are easy to get. Please share them with Indians who are ready to buy the phone from US or share them internationally in the global invites section. To be specific, it is equivalent to someone giving you a completely useless birthday gift which you do not want. You can dispose it off or give it back as a gift to someone else. CLUB INDIA is not a dumping ground where you throw your Global invites in expectation of an Indian invite

    4. Why do you ask for email id and phone number in your registration form ?

    These are optional. You can share them if you want. In the past we have contacted people via phone to give them invites. However you are free to decide if you want to share or not.

    5. How will you ensure that you will not distribute the emails and phone numbers ?

    We cannot ensure any such security or privacy policy. The list will not be for distribution is all that can be said. Having said that is your inbox really spam free ? WOW Just wondering that's all

    6. I have filled the form now. When will I get an invite ?

    There is no guarantee that you will get one. It could take anywhere 15 minutes to 14 years to get an invite. In all probability you will get an invite before Balika Vadhu decides to stop airing

    7. I have not filled the form. Will I get an invite ?


    8. I have not filled the form. Can I be a part of CLUB INDIA ?

    By all means yes. Anyone willing to spend some time and have fun in the thread is welcome

    9. Do I need to have a DP ?

    Preferably. It is easy to attach and identify a person with his / her DP. If you are in with an expectation of an invite, which you may or may not get, DP is an absolute must

    10. Why Gingerbread levels ?

    Too many cupcake scalpers and folks just waiting for a one invite affair. We are looking for folks who are in for the long term even after you get an elusive invite. No one can stop your from leaving once your objective is reached, but you better damn well work for it.

    11. These RULES are so weird and strange and after all for just getting an invite and that too from an unofficial list of folks who may or may not even get an invite to share in the first place ?

    Yes. This is how it is. If you think this is all too high handed and strange and deregatory, you can follow Amazon and OnePlus on social media, hang around in this forum and get invites through contests or giveaways or promotions. Alternately there are also resellers who will be able to sell it to you at a premium, which we do not recommend considering warranty and other issues, but your decision is your decision. You are free to come and go. These RULES will stay.

    12. Great. Understood that CLUB INDIA is not an invite sharing thread. However if CLUB INDIA gets an invite to be shared with someone, how would you go about it ?

    Fantastic question. We will do it as follows exactly in the order specified below
    • The first preference would go to OLD TIMERS who have spent a significant amount of time with CLUB INDIA and who have specifically donated their invites to CLUB INDIA and decided to wait for India Launch. We know who they are
    • Second preference would go to those who have shared invites with CLUB INDIA on a specific request that they would need an Indian Invite once it gets rolled out and who still does not have an OPO for themselves. These invites should have been shared with CLUB INDIA on or before 20-Oct-2014. If you have shared the invites already with someone else and just updated the donor form, it will NOT count as an invite shared with CLUB INDIA
    • Third preference would go to active and helpful folks who satisfy all eligibility criteria and are online when we search for them. Please note that invites have limited time to claim and whoever eligible is online will obviously get the priority
    • If we are unable to find anyone satisfying these criteria, we will just share the invite in some form of contest or giveaway and anybody who can solve can get it.
    13. I have already got an invite to purchase a phone from CLUB INDIA. Can I get another one for my friends and relatives and my cousin's brother in law's divorced wife's ex husband's aunt's second daughter ?

    No. Invites, if any shared by CLUB INDIA would be only one per eligible person. You can request your friends and relatives and your cousin's brother in law's divorced wife's ex husband's aunt's second daughter to join the forums and become eligible for an invite
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    KitKat Nov 24, 2014

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    Ponds186 , Nov 24, 2014 :
    How to order at Amazon.in using an Indian Invite :

    Obtaining an Invite

    OnePlus and Amazon.in currently send out invites on the following basis:

    • Holding contests on its website and choosing winners
    • Running a newsletter with limited subscription - random subscribers will be sent invites
    • Running marketing and engagement events on the OnePlus Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter and internal forums
    Note: Only select participants or subscribers will be chosen for an invite, which will be total at the discretion of OnePlus or Amazon.in.

    Apart from the above, customers who purchase the OnePlus will also receive invites that they can share with friends and family. These are distributed typically between 3-6 weeks after the purchase based on availability.

    Placing an Order

    There are two steps to placing an order once you receive an invite:

    • Claiming an invite - once you receive an invite, you will need to claim it on the OnePlus website. To do this, click on the link in the email. This will redirect you to the OnePlus website where you can claim your invite by clicking on the CLAIM button. You can see the Invite Code and the validity of your invite.
    • Ordering - once you claim the Invite Code on the OnePlus website, it is active. You can then use the same code to complete your purchase on the Amazon.in website as long as it is valid. If you have just claimed it and you receive an error, please wait a few minutes for the status to be updated on Amazon.in and try again.

    To place an order -

    • Go to amazon.in/oneplus
    • Sign in and enter your invite code
    • Add the item to cart and checkout
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    • Q: What is the validity period for an invite?
    • A: Invites are valid for a limited period. Please check the invite email for the validity. Once an invite expires, you cannot use it to complete your purchase . Please note that payment must be completed prior to the expiration
    • Q: When can the invite codes be shared?
    • A: Invite codes can be shared before or after claiming them on the OnePlus website, but not after they are used on the Amazon website
    • Q : How many additional shareable invites will I get and when will I get them?
    • A: If you've purchased a OnePlus phone, you will receive upto 3 additional shareable invites in the next 3-6 weeks
    • Q: Can I extend/reactivate/save invites for later use or for reuse?
    • A: Invites cannot be extended, reactivated, saved for later or reused
    • Q: How many devices can be purchased with one invite?
    • A: Only one device can be purchased with one invite
    • Q: Can I use a Global Invite to make a purchase on Amazon.in?
    • A: Global invites cannot be used to make a purchase on Amazon.in. Eligible invite codes for Amazon.in will begin with IN (INXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX)

    If you face any further issues with your OnePlus invite, please contact us.


    • You can purchase the OnePlus One device ("Product") through www.amazon.in (the "Website") only if you have a valid, un-expired and un-used invite code ("Invite") issued by OnePlus Tech Limited ("OnePlus").
    • You acknowledge and understand that distribution of this Invite is solely at the discretion of OnePlus and Amazon Seller Services Private Limited ("Amazon") cannot and does not influence this in any manner whatsoever.
    • You agree, understand and acknowledge that Amazon is only a facilitator and is not and cannot be a party to or control in any manner, any transactions on the Website (including but not limited to your registration with OnePlus, issuance of Invite by OnePlus and/or purchase of the Product from the seller on the Website).
    • Amazon or any of its affiliates will not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever that you may suffer, directly or indirectly, in connection with your use of the Invite, or any lapse or delay in receiving the Invite from OnePlus, verification of the Invite on the Website, faults/break down of the invite code process etc. and/or any other matter in relation to the Invite.
    • Amazon will not be responsible and/or liable for handling, entertaining or resolving any queries or grievances from you regarding the status, use or misuse of the Invite in any manner whatsoever. Amazon will not mediate or resolve any dispute or disagreement between you and OnePlus.
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