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  1. udaya1978
    Gingerbread Nov 17, 2014

    udaya1978 , Nov 17, 2014 :
    Clearance eventBANGALORE - INDIA6:57 PM
    15Processed for clearance at BANGALORE - INDIABANGALORE - INDIA1:31 PM
    1 Pieces

    14Arrived at Sort Facility BANGALORE - INDIABANGALORE - INDIA6:21 AM
    1 Pieces

    13Customs status updatedBANGALORE - INDIA4:03 AM
    Saturday, November 15, 2014LocationTimePieces
    12Departed Facility in LONDON-HEATHROW - UKLONDON-HEATHROW - UK1:30 PM
    1 Pieces

    11Transferred through LONDON-HEATHROW - UKLONDON-HEATHROW - UK1:29 PM
    1 Pieces

    10Arrived at Sort Facility LONDON-HEATHROW - UKLONDON-HEATHROW - UK5:56 AM
    1 Pieces

    9Departed Facility in EAST MIDLANDS - UKEAST MIDLANDS - UK3:08 AM
    1 Pieces

    Friday, November 14, 2014LocationTimePieces
    1 Pieces

    7Arrived at Sort Facility EAST MIDLANDS - UKEAST MIDLANDS - UK8:26 PM
    1 Pieces

    6Departed Facility in CINCINNATI HUB - USACINCINNATI HUB, OH - USA6:42 AM
    1 Pieces

    1 Pieces

    4Arrived at Sort Facility CINCINNATI HUB - USACINCINNATI HUB, OH - USA3:46 AM
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    Thursday, November 13, 2014LocationTimePieces
    3Departed Facility in PORTLAND - USAPORTLAND, OR - USA6:39 PM
    1 Pieces

    2Processed at PORTLAND - USAPORTLAND, OR - USA6:38 PM
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    1Shipment picked upPORTLAND, OR - USA10:55 AM
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  2. udaya1978
    Gingerbread Nov 17, 2014

  3. rajeevbthakar
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  4. itsfaddy
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  5. itsfaddy
    Gingerbread Nov 17, 2014

    itsfaddy , Nov 17, 2014 :
    The Thread that has the information is pinned to the Forum's page. You can refer the link below for further information - https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/...ranty-for-existing-indian-users.179727/unread
    The information seems un-organized. Was it copied from the tracking web page and pasted here directly? I guess it is :) It would be great if you could format the information in future so that its readable by everyone. :)
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  6. Udey11
    Eclair Nov 17, 2014

    Udey11 , Nov 17, 2014 :

  7. Udey11
    Eclair Nov 17, 2014

  8. alemc2
    Honeycomb Nov 17, 2014

    alemc2 , Nov 17, 2014 :
    I am not absolutely sure if its just allowing international transactions, OFC that could be a factor, but i think its more of a paypal tie-up thing.
    Now i haven't ordered the OPO but have used paypal for other transactions, and what i have noticed is my HSBC debit card got registered without any issues but my friend was having trouble registering his debit card ( which i think was Citibank/ standard chartered can't remember ). Needless to say both our cards had international transaction enabled.

  9. yogesharanya
    Gingerbread Nov 17, 2014

  10. yogesharanya
    Gingerbread Nov 17, 2014

    yogesharanya , Nov 17, 2014 :
    Shipment Charges: 1243.82 INR
    Additional Services Protection Service 184.5 INR
    Duties 3111.36 INR
    Total Amount 4539.68 INR

  11. srismisma
    Froyo Nov 17, 2014

    srismisma , Nov 17, 2014 :
    Hi @Sanjeev31aug @Ponds186, mods

    Can somebody tell me if there is an option to contact somebody directly in OPO. I got a defective charger along with my opo it is almost a month since i don;t have a charger(some how managing with MotoG Charger). I have already raised a ticket about 3 weeks back with support for replacement, they have not got back to me.

    Can somebody please suggest an alternative to speed up the help from support


  12. dawanthe1
    Froyo Nov 17, 2014

    dawanthe1 , Nov 17, 2014 :

    PLease join me for this club. dawanthe1

  13. manojkumarh
    Froyo Nov 17, 2014

    manojkumarh , Nov 17, 2014 :
    thanks, its really helpful !!

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  14. Nithin1996
    Cupcake Nov 17, 2014

  15. Duke'r
    Gingerbread Nov 17, 2014

    Duke'r , Nov 17, 2014 :
    I think DHL is handling customs clearance for ComGateway in India. Its up to them, how they handle the customs officials. Have a talk with DHL customer service and check if they reconsider the customs amount.

    When was the package dispatched from OnePlus? Since you had a weekend in between, the delivery to NY address could have been delayed. It should reach today if its past 3 days since it was dispatched out of CA.
    It takes exactly 3 days for the phone to reach you once it is shipped from NY address. You should send your invoice along with the shipment number to Sneha at this time.

    Talk to Sneha ASAP.

  16. haris_wani
    Jelly Bean Nov 17, 2014

    haris_wani , Nov 17, 2014 :
    hi bro, u need to remove your mail id from the post. also before asking for invites u need to go through the first page of this thread.

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  17. harshalg
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 17, 2014

    harshalg , Nov 17, 2014 :
    yesterday itself i had read about this fact regarding 1+ not responding to customers issues (http://androidspin.com/2014/11/16/o...-spotty-reviews-due-poor-rma-responses/)...so i think you have to be extremely lucky (or well-connected) to get your problem solved directly by 1+
    on the other hand, i dont think there should be any problem with charging the 1+1 with any other compatible charger....many over here are doing the same and are facing no problems

  18. VectoRDextoR
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 17, 2014

  19. Ponds186
    KitKat Nov 17, 2014

    Ponds186 , Nov 17, 2014 :
    It is not "it's a grammar mistake". It is called "grammatical error or grammatical mistake". So many folks live in glass houses nowadays :)

  20. vinaysoni 18
    Eclair Nov 17, 2014