CM 11S 44S OTA is out!

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  1. rnocon
    Gingerbread Nov 13, 2014

    rnocon , Nov 13, 2014 :
    3 months after Google official release date...

  2. indianbrat.arun
    Honeycomb Nov 13, 2014

    indianbrat.arun , Nov 13, 2014 :
    "Number of invites you may beg for: 0." Good one :p :p

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  3. shadesrulz1
    Froyo Nov 13, 2014

  4. Rufusstan
    Gingerbread Nov 13, 2014

    Rufusstan , Nov 13, 2014 :
    Thanks mate, this finally did the job for me. Now trying to see if I notice the difference :)

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  5. pkazo
    Froyo Nov 13, 2014

  6. hongphooey
    Honeycomb Nov 13, 2014

    hongphooey , Nov 13, 2014 :
    Just got mine in California USA.. I'm hesitant to update though but I'm also getting tired of having to restart the phone for touchscreen sensitivity

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  7. vakul
    Cupcake Nov 13, 2014

    vakul , Nov 13, 2014 :
    Just one observation since i just updated: when showing CPU usage, the cpu usage is crazy low when you don't do anything on it. I've been observing these bars id 38R, and they were almost never this low!

    Guess we may expect even further battery improvements! XD YAY!

    I did also observe a bit of a not-so-smooth scrolling in the settings app for example, but also in other places... hope it will go away after a few restarts..

  8. d0rks0ul
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 13, 2014

  9. avinashadvani
    Jelly Bean Nov 13, 2014

  10. zcschrader
    Gingerbread Nov 13, 2014

    zcschrader , Nov 13, 2014 :
    got to the xda website, you can download the update with a modified script to flash on a rooted phone. i'm using philz touch and though it didnt prompt mt to re-root i went ahead and reaaplied root after update and before rebooting. update applied with no issues and didnt loose root. No idea on the custom DPI though.

  11. bu405
    Gingerbread Nov 13, 2014

    bu405 , Nov 13, 2014 :
    Many thnaks,
    it workd well. I am impressed with your method. I think it should be as a new thread.

    I am happy, In one day (today) my OPO, new update and inbox invite arrived. :)

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  12. Aldavian
    Froyo Nov 13, 2014

    Aldavian , Nov 13, 2014 :
    Updated 3 days ago and the touchscreen issues are gone now, hope it will last like this. Apart from that the phone is working perfectly fine as it was with 38R.

  13. Pumaeu
    Gingerbread Nov 13, 2014

    Pumaeu , Nov 13, 2014 :
    OTA received in Taiwan! Great job cyanogen. thank you for your hard work

  14. aravind725
    Cupcake Nov 13, 2014

    aravind725 , Nov 13, 2014 :
    I'm getting touchscreen issues while scrolling up and down pages. It's selecting and opening things while all I'm doing is just scrolling. Happens when I pull down notification menu also. The menu just goes back up again or does not come down even after multiple attempts.

    My phone was running perfectly until I updated to this 44shit :(

  15. laminaatplaat
    Eclair Nov 13, 2014

    laminaatplaat , Nov 13, 2014 :
    I hoped the delay/lag when opening the app drawer would be gone with this update, it is not...

  16. DvsMark
    Froyo Nov 13, 2014

  17. phonehog
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 13, 2014

    phonehog , Nov 13, 2014 :
    Don't feel bad...even the better & best of the Nexus Android users have updated & found bugs on AOSP. It happens on ALL OS updates. That's why there were 5 KitKat updates.

    Now if you are a noob then you would blame it on CM...

  18. aravind725
    Cupcake Nov 13, 2014

    aravind725 , Nov 13, 2014 :
    I'm not blaming anybody. But don't you think not being able to pull down the notification bar is a lil bit annoying? I mean it's the first thing most of us do after waking the phone. Check notifications.

    Noob or not. That is very annoying.

  19. obnavox3
    Gingerbread Nov 13, 2014

    obnavox3 , Nov 13, 2014 :
    No it happens when it's just sitting on my desk. I'm not pulling it out of a pocket. One other user mentioned having the same issue on the CM site so it's good that I'm not alone.

  20. dagerm89
    Froyo Nov 13, 2014

    dagerm89 , Nov 13, 2014 :
    Huh, very strange. That's the first I'm hearing about that... wish I had something better to offer than "good luck" and "try a factory reset" :T