CM Calculator in Exodus

  1. inqbus406
    Gingerbread Apr 29, 2015

    inqbus406 , Apr 29, 2015 :
    Hey guys,

    I have been using Exodus for quite a while now, but have been wondering about a calculator. Today I downloaded the most popular CM one from the Play Store, and it advertised the lollipop theme. When I installed it, however, it still showed the KitKat theme, and showed no other options in settings. Any thoughts?


  2. return.of.octobot
    Jelly Bean Apr 29, 2015

    return.of.octobot , Apr 29, 2015 :
    Isn't the calculator in CM based ROMs just the AOSP calculator? I always replace mine with PowerCalc scientific calculator because I'm much more likely to use it for school and whatnot.

    If your looking for THE CM calculator your best bet is to (have someone) extract the apk from one of the nightly builds. But this begs the question, isn't the calculator in Exodus the same one used in CM, or is Exodus no longer shipping with a stock calc.. I think I'm confused, or you're confused.