CM12S Google Play Services battery drain


Anyone with CM12S still experience Google Play Services battery drain?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. KyanThaun
    Eclair Apr 14, 2015

    KyanThaun , Apr 14, 2015 :
    Hi, guys. I've been experiencing massive battery drain since CM11S 05Q and I thought the new CM12S update would solve the problem. But it seems that i was wrong cause Google Play Services still drains my battery after the update. I've search around the web and most of the solutions suggests to disable wake up, keep awake and auto start using privacy guard. Is this a viable solution? If these functions are disable will it effect my everyday usage of the device?

    UPDATE: Seems like CM acknowledged the problem caused by the Google Play Services. Hope that they will fix it as soon as possible. Btw, I'm on version 7.0.99.

    SOURCE: http://www.androidpolice.com/2015/0...anogen-os-12-and-cm12-patch-coming-next-week/
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2015

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  2. Taz G
    Gingerbread Apr 14, 2015

    Taz G , Apr 14, 2015 :
    I had the same problems and so denied keep awake and wake up. No issues anymore and no other problems it seems. I did read somewhere that that affects Google Now in some way, but nothing too bad.

    Privacy guard is awesome

  3. sdmunoz
    Eclair Apr 14, 2015

    sdmunoz , Apr 14, 2015 :
    No issues so far. Flashed yesterday night with 100% battery and almost 16 hours later is 59%.

  4. fgaurano
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 14, 2015

    fgaurano , Apr 14, 2015 :
    Not really, disabling it would be fine.

  5. ceccorubik
    Honeycomb Apr 14, 2015

    ceccorubik , Apr 14, 2015 :
    i used privacy guard method and it works for me i will use it on cm12s if the problem remains, but i'm waiting the ota :)

  6. jwinckelmann
    Eclair Apr 14, 2015

    jwinckelmann , Apr 14, 2015 :
    This is the problem with Google Play Service 7 and the Systemupdateservice wakelock. I actually thought that it got solved 2 weeks ago, this is really annoying...

  7. KyanThaun
    Eclair Apr 14, 2015

    KyanThaun , Apr 14, 2015 :
    hmm.. that's weird cause not everyone seem to be affected by the problem. Is it because of the Google Play Service's version. Btw i'm running on 7.0.99. I've read somewhere that this version of service affects all custom roms. Is it true?

  8. konaparthiseshank
    Gingerbread Apr 14, 2015

    konaparthiseshank , Apr 14, 2015 :
    I had the same problem, Google Play services drained the battery more than the Screen.
    go to Setting>Apps>Google Play Services and uninstall updates, this will restore it to the earliest version use for few hours to check battery drain if it isn't draining the battery anymore, then update it from the play store again.
    I know it doesn't really make sense but it did solve the issue for me.

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  9. dtheem
    Gingerbread Apr 14, 2015

    dtheem , Apr 14, 2015 :
    I use the same method. Dramatically saves my battery now. Why must Google be a double edged sword. You would figure they would fix a major issue like this..

  10. JSiu.Dev
    Gingerbread Apr 14, 2015

    JSiu.Dev , Apr 14, 2015 :
    I vote no because it is not happening now.

    However it did happen last week, out of no reason my 1+1 battery was draining even it was charging. I pick it up and actually felt the back of the phone was warm, which never happen before.

    I checked app manager and Google service was using 30%+ of the battery, again, this never happen before. I tried to kill/quit the app but situation did not improve. The app will just pop up again and start draining power like crazy. I end up rebooted my phone and problem did not occur after.

  11. KyanThaun
    Eclair Apr 14, 2015

    KyanThaun , Apr 14, 2015 :
    Will try to uninstall updates and reinstall again.. If this method doesn't work then i might hav to use the privacy guard.

  12. squllroina
    Gingerbread Apr 14, 2015

    squllroina , Apr 14, 2015 :
    dirty CM12s install from zip file by using TWRP...
    no problem for now...
    no issue with CM11S before...

  13. doubledownwookie
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 14, 2015

    doubledownwookie , Apr 14, 2015 :
    I denied those also. YOu can see how many times it was denied.....mine was in the tens of thousands.

  14. miskobartanus
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 14, 2015

    miskobartanus , Apr 14, 2015 :
    I don´t sometimes understand too. Huge company like Google and stupid bug like battery drain. I hope it will be OK soon.

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  15. Taz G
    Gingerbread Apr 14, 2015

    Taz G , Apr 14, 2015 :

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  16. wshamroukh
    Eclair Apr 14, 2015

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  17. WillY3D
    Froyo Apr 14, 2015

    WillY3D , Apr 14, 2015 :
    uninstalling the google play services updates in the app manager and than re installing it in the play store fixed the "systemupdateservice" battery drain for me.

  18. bharathhs2290
    Froyo Apr 14, 2015

    bharathhs2290 , Apr 14, 2015 :
    the battery back up of cm12s is no were near to kitkat based cm11s , the rom too is not that stable and efficient, hey have messed up, im going back to cm12.1 unofficial buch better in all aspects

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  19. v1ks
    Gingerbread Apr 14, 2015

  20. togardergrosse
    Cupcake Apr 15, 2015

    togardergrosse , Apr 15, 2015 :
    just to report that my OPO is acting weird too. Massive battery drain, slow charging (even with the original charger), and overheat.
    Man this update sucks..
    Going to revert to CM11 for now.

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