Coming to terms with WhatsApp: Did you stay for convenience or left due to privacy?

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    Bobbie63 , Feb 4, 2021 :
    Like Google drive? :rolleyes:

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    harshit.b. , via OnePlus 6 , Feb 4, 2021 :
    Mark, if you're snooping around here to see what people think. I want you know, we absolutely hate it. Stop acquiring all these companies and please stop trying to integrate them with your terrible Facebook ecosystem.

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    ghostofcain , Feb 4, 2021 :
    Does the user have any control over this? I've got people I would rather didn't know, the stalker next door and the ex-wife.

    Another black mark for me, I f@£king hate emojis.

    WhatsApp conversations are encrypted, only WhatsApp can decrypt them. So unless you want to export your conversations in plain text and upload them somewhere, did someone say privacy, you're stuck.

    My worry is that, it's having the app installed and operating that's the privacy risk, so as I have to continue to use WhatsApp for professional use, I've little choice but to try and manage the risks.

  11. ayemei
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    ayemei , Feb 4, 2021 :
    I rarely use WhatsApp. My main form of communication is through text messages.

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    Cakepips , via OnePlus 7T Pro , Feb 4, 2021 :
    Only if you have eachother's phone number.
    In privacy and security, you can turn sync contacts off to prevent this as well as changing 'everyone' to 'my contacts' in the 'find my phone number' section (and adjust other sections to what you feel comfortable with).

  14. AnonymousWP
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    AnonymousWP , Feb 4, 2021 :
    I have said it at other platforms too, but I'll repeat it again: for most people, nothing will change at all. People are stirring up drama, while in practice chatting with businesses were already a thing (and their usage of cloud providers, which means the company you're chatting with must have an obscure privacy policy to begin with.) Not to mention for people who live in an EU-country, are not impacted by this. I do mind privacy a lot and I'd gladly see everyone switch to Signal, but things are sometimes overblown or simply not correct, which I dislike. To start:

    What even? Facebook will not be able to read your chats. If I recall correctly it's just that Facebook provides the opportunity for those companies to (which you will be informed about by the way, before you start a chat with such of a company). See this article, which hits the nail on the head: https://wabetainfo.com/whatsapp-is-still-a-solution-for-your-privacy/. If you don't know him: https://twitter.com/wabetainfo. It's simple: if you don't want this to happen, simply don't chat with that particular business (again: you will be informed about it beforehand).

    To then indirectly recommend Telegram is worrying, as @dsmonteiro said Telegram stores all of your data (metadata + messages + media) in plain-text (by default) and doesn't have E2EE in group chats. Telegram also has a half-assed Perfect Forward Secrecy implementation (https://www.securemessagingapps.com/. It's not 100% up-to-date in some regards, but I've sent e-mails already about it, which are being rectified). See also this page and then head to Telegram: https://www.securemessagingapps.com/ratings/.

    It's essential to mention how, mainly because many WhatsApp users also have a Facebook account (or Facebook obtains your phone number because someone allowed Facebook to add people by their number). WhatsApp doesn't share your phone number or location with Facebook, plus that your phone number is sent to WhatsApp to identify if the other user has WhatsApp too. The phone numbers are hashed too.

    Conclusion is that I will, for now, still use WhatsApp, as it doesn't impact me in a significant way. I will however keep an eye on what will happen in the future. Once the Signal app has a feature to add others based on their nickname (not just phone number), I'll create an account. Signal is allegedly working on this feature: https://www.reddit.com/r/technology...ate_messenger_team_here_we_support_an/giks8hv. I hope I can get everyone to Signal, but for now it's not needed to delete my WhatsApp account. Mainly because it's still a much better option than Telegram, privacy- and security-wise - also because barely anyon uses it, relatively seen.

    This image sums it up:

    Source: https://wabetainfo.com/whatsapp-is-still-a-solution-for-your-privacy/
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  15. AnonymousWP
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    AnonymousWP , Feb 4, 2021 :
    The whole irony here is, is that WhatsApp may be closed-source, while only Telegram's application is open-source; its back-end isn't, meaning in theory the same thing can happen.

    Also, in WhatsApp you can test/verify each other's keys (via settings). Just try to make a back-up (locally) and then try to decrypt it. Those are encrypted too, but there are multiple ways to verify if your messages etc are E2EE or not.

    Even though WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, I personally have more trust in WhatsApp's security/privacy than Telegram's. Because of what I said in my previous post, and:

    • Telegram's privacy policy has a legal problem that does not allow data sharing, but does allow selling data; and Telegram deliberately does not want to close that gap. WhatsApp does have protection against that. That does not mean that WhatsApp will not be able to share data with Facebook in the future, but you will be able to know that, as it's mentioned in their privacy policy (legally complying)
    • Telegram has a strange set-up with companies and shell companies in the well-known money laundering countries (Panama, Belize, British Virgin Islands) so that they can do everything unseen with data and financial flows and can circumvent certain laws with ease (Durov claims that that is only for good reasons, but you can do all kind of bad things with it, then the question is how strong your trust in Durov is.)
    I could give you a ton of sources, if you'd like (about the set-up of Telegram). I am not the one that researched that, but someone I know did.
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    AnonymousWP , Feb 4, 2021 :
    Lol, if you do want a WeChat 2.0 with obscure privacy/security, then sure, but that may get even worse than Telegram.

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    Helder_DAlmeida , via OnePlus 7T , Feb 4, 2021 :
    A very interesting thread @Cheetosdust! After that I installed Signal and now this is the one I have been using. I am quite satisfied and, from what I read, it is even safer than the others. I think that above all it is necessary for us, the users, to send the message to WhatsApp that they cannot do what they want without having repercussions, losing users.

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