Community 2.0 feedback & changelog

  1. Kiki W
    Froyo Feb 26, 2016

    Kiki W , Feb 26, 2016 :
    Hey guys,

    What you’re seeing right now is the first step towards a perfect Community 2.0. In this iteration, we’ve made the following major changes:
    • We upgraded the entire design down to the last detail to give you a more pleasant reading experience.
    • The homepage now features six tiles that take the place of the five stickied threads. This allows us to present you with more curated content along with visual illustration in a more digestible way. They expand to various formats including important threads, notable users, wonderful community videos and interesting external links. We’ll use this to highlight stuff we really want to share with you guys - like the “community highlight” tile, or our user spotlight.
    • We’ve upgraded good ol’ recents with a choice of recents, most viewed and most liked. Recents is still right there on the front page, and now it’s a longer list.
    • We repainted your profile wall. In addition, we added a shortcut to “Watched thread” and “Watched forums” on your profile page. You can see them after logging in. Let us know if you find them useful.
    • Threads can now be upvoted. The more you upvote a thread, the more likely that it’ll turn up on Most Liked on the home page.
    • By popular demand, the “Create New Thread” button has been removed from the front page. You can still create a new thread as you wish under a certain category, which, hopefully will lead to fewer threads getting placed in the wrong section and lambasted by veteran thread placers.
    In addition, there are a few things that we would like to implement shortly, and we’d love your feedback on:
    • Would you like to see more tiles on front page? Like a 12-tile carousel, for example?
    • We noticed that the sidebar is looking a little empty now. What would you like to see there? Related posts? An overview of your profile? Recommended users to connect with?
    • We are also considering replacing pagination with an infinite scroll on the thread page. Thoughts?
    • The loading animation should also be prettier. Wanna pitch in? We’re open to your design suggestions and submissions.
    • Would you like "Categories" on community navigation to be a full list? Right now it’s a selection based on user numbers.
    At the same time, please let us know if you spotted anything odd on the current version. You can write your feedback in the Feedback forum from that red little Feedback button on the right of any pages.

    Enjoy Community 2.0. Let’s make it by users for users.

  2. rphlfjrd
    Lollipop Feb 26, 2016

    rphlfjrd , Feb 26, 2016 :
    Hey first. Reserved. :p

    First impressions, I kinda like the old one better but let's see.

    One thing so far is annoying for me is having to open the sidebar menu to go back to front page instead of clicking/tapping somewhere on the header. Other than that, some minor bugs here and there which I can live with. :p

    And how do I get the link to a particular post? Clicking on the timestamp doesnt seem to work. :confused::confused:
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  3. Sr Vincenzo
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 26, 2016

  4. r.rohit89
    Feb 26, 2016

  5. camohan
    Nougat Moderator Feb 26, 2016

    camohan , Feb 26, 2016 :
    Thanks @Adam Krisko, @Mike and the entire team for this work. The forum looks marvelous on mobile. Much required refreshing change. Kudos again. I will keep this posted updated with my observations and recommendations

  6. RymanZ
    Cupcake Feb 26, 2016

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  7. feluda
    Lollipop Feb 26, 2016

    feluda , Feb 26, 2016 :
    Hello, the site looks pretty good and here are some initial thoughts :

    • While viewing a particular category after selecting the "Sort by" option the selection should remain the same every time I log in, don't want to select the same sorting option every time. Or have a similar option to choose under profile so that it can be applied site wide.
    • The sort options say "Start Date", doesn't make much sense, you probably meant "Create Date"
    • The tiles on the home page are too big, unless users scroll down there is no way to know there are threads below.
    • Since threads can be voted on now, what's the plan on preventing brigading ? Because that's exactly what will happen for some threads by certain users.
    • As for the sidebar would like to see a few recent threads across categories, so that even when I'm under a certain category can still follow what other threads are being created.
    • Please do not replace pagination with an infinite scroll. It's annoying.
    • Would love to have the "Categories" on community navigation to be a full list.
    • Tagged users had a different colour in the message now everything is in same colour which makes it a little hard to spot the tag.
    • What's the point of having a "Views" number for each thread ? Does not add value at all.
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  8. Mike
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 26, 2016

    Mike , Feb 26, 2016 :
    On desktop it's the post number.

  9. Eshan_Anand
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 26, 2016

    Eshan_Anand , Feb 26, 2016 :
    Looks very good and fresh :) nice work done.

    1. On mobile, Names don't come up along with the dp.
    2. On mobile, While editing a post all the previous text alphabetically comes in a vertical fashion until i scroll up and down completely.
    3. On mobile, Previously we had a forum link on top of the page which i used to refresh or navigate back to home page from any page but no such option now.
    4. On mobile, As we have limited screen size i dont think we require an extra tab as recommendations to follow a member, it eats up a lot of extra space until you come to threads.
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  10. rphlfjrd
    Lollipop Feb 26, 2016

    rphlfjrd , Feb 26, 2016 :
    How about in mobile? (Though rotating phone landscape would probably do the trick for desktop layout)

  11. strafer
    Lollipop Feb 26, 2016

    strafer , Feb 26, 2016 :
    First impression: Looks really good! Thumbs up!

    - The avatars could be a little bit bigger.
    - I don't like the font. It looks grey and can't be read as easy as the old one because of less contrast.

    - The mouse-over function at the avatars: The Jelly bean symbol... hmmm ... could be misunderstood...
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  12. dsbarker92
    Eclair Feb 26, 2016

    dsbarker92 , Feb 26, 2016 :
    Update is quite nice.

    Just a few things:
    - The search option is only showing me topics from 2014 so far. Tested with a few separate searches.
    - The new dialog to show that you're viewing the new site stays even after you click don't show again. Had to click the same message three times before it stopped showing.
    - The sides seem somewhat empty, somewhat like Google+ but without the option to have hangout chats slide in.

    - I do also agree with others that the gray font is somewhat hard to read, especially when the post is long.
    - I don't seem to see any sort of notification when someones likes or quotes my posts.
    - Hitting the tab key while editing a post doesn't tab text over while in a text field.
    - The sub links for quote, reply and edit seem to be rather small. Could also be my monitor size, but that's just my preference.
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  13. feluda
    Lollipop Feb 26, 2016

    feluda , Feb 26, 2016 :
    It's indeed a little greyish and hard to read.

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  14. Mike
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 26, 2016

    Mike , Feb 26, 2016 :
    Yep, the post number is gone in portrait on mobile. Thanks.

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  15. Adam Krisko
    NA Community Consultant Staff Member Feb 26, 2016

    Adam Krisko , Feb 26, 2016 :
    For now, yes rotate to find the number. I will add that to our list.

  16. dsbarker92
    Eclair Feb 26, 2016

    dsbarker92 , Feb 26, 2016 :
    Umm, yeah. I see what you mean. When the icon is smaller it looks rather... well you know.

  17. rphlfjrd
    Lollipop Feb 26, 2016

    rphlfjrd , Feb 26, 2016 :
    Notification is just a small red dot on top of your avatar. Could be bigger imo

  18. Manas Eapen
    Jelly Bean Feb 26, 2016

  19. Dougrunge
    Lollipop Feb 26, 2016

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  20. Mike
    Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 26, 2016

    Mike , Feb 26, 2016 :
    It's a dick. Yep.