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    NeverGiveUpOnUrDreams , Sep 7, 2019 :
    Oh it's good to be back, the last time I published a interview was more than a year ago :
    1+... not a half finished math equation, but a company which has the best people in their community is just endless in what it can offer.
    The community is what makes OnePlus - OnePlus, not onetwo or oneMinus.
    This time we're having a conversation with two of the community legends @dsmonteiro and @script about photography and the community.Hope you'll have reading this as much fun as I did .

    A(photo which quality and "goodness" has not been approved by dsmonteiro or script, but me[done by me] )

    Reviving the long a waited community interviews series with you two guys, isn't that amazing ?

    Dsmonteiro: Much honor. Such prestige. Wow.
    Seriously, this is not the most honorable feeling, but I always felt kind of jealous of the ones being interviewed, so it’s with great joy that I got this invitation!

    Script: It's my second interview, and as a community person I like to give some honest answers. I didn't know it's together with David, and yes, I like that. We are both old members, from the beginning of the forum, and, well, helped to start it all.

    What is that something very very special in the OnePlus community what has made you want to be part of this community and give your own contribution(to it)?

    Dsmonteiro: Now that I look back, it’s funny to remember why I end up creating my Community account. I had been following OnePlus on the now-defunct Google+ since the company was first created, but what made me register on the forums was a series of funny and edgy ads taking a jab at the mainstream industry players. I called OnePlus out on G+ and they told me that I should wait to see what they had in store and invited me to join the discussion on the forums.

    Script :For me it's the social and friends thing. I'm not a techie, and to talk and interact with other members, especially the creative ones, is very very nice. It's also funny, and often heart warming. I have had, and still have some good private talks with members, from all over the world.

    As you photo are interested in photography, what is the area of photography that you like the most ? Macro shots, photos with a great story or something else ?

    Dsmonteiro: I love photography but am way overcritical about my skills, so I end up not taking as much photos as I should (Which causes me not to get better. It’s an never-ending loop!) . If I had to pick up a specific area above all, that would be street (or candid) photography. That’s when you capture the true essence of people, without artificial poses. I find an artificial smile far uglier than a natural serious face.

    Script: I like almost all photography aspects, as long as it's not just a simple random click. A photo is a piece of art, it has a strong structure and a certain content. If someone takes good care on all of this, he or she can take a good photo.

    My personal taste, hmm, usually I like a good composition, a good balance. Macro photography is not my favorite, but I respect it ofc. In the monthly preselection we have always a few great macro shots included.

    What recommendations and tips would you give to a novice like me who likes to take photos with his/her phone, but lacks the knowledge to take a really good photo ?

    Dsmonteiro: take pictures. Evaluate. Iterate. Taking pictures helps you find out what works and what doesn’t, the strengths and weaknesses of your camera, but if you take the pictures and never look or think about them, you’ll have a hard time doing that. Then, take more pictures and try new things. Take photos from the same subject from multiple angles and see what works best. Try to understand the why and use it in the future.

    Look at other people’s photos with the same logic: Why do you like or dislike that photo? Understand the “why”.

    One final advice: It’s no shame to use Auto mode. Master Auto before worrying about Manual. By doing so, you can focus (no pun intended) on your subject.

    Script: I have learned the most of my own photographic skills by watching and studying the work of the masters, which is easy today, as you can find good photos everywhere. Plus, I took many pics in my life, and I still take many pics.

    One tip: be critical with your own pictures, and publish/ show only the really good ones.

    In the monthly thread were many posts with six, seven, ten pictures. Often one was really not as good as the other ones, and that single one bad pic can ruin the whole post. It's like, you write a text, and have 2 spelling mistakes. That can destroy the whole impression of the whole text.

    What dessert would you bring with you to a photo shooting session ? It can also be a pack of Cheetos

    Dsmonteiro: Being Portuguese, there is no other possible option other than Pastéis de Belém. These famous Portuguese egg tarts have people queueing up around the block every single day.

    Script: Kinder eggs.

    Do you expect phones ever to get better or atleast have a near same level of quality than professional cameras ?

    Dsmonteiro: Smartphones because of their form format cannot achieve the same level of quality as a professional camera. You simply cannot fit the same kinds of lenses or sensors on such a small device. Those limitations, however, are less and less noticeable in the photos we take, especially with computational photography becoming more and more a reality. For the average consumer, I believe that smartphone cameras already reached a point where it doesn’t make any sense to carry an additional camera. Just think: how many people that you know own a camera?

    Script: They do already have a very good quality. It's unbelievable what we can do today with the phones.

    Still, there are limitations, like the zoom/telephoto lens possibilities, or the true color reproduction. Hmm, I guess, in a few years 95% of all pictures are taken with phones. In my own case, 100% of my pictures are taken with a phone. A OnePlus phone

    Coming back to the community part of this interview, when did you hear about Oneplus for the first time and why did you join with it ?

    Dsmonteiro: I first heard about OnePlus back in December 2013, through a The Verge article, talking about this small startup that wanted to disrupt the mobile phone industry, so almost since day one. As for why I joined, you can see my answer above.

    Script: I heard of OnePlus in the middle of December 2013, and liked the idea to be part of a community made phone. I had some ideas about phones and photography, and thought, it could be a way to communicate my ideas to a group of phone makers. Then I found the RNC and was lost.

    Last, but not least, do you have a life-moto you follow in your life ? If, yes what is it, if it's not a secret ?

    Dsmonteiro: As Monty Python would say, “always look on the bright side of life”. Life is too short and, for all we know, is the only one we have so better make the best of it.

    Also: Never Settle. :D

    Script: I like to do things slow. To be honest, that is not always the best idea.

    I don't have a motto. At the moment I would say: find your own pace, try to be independent from others, don't forget to go outside and play. Don't waste time.


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    Starcommander , Sep 7, 2019 :
    That was an amazing interview.
    Now I am waiting for @Cheetosdust 's response :p
    Hey @dsmonteiro, we missed you today. I hope you had an amazing time with your family. Wish him happy birthday from my part:)

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    the_o2 , Sep 7, 2019 :
    And Mr. Interviewer is back on track :cool::cool:
    Love you answers @script and @dsmonteiro , you guys really make this community so awesome :)

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    Cheetosdust , Sep 7, 2019 :
    Awesome job as always, @NeverGiveUpOnUrDreams and awesome answers from @script and @dsmonteiro :cool:

    No, not disappointed at all. Portuguese tarts are delicious. And @dsmonteiro doesn't like me at all, so it's a great answer. ;)

    What can I say, @dsmonteiro has great taste in desserts ;)

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    NeverGiveUpOnUrDreams , Sep 7, 2019 :
    thank you guys for reading and liking it

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    TibiTibi , Sep 7, 2019 :
    It was nice to read.
    Good questions and perfect answers.


    Thank you for the interview.

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    Impersonal , Sep 7, 2019 :
    We have (maybe to) many great threads about photography ( quite ironic, since the biggest perceived flaw of any OP device, is it's camera), so nice to see something different, some new angles, and most importantly something genuine, fun and funny, what I'm trying to say is that, this thread is great, because as any interview, has the unique quality in humanizing all the work of these two exponential memeber of the Community, did/do here for free, just for/in the spirit of the Community itself.
    I myself (same as most) like, admire and resonate with a outstanding photo, but regardless of how many photography threads I've skimed through, I didn't really care about the photos I take, if they are good enough, it's fine by me, until now, that is, after this very interesting, insightfull read, I suddenly realized there are some awesome people that put in a lot of effort, work, time, all as a gift, just for me to do want to take greater photos, so I'll start (re) reading some of the photography related threads especially @scrip's and @dsmonteiro's work/input (advices, techniques etc), I'll surely read them, more serious with respect and enthusiasm, especially now since I know where was the heart of the people writing them...
    Great work @NeverGiveUpOnUrDreams, it was a delightful read, I enjoy probably to much such wonderful threads..... MORE please!
    Thank You !
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    NeverGiveUpOnUrDreams , Sep 8, 2019 :
    good to see you liking it, thanks

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