Confirmed! All OnePlus 5 displays are upside-down. Jelly.

  1. Baymax
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert Jun 30, 2017

    Baymax , Jun 30, 2017 :
    I fixed it for you in that code :) you can just copy and paste from there.

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  2. jadecolour
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 30, 2017

    jadecolour , Jun 30, 2017 :
    How do you know it's not being inverted twice? ;)

  3. jadecolour
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 30, 2017

    jadecolour , Jun 30, 2017 :
    Even if it could be fixed that way, the battery life will definitely suffer.

  4. jlasensiofi
    KitKat Jun 30, 2017

    jlasensiofi , Jun 30, 2017 :
    I do not know how I can fix it . I do not get it

  5. jlasensiofi
    KitKat Jun 30, 2017

    jlasensiofi , Jun 30, 2017 :
    I've already got it from the desktop computer :smiley:

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  6. Charles2388
    Froyo Jun 30, 2017

    Charles2388 , Jun 30, 2017 :
    I read the article, tried scrolling up and down fairly and slowly, tried in all the four orientation, I just can't reproduce the jelly effect on my phone

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  7. Dragonkeeper
    Honeycomb Jun 30, 2017

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  8. pacattack81
    Donut Jun 30, 2017

    pacattack81 , Jun 30, 2017 :
    Why is it possible for Xiaomi and Samsung who make near bezeless phones? Sorry but not possible doesn't cut it when the competition is able to.

  9. Baymax
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert Jun 30, 2017

    Baymax , Jun 30, 2017 :
    because they didn't invert the screens on the Xiaomi and Samsung devices... OnePlus inverted the screen orientation which in turn gave the screen a jelly effect... [​IMG]

  10. adigon2
    Cupcake Jun 30, 2017

    adigon2 , Jun 30, 2017 :
    Thanks man, really needed that, I've just been enjoying this phone too much, might be unhealthy.

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  11. ro32r3
    Eclair Jul 1, 2017

    ro32r3 , Jul 1, 2017 :
    Download an app called "Rotation Control" from the play store. Turn it on.

    Open Reddit. (don't open chrome because the moving tab is distracting)

    Put the phone on inverse portrait mode.

    Extend your arm and hold the phone. It's hard to see the effect if you are very close to the screen.

    Open a thread and go to the middle comment section. Scroll back and forth slowly and smoothly using your nail without stopping. Look closely at the area underneath the top red bar because that's where you will see the effect later.

    Then go back to regular portrait mode and repeat the process.

    The effect is very subtle and not as noticeable as shown in videos but it's definitely there for me. How about you?
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  12. snafu_
    Gingerbread Jul 1, 2017

    snafu_ , Jul 1, 2017 :
    Same here. I've read the article & watched the video. I've tried and tried, and mine will not reproduce the jelly effect. So, that has me confused. Why would some units do this and not others?

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  13. G_Juido_“Hysteriana”
    Gingerbread Jul 1, 2017

  14. ro32r3
    Eclair Jul 1, 2017

    ro32r3 , Jul 1, 2017 :
    I don't need to do this to notice the jelly effect on my screen. But this is just a detailed step-by-step on how to see it easier.

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  15. robertogl
    Eclair Jul 1, 2017

    robertogl , Jul 1, 2017 :
    I cani confirm this: with the screen reverse there is no jelly effect. I think it's psycological now...

  16. agoinfly
    Marshmallow Jul 1, 2017

    agoinfly , Jul 1, 2017 :
    There's no correlation between display panel orientation and 'jelly effect'

  17. jvidia
    Gingerbread Jul 1, 2017

  18. Dinerve
    Jul 1, 2017

    Dinerve , Jul 1, 2017 :
    All these threads popping, people calling the ones that see it maniacs, the ones that don't see it idiots....this is becoming very tiresome.

    I am tired of repeating self as I've spent a lot of time speculating, writing about and uploading videos like many of you.

    My observations are the following and most sources seem to agree. This is happening with all displays to a more or less accentuated effect. The choice OnePlus made with the internal design of the OP5 seem to contribute to that phenomenon making it more perceptible to the ones sensitive to it. Like plasma TVs in the 2000's.

    Video 'demonstration' only make it worse as it can catch what the human eye can't or our clever brains compensate for *most* of the times. Seems the tech solution OnePlus opted for the 5 falls more towards what our eyes catch.

    To me all I see is mild stutter, on par with the 3T which now that we became obsessed with the topic in fear of not having THE PERFECT PHONE (seriously, it's an awesome phone but if anyone thinks this is the BEST phone please, spare us the comments) might be slightly better than the 5 but I could see a similar stutter.

    To close my post have a look at a video I took of my iPad while scrolling like we never do naturally anyway...Different tech, different effect, yet again some might perceive it with their naked eye, in fact, I see some sort of jerkiness too...

    Video HERE.

  19. nekrosoft13
    Froyo Jul 1, 2017

    nekrosoft13 , Jul 1, 2017 :
    so you decided to settle for OnePlus?

    when OnePlus keeps saying never settle.

    I say never settle for OnePlus again.

  20. StinkyPeanut
    Gingerbread Jul 1, 2017