Confirmed! All OnePlus 5 displays are upside-down. Jelly.

  1. robertogl
    Eclair Jul 1, 2017

    robertogl , Jul 1, 2017 :
    It's an hardware problem. The software is ok.

  2. G_Tushar_Padiyar_BPRD
    Cupcake Jul 1, 2017

  3. ankitttt
    Honeycomb Jul 1, 2017

    ankitttt , Jul 1, 2017 :
    So though it's not clear if all devices are affected or not. It is true even on affected one, only few people can see the effect.
    My OP5 has issue like in the right video. Does anyone have OP5 with the issue as bad as in left video

  4. G_Rewindo_W_LqUH
    Cupcake Jul 1, 2017

  5. war_machine4evr
    Froyo Jul 1, 2017

    war_machine4evr , Jul 1, 2017 :
    It all comes down on how the pixels on the display get refreshed. In the right way, the pixels get refreshed from top to bottom and vice versa.

  6. Rizla
    Jelly Bean Jul 1, 2017

  7. pacattack81
    Donut Jul 1, 2017

    pacattack81 , Jul 1, 2017 :
    If you can't see it or notice it stop looking for it. I had no idea it was happening until I saw the video now I clearly see it and it bothers me.

  8. G_Rewindo_W_LqUH
    Cupcake Jul 1, 2017

    G_Rewindo_W_LqUH , Jul 1, 2017 :
    i got my op5 few hours ago and it borthers me too, thinking return it or not

  9. ro32r3
    Eclair Jul 1, 2017

    ro32r3 , Jul 1, 2017 :
    This video shows an exaggerated case of the jelly effect. It's much more subtle and less noticeable IRL. My guess is that the refresh rate of the vid is abnormal or it's just that app's interface and picture that's exaggerating it.

    Someone claimed that their OP5 doesn't have the jelly effect and posted these videos


    But you can definitely see the effect in the 3rd and 4th videos. Look at the top part of the screen whenever he quickly changes the scrolling direction. That's exactly how it looks like on my OP5 as well.

  10. nyzproof333
    KitKat Jul 1, 2017

    nyzproof333 , Jul 1, 2017 :
    Here is another "feature" for you.


  11. G_alayssa_calosing_COlI
    Cupcake Jul 1, 2017

  12. nyzproof333
    KitKat Jul 1, 2017

  13. ile95
    Honeycomb Jul 1, 2017

  14. nyzproof333
    KitKat Jul 1, 2017

  15. Joeslinky34448
    Cupcake Jul 1, 2017

    Joeslinky34448 , Jul 1, 2017 :
    They had to know of the problem.. I was at the last step to click and buy one. I decided to read more on the forums. Glad I did! I stopped just in time. It appears they are in the same class as a snake oil salesman. Fake data, loose buttons, bad display. They need to be more honest. I have a OP2 and am still waiting for the promised N update. Another false truth. I suggest you all return your phones, you deserve honesty.Ask why they they postponed the GRAND MADEOFF.

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  16. NorTiaN
    Froyo Jul 1, 2017

    NorTiaN , Jul 1, 2017 :
    I consider myself really picky with issues like this... and I can't really, for the life of me, discern any sort of strange jello effect on my 5.
    Absolutely stunning phone!

  17. Baymax
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert Jul 1, 2017

    Baymax , Jul 1, 2017 :
    Funny thing is that is an OPO and not an OP5

    Wait nvm... The video was recorded on OP5.

    Yep. I can confirm from my U11. When phone went to right I heard from the left side of the boomsound speakers. When it went to the left side I heard out of the right (bottom facing) tweeter speaker for boomsound.

    I hold my phone with the finger print sensor to the right btw.
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  18. bpwest80
    KitKat Jul 1, 2017

    bpwest80 , Jul 1, 2017 :
    It's not like we're stuck with this device. Everyone that ordered the phone should still be under the 15-day return window. So anyone who doesn't want to wait it out or is just afraid OnePlus won't deliver on their promises again can return their device. So it's not all doom and gloom. I'll make my decision in 9 or 10 days and not a minute sooner. If things get sorted out before then, then I'll keep my phone. If they don't then I'll return it. I have 3 other phones at the moment so it's not like I would be without one. Not a big deal. Now if it was past my 15 days I might be a little more worried.

  19. Dinerve
    Jul 1, 2017

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  20. omkarhase17
    Froyo Jul 1, 2017