[CONFIRMED] Pete Lau speaks - NO OnePlus 9T and a New Unified OS

  1. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer; Community Hero 2020 Community Expert Writers' Club Sep 22, 2021

    YRJ , Sep 22, 2021 :
    I know you like it :D

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  2. Rajnish_Dhull
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 23, 2021

  3. Mr. BG
    Welcoming Expert, Community Hero 2020 Community Expert Sep 23, 2021

    Mr. BG , Sep 23, 2021 :
    Sauce please...

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  4. Legitti
    Gingerbread Sep 24, 2021

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  5. Rakesh kumar Pathak , via OnePlus Nord 2 , Sep 24, 2021 :
    Hey , it's good that OnePlus ie trying to get its software more polished and reliable via merging with oppo but please don't change your hardwares like Warp charging with VOOC Charging, as it will degrade OnePlus brand value specially in india. If both brand will provide same hardware and software with some minor changes ,there is no point to buy a phone with higher price which OnePlus charge for its software and hardware.

  6. xpranavkothari
    Gingerbread Sep 25, 2021

    xpranavkothari , via OnePlus 7T , Sep 25, 2021 :
    Vooc and warp are simply naming difference. Warp tech has always been VOOC. And OnePlus were always Oppo Reno with minor design changes.

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  7. U1579936479865
    Cupcake Sep 26, 2021

  8. M1617274612329
    Cupcake Sep 27, 2021

    M1617274612329 , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Sep 27, 2021 :
    I just comment here because of one service center,one plus community,one Plus global team,one plus India support no one response me.. one plus is third class.. before I love one now I hate one plus.

  9. G_Kean_G._Schimmeyer
    Cupcake Sep 28, 2021

  10. Q1631187585681
    Cupcake Sep 28, 2021

  11. Faisal Ekram
    Froyo Sep 29, 2021

  12. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer; Community Hero 2020 Community Expert Writers' Club Sep 29, 2021

    YRJ , Sep 29, 2021 :
    Unified os is a blend of OPPO's color os and OnePlus's OOS. So there are bound to be some similarities.

    However, what exactly do you not like about color os?

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  13. Faisal Ekram
    Froyo Sep 29, 2021

    Faisal Ekram , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Sep 29, 2021 :
    Is there any need to blend between color os and oxygen os? We love oneplus for oxygen os...is there any necessity?

  14. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer; Community Hero 2020 Community Expert Writers' Club Sep 29, 2021

    YRJ , Sep 29, 2021 :
    Since OnePlus has already merged it's departments with OPPO it makes no sense to have two teams working on two different android skins. The reason for the merge was to nake bigger, better things so these changes are inevitable.

    That said, I understand the sentiment. Oxygen os was a visual differentiator and the lack of it will require getting used to.

    As they say, change is the only constant.

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  15. malidan
    Nougat Oct 1, 2021

    malidan , Oct 1, 2021 :

    So the Nord 2 is not the first and OP are telling a blatant lie by labelling it OXYGEN OS?

  16. xpranavkothari
    Gingerbread Oct 2, 2021

    xpranavkothari , via OnePlus 7T , Oct 2, 2021 :
    Why don't you all watch a YouTube video comparison of Color OS 11 and Oxygen OS 11.

    You are already/partially using color OS 🤷‍♂️
    P.S: Both are similar to look with minor changes. Even though O2OS doesn't share the codebase of color OS.

  17. Faisal Ekram
    Froyo Oct 2, 2021

    Faisal Ekram , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Oct 2, 2021 :
    In oneplus product launching program you guys spent much time in oxygen os presentation that op Oxygen os is so good. It is different from other os. Now you tell me that you merged with color os... This is not a wise decision. I don't like to see color os in my oneplus device....

    Peace oneplus

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  18. Ellistar
    Honeycomb Oct 7, 2021

    Ellistar , via OnePlus 6T , Oct 7, 2021 :
    The slow sad and inexorable death of OnePlus continues.
    Updates are slower not quicker. Patches are late or missing.
    Os 12 has been announced but with some very notable missing handsets. NORD or 6T anyone?
    Os 12 is not oxygenos it is coloros with a few sops to keep us quiet
    9T axed or never planned for what, money?
    Face it oneplus has been assimilated.

    Fingers crossed the pixel is good enough to jump.