Congrats all the winners [winners list inside]

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  1. is014
    Froyo Nov 24, 2014

    is014 , Nov 24, 2014 :
    “The pain hasn’t gone but I’ve learned how to live with it.”

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  2. aryansashi
    Jelly Bean Nov 24, 2014

    aryansashi , Nov 24, 2014 :
    Then OPO will win. Mi4 is no where near than next year... Wow it rhymed ... Well they have redmi note sale before that

  3. aryansashi
    Jelly Bean Nov 24, 2014

    aryansashi , Nov 24, 2014 :
    Gud decision u won't regret it man

  4. is014
    Froyo Nov 24, 2014

    is014 , Nov 24, 2014 :
    Same here... :oops::(:(


  5. Dhruv23
    Froyo Nov 24, 2014

  6. nikunjchugh
    Honeycomb Nov 24, 2014

  7. joed14
    Gingerbread Nov 24, 2014

  8. harshalbhutkar
    Donut Nov 24, 2014

    harshalbhutkar , Nov 24, 2014 :
    Don't worry I won't sell it
    It'll be my pleasure to share it

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  9. prasathvishnu
    Honeycomb Nov 24, 2014

    prasathvishnu , Nov 24, 2014 :
    Congrats to every one.

  10. Prasad.Molkod
    Donut Nov 24, 2014

    Prasad.Molkod , Nov 24, 2014 :
    Sat until 5.00 AM in the morning, after coming from office to prepare for the contest and upload... Boy have i got rewarded..!!! Thanks a ton OnePlus :)

  11. crazyspidy
    Eclair Nov 24, 2014

    crazyspidy , Nov 24, 2014 :
    Feeling Betrayed...:mad: @
    Joined the forum 5 months ago, and this is the way OPO treat their fans.
    A lot of members who joined on the day of contest have got invites.
    What's the meaning of all this hussle, just say "Join forum and instantly get an Invite" if thats what oneplus want to do.


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  12. harishrd
    Froyo Nov 25, 2014

    harishrd , Nov 25, 2014 :
    It took them 48 hrs to pick random quotes?

  13. ashishpatiloneplusone
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 25, 2014

    ashishpatiloneplusone , Nov 25, 2014 :
    We all are friend ...i alrready told them....but still they gone into huge indian CORRUPTION mud. ! See many of the members got invites are cupcakes and membersince last 2,3 days ...
    opo team gona loose many customer now because redmi note is launching now ... only diffrrence of 1.7 gz and little other fuctions..which max indian peoples dont use...and it is of only 8999 !!!!!

  14. ashishpatiloneplusone
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 25, 2014

    ashishpatiloneplusone , Nov 25, 2014 :

  15. ashishpatiloneplusone
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 25, 2014

    ashishpatiloneplusone , Nov 25, 2014 :
    Hmmm.. now lets see what i get first MI4 or opo... because..i have money in my pocket cant hold it anyvmore...other wise i gonna spend it casually :/

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  16. arjuna88
    Gingerbread Nov 25, 2014

    arjuna88 , Nov 25, 2014 :
    Good.. Congrats for getting selected...

  17. sureshgym
    Honeycomb Nov 25, 2014

  18. harshalbhutkar
    Donut Nov 25, 2014

    harshalbhutkar , Nov 25, 2014 :
    What's wrong with u guys?

    I see some of people here are not happy for choosing CUPCAKE as winners.
    I would have feel the same if I were u. But this does not mean u should talk like this about them.

    I don't know their selection process, how did they choose candidates. I agree that there are few fake profiles. And most of the winners are newbies.

    Instead of helping newbies why are u talking like this about them? How these people can make their mind to share invites with u guys if they are getting response like this from ur side?

    U guys are of higher level than us. I agree u deserve an invite. U've been waiting for a long time to get an invite. Unfortunately u guys not got selected this does not mean end of the world. There will be more opportunities. In fact u can see this contest as an opportunity. 100 winners means 300 invites. Most probably each invite will get three more invites after purchase. This is like glass, half filled with water. The question is how u see it.

    Instead of talking like this u should encourage, help newbies to share invites. I'm sure most of us newbies don't know what to do next. We didn't even got the invite yet. It would be nice if u guys help us with this.
    I would really appreciate that.

    I don't know about others but I'll definitely share my invites here.

  19. nikhilk
    Froyo Nov 25, 2014

    nikhilk , Nov 25, 2014 :

    you got the point ...you know they all were waiting so this is there reaction... its natural...if you wait for long time and don't get the invite then it hurts...I will say better luck next time ..

  20. ghitesh
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 25, 2014

    ghitesh , Nov 25, 2014 :
    And just one more point.. none of the invites are actually wasted.. I somebody doesn't use it, Oneplus will send it to somebody else when it expires (hopefully the very next day). Its not that oneplus will reduce their production just because a particular invite was not used.