[Submitted] Connection problems

  1. F_Castro_EICP
    Gingerbread Mar 29, 2020

    F_Castro_EICP , Mar 29, 2020 :
    When i connect my 7 Pro (10.0.4.GM21BA) by BT to my Cardo Packtalk Bold and to my Garmin 595LM (and each device is paired separately to the Garmin), after a while i loose the connection; 1st the phone and then the Cardo (or vice-versa), forcing me to, during the ride, which is extremely dangerous(!), to go to the Garmin settings and re-enable the BT only to happen again after a while. The phone can only be connected to the Garmin and not to the Cardo too.

    I tried with a Huawei P30 Pro (same BT specs) and it doesn't happen!

    After i go into Garmin settings to disable and enable again the BT, both devices (OnePlus and Cardo) connect but after a while it happens again.

    I already tried with a "Xiaomi Mi Box S (Android TV)", with "Mi Fit app" and/or (only) with the "Notify & Fitness for Mi Band 4" app, and with a portable sound speaker (from Anker).

    Basically if the phone has 2 BT connections simultaneously, it creates a conflict with Garmin making it loose connection with the 7 Pro and the Cardo.

    Initially i thought that the problem was with the Garmin unit (i had an motorcycle crash and they "gave" me a new and better one) which led me to start a war with them and send the unit to warranty twice. Now i see that in fact they don't have any fault and i lost my (supposed) reason.

    They even send me a report (see image attached. It's in spanish because Garmin Portugal is in Barcelona...)

    3 days ago i tried the option to reset thennetworks (unfortunately it's not possible to reset only the Bluetooth connections so i lost all, even all the wireless networks saved...). Tried but the problem remained.
    I even lost the account to the times i factory reset the Garmin and the Cardo!

    Then i made a factory reset to the phone and after hours and hours (really many hours testing with almost a divorce for not doing nothing beside it!!!) i, unfortunately found that what causes the problem is the BT chip you use on this model, or a problem only with my phone (i bought it through your online store on 29th May, order #E111905293395405443).

    All the equipments tested are always updated to the latest version (yes, i'm a little "addicted" to have all always updated)

    I don't know if i will be able to reproduce the problem using the record tool here, but if you want, i can make a video showing you exactly what happens.

    Can you please fix it?! It's extremely annoying, and dangerous because there are many situations, for examples motorways/highways where i can't stop, and i have to do 8 steps to solve it, and only temporarily!!!

    I made 2 videos (PLEASE 1st read the description of both) for you to better understand what happens:

    With Cardo and Garmin connect simultaneously to the phone -

    Using "Notify & Fitness for Mi Band 4" app and Cardo disconnected from the phone -

    (Now that the use of smartbands and smartwatchs is increasing, this can't happen)