[CONSOLIDATED] OnePlus 2 Accessories Available In India

  1. vijayvk84
    Honeycomb Sep 16, 2015

  2. Manish roy
    Donut Sep 17, 2015

  3. vijayvk84
    Honeycomb Sep 18, 2015

    vijayvk84 , Sep 18, 2015 :
    Does anyone have experience in ordering Oneplus accessories from Ali xpres and getting it delivered to India?

    Below are the accessories I am planning to buy, share your views.
    1. Oneplus usb type c adapter
    2. Oneplus 2 style swap covers.

    Both of these are cheaper than what we get in India and yes I agree that the delivery time is more.

  4. nbajpai9
    Gingerbread Sep 20, 2015

    nbajpai9 , Sep 20, 2015 :
    UOTE="raghupro, post: 12494917, member: 52339"]I never knew that Amazon India is selling OnePlus 2 accessories as well along with the phone and I am sure many are unaware of it so thought of posting a consolidated list of all the links here.

    I am adding few third party accessories as well that are available on Amazon India, eBay India and other reputed accessories site in India. Feel free to add more accessories available in India in the comments below so that I can edit the post and add them here later.

    PS: The OnePlus Two comes with a default screen protector from OnePlus so do keep that in mind before purchasing a screen protector.

    PPS: these are not referral links or self promotion.

    PPPS: Click on the accessory name to go to the product page directly.

    Official Accessories
    OnePlus 2
    Price: Rs. 24,999/-

    OnePlus 2 Style Swap Covers - all models
    Price: Rs. 1,699/- per piece

    OnePlus 2 Flip Cover
    Price: Rs. 699/-

    OnePlus 2 Premium Screen Protector
    Price: Rs. 499/-

    OnePlus 2 Tempered Glass Screen Protector
    Price: Rs. 599/-

    OnePlus USB Type-C Adapter (Red) (Thanks to @piyush.arora451)
    Price: Rs. 699/-

    Third Party Accessories

    Micro USB 2.0 Female to USB Type-C 3.1 Male Adapter
    Price: Rs. 445/-
    (hope this is backward compatible with USB Type-C 2.0)

    USB Type-C 3.1 Cable
    Price: Rs. 845/-
    (hope this is backward compatible with USB Type-C 2.0)

    USB Type- 3.1 OTG Cable (Thanks to @nayansayta)
    Price: Rs. 695/-

    DooDa PU Leather Case Cover
    Price: Rs. 199/-
    More options in various colors: Option 1 Option 2 Option 3

    TOTTA OK Universal Desk Stand
    Price: Rs. 249/-

    Orzly Exec Armour
    Price: Rs. 1,999/-

    TOTTA PU Leather Hand Pouch
    Price: Rs. 439/-

    iFyx 2.5D Curved Tempered Glass Protector
    Price: Rs. 399/-

    Ultra Thin Clear Soft TPU Case
    Price: Rs. 249/-

    Matte Screen Protector 2x
    Price: Rs. 165/-

    0.3mm Tempered Glass Screen Protector
    Price: Rs. 225/-

    Johra Matte HD Screen Protector
    Price: Rs. 160/-

    Amzer Pudding TPU Case
    Price: Rs. 499/-

    Amzer Kristal Clear Screen Protector
    Price: Rs. 299/-

    FlexiShield OnePlus 2 Case (White)
    Price: Rs. 497/-
    More options in various colors: Black Purple Blue

    FlexiShield OnePlus 2 Case - pack of 4
    Price: Rs. 1,243/-

    ArmourDillo Protective Case (Black)
    Price: Rs. 1,078/-
    More options in various colors: Blue Red Green

    OnePlus2 Slimline Case (Bamboo)
    Price: Rs. 1,658/-
    More options: Rosewood Onyx Sandstone

    Olixar Tempered Glass Screen Protector
    Price: Rs. 1,078/-

    Olixar Screen Protector 2-in-1 Pack
    Price: Rs. 578/-

    Olixar Screen Protector 5-in-1 Pack
    Price: Rs. 829/-[/QUOTE]
    Very good work bro.... Keep it up... You got my thumbs up :)

  5. sireesh kumar
    Gingerbread Sep 20, 2015

    sireesh kumar , Sep 20, 2015 :
    i am also planning for usb type c adapter or cable....any idea in which website this are available?

  6. vijayvk84
    Honeycomb Sep 20, 2015

    vijayvk84 , Sep 20, 2015 :
    You will get it in Ali express, but delivery will take at least 20-30 days

  7. ankit.goenka
    Cupcake Sep 21, 2015

  8. Vensanga
    Eclair Sep 21, 2015

    Vensanga , Sep 21, 2015 :
    Great job, may I ask which cases you recommend? Any idea when will the Otterbox case be available in India? And how is the quality of the pre-installed screen guard, tempered glass are popular these days and almost everyone uses those. Please advise.

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    ysumanthvarma , Sep 21, 2015 :

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    Anathagenzum , Sep 24, 2015 :

    Any thoughts on the clear TPU back covers available? Wanted to get back protection, but not hide the look of the phone.


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    ayu2009 , Sep 25, 2015 :
    Yes it does.. U don't need to buy separately..