Contact Search and Bluetooth Issue

  1. G_Stalin_Vasi_gFGa
    Cupcake May 17, 2017

    G_Stalin_Vasi_gFGa , May 17, 2017 :
    Hi Guys,

    I've two major issues with my One plus 3T.

    1) Contact Search is not working properly. Most of the time I'm not getting appropriate result for my contact search. I've to manually scroll down and get the require contact.

    2) Bluetooth is disconnecting automatically when I connect it to my Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth is not lasting for atleast 10 minutes.

    Please let me know if you guys have any solution for the above issues.

    Thanks in advance,

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  2. etzel
    Cupcake May 17, 2017

  3. G_Vivek_Selvaraj_aPkX
    Cupcake Jun 24, 2017

    G_Vivek_Selvaraj_aPkX , Jun 24, 2017 :
    I too have some issue with contact search. while I try to search a name in contacts, the entire contact menu disappears suddenly. Is there any way to fix it.

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