[CONTEST]B&W Photography Competition

  1. David Y.
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    David Y. , Feb 24, 2017 :

    Hello everyone,

    We all know that photography is the art of light and shadow. Most people enjoy eye-catching photos that use popping colors. Classic monochrome photography on the other hand, can deliver a sense of calm and timelessness simply through the use of textures and shapes. The best black and white photographs give us something to think about. Do you think you could inspire us with your best B&W Photographs? Join the contest for a chance to win a $50 OnePlus voucher. ;)

    [Here’s how it works]
    • All you need to get started is a black-and-white photo taken with the camera app on your OnePlus device. Apps like VSCO Cam and Snapseed can be used to apply a black-and-white filter. Note: You can submit as many pictures to this contest as you like, so shoot away!
    • Resize your photos to make sure they’re less than 2MB. (Jump into Snapseed's settings – choose 1920 px in image sizing, JPG format and 100% quality) Don’t forget to store the EXIF information.
    • Next, just upload and share your photos in the comment section of this thread. Don’t forget to include the following information in your post: Device name, editing software used, and whether a 3rd-party lens was used. We also hope you’ll share the stories behind your pictures! Entries will be accepted until 10pm EST on March 5.
    • Our team will hand-pick 4 winners based on quality of the photo and adherence to the contest rules. Winners will be announced on March 8.
    • Each entry will receive 5 points (to be used in the Raffles!) as a reward. FOUR winners will receive a OnePlus voucher worth $50 USD (or local equivalent). These vouchers are valid on oneplus.net and oneplusstore.in.
    It’s that simple! Below are some excellent examples of B&W photography selected from our Shot on OnePlus platform. We can’t wait to see yours! We might even share some of your masterpieces with the world via our social media channels!

    The reality of cubism.jpg

    The reality of cubism, by Geng Hao, shot on OnePlus 3.

    Tiny toes.jpeg

    Tiny toes, by James Cason, shot on OnePlus 2.

    Late night at Temple Bar.jpg

    Late night at Temple Bar, by Aurelien Foucault, shot on OnePlus 3.

    [Some boring rules]
    • All images must be original. OnePlus reserves the right to request original photo files before fulfilling prizes if plagiarism is suspected.
    • There are real prizes at stake here, but be nice. We have to choose winners, which isn’t always easy. If you don't win, don’t be mad. This is all in good fun!
    • OnePlus reserves the right to cancel this contest if participation is low. No quality entries = no prizes. So, participate!
    Have fun everyone!

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  3. camohan
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    camohan , Feb 24, 2017 :
    I dont see any chance of winning this...but will participate. I suck at Photography. You all have been warned.

    Device used : Oneplus One
    Editing Software : Snapseed
    External lens used : None

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  4. mort_
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    mort_ , Feb 24, 2017 :
    I do understand it right that these pictures need to be new, means they were shot between today and march 5th?

  5. David Y.
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    David Y. , Feb 24, 2017 :
    Good question. The answer is no limitation on time, my friend, no worries!
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  6. superplus
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    superplus , Feb 24, 2017 :
    What a nice idea! Look forward to seeing everyone's awesome shots! :D

    yes, please, no more selfies of you [​IMG] jk you know we love you ;-p

  7. camohan
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    camohan , Feb 24, 2017 :
    Hahaha,yeah i dont wanna spoil everyone's weekend with selfies..:p yeah i know all love me

  8. script
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    script , Feb 24, 2017 :




    All shot with the OnePlus One, using camera Fv-5 or the oppo camera port. The last pic was in colour before, turned to b/w with Google photos. No further editing. All in full auto mode.

    Some cropped pics don't have the Exif info. The correct Exif data are stored in the original pics!

    Second post here. [CONTEST]B&W Photography Competition no more posts.

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  11. woSch
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    woSch , Feb 24, 2017 :
    Challenge accepted!
    A Set of Pics i took witch my OP2, edited with Snapseed & QuickPic ...









  12. eye842
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    eye842 , Feb 24, 2017 :
    @david.yang Should we update post if we want more pictures or is it ok to make new posts as we snap?

    Great new competition btw ;)
    Shot with OP2 standard cam. Edited with Google Photo and resized with Snapseed.
    Getting off the U-bahn at station Baumwall in Hamburg, walking to Übersee Brûcke you pass straight under the elevated U-bahn.

    Shot with OP2 standard cam. Edited and resized with Snapseed.
    Selfie shot window reflection with overhead light. I was waiting for the bus home.
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  15. woSch
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  16. woSch
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    woSch , Feb 24, 2017 :
    ... some more Pics ... also OP2, Snapseed & QuickPic ...



    (no additional Macrolens)
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