[Contest] OnePlus 4th Anniversary - My OnePlus Story

  1. David Y.
    OxygenOS Staff Member Dec 12, 2017

    David Y. , Dec 12, 2017 :
    Hi everyone,

    We're not going to be a 3-year-old baby anymore...because this week we're turning 4! ;p

    Yes, the theme of this week is our 4th Anniversary. It's an honor to call you all our friends and have such support along the way. We've grown into such a big family since our first community group. Looking back, our precious moments are as endless as the stars. That's why we'd love to share some of them. Check out this trailer for the OnePlus story.

    We have a lot to share this week. Before we reveal the full video on Dec. 17th, we would love to invite you to share your best stories with OnePlus. How/when did you get to know us and the community? Did you have any beautiful moments after you went hands on with our products? Who's your best buddy on the forums? Don't have any clue? We've prepared a snapshot of your journey [HERE]. Feel free to take a look and share it with us too.

    [How it works]
    • Recall your best moment from the past 4 years with OnePlus. Write it down and share it in this thread. (Entries in English, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Danish, or Swedish are more than welcome!)
    • One entry per person. Entries will be accepted until 10PM EDT on Dec 25th. We will randomly pick 10 entries as the winning entry and announce them on Dec 26th. Each lucky winner will win an awesome OnePlus backpack. All valid entries will be entitled with an Anniversary badge to your profile page.

    With gratitude from us, let the stories begin!
    (We'll invite some of our colleagues to join this conversation too.)


    Update: Thanks to everyone who participated! We just randomly picked 10 lucky winners, @The1Lion, @eynox, @ludovicopasquale, @AlbertoGeass, @FAB1150, @ashacekar, @Cheetosdust, @LinkRar, @naveen puchakayala, @Mihali Dan, each one will win an OnePlus backpack. Congrats! And we'll reach out to you very soon!

  2. SnapDragon01
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 12, 2017

  3. smartbuddy
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 12, 2017

    smartbuddy , Dec 12, 2017 :
    Wow 4 years old and counting, keep growing and maturing with the phones, sky is the limit.


    Best Moment (OnePlus One Invite Email from OnePlus):
    Dear fanboy/girl,

    Whoop whoop! You have just received an invite to purchase the OnePlus One.


    And then ...

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  4. youbi
    Marshmallow Assistant Head Moderator Dec 12, 2017

    youbi , Dec 12, 2017 :
    It really seems that it was yesterday that I join this place to try and buy a phone to my girlfriend. And look where we are now. :eek::sweatsmile:

    Your are becoming a grown-up OnePlus.:D

    Here is my Oneplus "Story" also.


    Really cool all this story idea. :D

    The only thing wrong in mine is that the first opo was bought In July with another user account (the invite days hunt wasn't easy and finally someone shared his invite but I had to use is account, those were really crazy days. :p )
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  5. kezheng
    Honeycomb Dec 12, 2017

    kezheng , Dec 12, 2017 :
    My most memorable moment with OnePlus was getting my OnePlus One in the mail! I was searching the forums for an invite for months (back in the old days) and finally got one! I ordered as soon as I could, and I couldn't have been happier with my choice!

    Thanks for a great four years!

  6. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert Dec 12, 2017

    Cheetosdust , Dec 12, 2017 :
    Thanks for the update and for competition, it seems a cool idea.

    The splash site is funky as hell, love it. :)

  7. Gaston NP
    Lollipop Moderator Dec 12, 2017

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  8. RamboH
    Gingerbread Dec 12, 2017

    RamboH , Dec 12, 2017 :
    Newer again Oneplus products and No anniversary wishes for this worst company" it's My Story

    Company cheated their old customer ( OP2)
    No bugfix and os updates
    how to trus this chaines company..?

    i purchased OP2 1 mid of 2016, now company discontinued OP2, i cant use my device because of battery issues, its draining battery very fast,

    please donate to Oneplus, they don't have developers,

    Old customer,

  9. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert Dec 12, 2017

    Cheetosdust , Dec 12, 2017 :
    One question tho: will I be able to see the OnePlus story video at 1080p on my 5T or nah? ;)

  10. jizang
    Lollipop Dec 12, 2017

  11. luxuskamel
    Lollipop Dec 12, 2017

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  12. Dunnow
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Dec 12, 2017

  13. pirata_1985
    Nougat Dec 12, 2017

    pirata_1985 , Dec 12, 2017 :
    Amici della never settle! Sono qui sul forum dal 15 aprile 2014, prima del 23 aprile giorno in cui Pete presentò il oneplus one. Ho seguito e partecipato a quasi tutti i contest sin da smash the past del 2014 passando per tutti i meeting romani dalla presentazione del OnePlus X nel novembre 2015 fino ai meeting di OnePlus 3, 5 e 5t.

    Appassionato ho tuttora un oneplus one e OnePlus 5.

    Grazie al referral program ho ottenuto tanti gadget ma quello più bello é la tshirt che mi ha regalato Carl quando aspettavo un invito per Oneplus one nell'estate 2014. Noi aspettavamo un invito e nel frattempo invitavamo Carl in Italia scrivendo tanti post divertenti qui nel forum. Sono sicuro che Carl se lo ricorda, abbiamo noi italiani fatto un gran baccano qua sul forum, noi della vecchia guardia che abbiamo dato vita e animiamo il thread più grande di tutto il forum: il barone : delirio oltre lo spam.

    Ma l'anno più emozionante è stato proprio questo 2017. Con i Points del referral program ho avuto tutti i gadget OnePlus, infine ciliegina sulla torta ho raggiunto i 6,5k Points che valgono il bigprize ovvero un oneplus 5t che ordinerò il 2 gennaio, giorno in cui mi verranno accreditati tutti i Points della raffle.

    In questi 4anni ho supportato e sopportato la OnePlus. Perché non sempre sono stato d'accordo con le scelte compiute dall'azienda. Del resto la never settle vuol dire anche questo.. Ma si Sa, sbaglia solo chi non fa e alla fine OnePlus tra Raffles (ho vinto un portafoglio) e una community coesa (e grazie a referral), meeting stupendi Come al Voodoo bar a roma quest'estate, insomma si è creato un sodalizio di cui sono orgoglioso e piacevolmente partecipe.

    In questi anni ho mandato più volte il mio cv per far parte Operativa della stessa OnePlus, nel frattempo opero da Esterno supportando e aiutando i nuovi utenti sui vari canali Social! Se Carl sapesse quante persone ho assistito per l'acquisto online dei telefoni!!!

    Ma vabbè ora che il 17 dicembre si avvicina volevo mandare un caloroso abbraccio e ringraziamento a Carl e Pete, ma anche ad Andrea crociani e Angus con il quale ho scambiato qualche email.

    Con l'auspicio che si cresca sempre di più e in meglio rinnovo i miei auguri di compleanno, saluto i vecchi e nuovi amici conosciuti sotto il motto della never settle e idealmente vi abbraccio tutti uno a uno.

    Never settle,

    Il vostro pirata

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  14. David Y.
    OxygenOS Staff Member Dec 12, 2017

    David Y. , Dec 12, 2017 :
    4 sure!

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  15. Naveedkazi
    Honeycomb Dec 12, 2017

  16. F_Kartik_Rustagi_kOOR
    Honeycomb Dec 12, 2017

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  17. pa5t1s
    User of the Year 2014 Dec 12, 2017

    pa5t1s , Dec 12, 2017 :
    Nice thread @David Y. ;)
    A little bit of nostalgia is always good.

    My story with OnePlus actually started before this forum was brought to life. It was at the end of Summer 2013. At that time, I was (and still is) an active reader of GizChina website, which, as its name implies, is a great site dedicated to every devices coming from China, mainly Android phones and tablets (aPad). I used to buy a lot of chinese phones from fancy sites like FastCardTech, and was amazed how fast things were growing that part of the globe.
    I can still remember this article from GizChina, mentioning a 'newcomer' to the phone's market, a company named 'OnePlus': the article was quite vague because not many information were available or 'leaked' as we say today.
    A few weeks passed and, then, in December, new article about OnePlus! Great! that wasn't 'vaporware' so?
    And then I did a big mistake: I didn't follow the link to a newly created 'forum'... It took me about 4-5 months to come back there and log-in. Damn! I was able to catch a 3-digit member ID ...and I failed :(
    Anyway, I received my Invite to buy the One directly from OnePlus a few weeks later and was able to grab it early.
    It was a pure delight to use and own.
    Looking at the past, my preferred moments were, undoubtedly , those I spent with The Titans, collecting and sharing invites. That was really what a community is meant to be, thanks to great people like @SoniaB @Mr. BG @barb and many more (too numerous to be tagged here unfortunately).
    So, happy birthday OnePlus.
    Don't forget the past, and those who supported you in the beginning...

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  18. Mark Falsing
    Jelly Bean Moderator Dec 12, 2017

    Mark Falsing , Dec 12, 2017 :
    Ahhh love trips down memory lane. I remember 4 years ago my interest in smartphones, other than the established brands, was at a high.
    By recommendation I joined the OnePlus community, and boy it has been fun since. People here had a mutual interest in what was happening, and when this happens connections and bonds quickly are made. @Adam Krisko @Sparkolo @nguser @script @dsmonteiro Thanks for such good times! @drmartin @Reivon Choccoli @David Y. and the rest of the mod squad thanks for good times recently!

    Salute OnePlus... Keep on doing what you're doing

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  19. Punk_69
    Lollipop Dec 12, 2017

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  20. GopalB.
    Nougat Dec 12, 2017

    GopalB. , Dec 12, 2017 :
    I guess its the language thing...

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