[Contest] OnePlus 4th Anniversary - My OnePlus Story

  1. fabianng
    Cupcake Dec 25, 2017

    fabianng , Dec 25, 2017 :
    Worst support ever.

    Bought a OnePlus 5T for the first time.
    Didn't get the lucky draw chance for the purchase.
    Emailed to support.
    Then this is their reply:

    LYnn (OnePlus)

    Dec 25, 17:03 CST

    Dear xxx,

    Thanks for your reply, sorry to inform you that we are unable to see your lucky draw chance on our system, and can't assist you further, but we hope the lucky chance in your lives always there!

    Best regards,

  2. fabianng
    Cupcake Dec 25, 2017

    fabianng , Dec 25, 2017 :

    Dec 18, 22:19 CST

    Hi Lynn,

    Your reply was of no help at all.

    Yes, I know I bought the product. But the chance for the purchased 5T does not appear.

    If it appeared, I wouldn’t be writing to you in the first place.

    Please see attached.

    It’s already been a few days. So can’t be the system is not updated for so long.

    I definitely have not used it. You can see the screenshot that the chance has not even been used or allocated. If it was used, it would be greyed out.

    You could have avoided all this if you had just checked thoroughly.

    Today is the 18th and the lucky draw is going to end already.

    First time buying OnePlus and really disappointed at the lackluster support.



    Screenshot 2017-12-18 22.07.36.png

  3. fabianng
    Cupcake Dec 25, 2017

    fabianng , Dec 25, 2017 :
    LYnn (OnePlus)

    Dec 18, 11:18 CST

    Dear xxx,

    Thank you for your letter and your support on our products, I check on the system that your order was placed on 14th, Dec. Therefore, you can have one chance accordingly.

    Please note that it takes up to half an hour for the data to be updated. Or you might have already used it but you are not aware that chance is the one from your purchase. :)

    Best regards,

  4. VipulJadhav12
    Eclair Dec 25, 2017

    VipulJadhav12 , Dec 25, 2017 :
    Hello! OnePlus Team... :smiley:

    Wish you all and your beloved family a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :grinning:

    I'm posting this post as a participation to the - "[Contest] OnePlus 4th Anniversary - My OnePlus Story". I hope that my story, my experience, and my best moment(s) with the OnePlus will encourage other community members (also the users) towards the OnePlus as well as it'll make their belief more stronger in OnePlus not just as a company but also as a world-wide renowned brand and as a customer-centric/customer-oriented community which is ever growing day-by-day.

    So to make my post more simple to understand, I'm going to divide it in 3 sections: my story, my best moment(s), and my best friend(s) from the community.

    So let's get started... :wink:

    # My Story -
    It all started in June 2017 when I was thinking about buying a beautiful premium quality flagship smartphone with all the amazing and latest features for my beloved younger brother Subir (@coolsubro09). Fortunately one of my friend Rahul (@G_Rahul_Jadhav_RDlZ) sent me a referral link to help me buy a OnePlus device for my brother. Being curious (as I'm always...) I was sceptical regarding OnePlus and their products. But my friend explained me not only about the OnePlus products but also exposed me about their after-sale service and their customer-centric/customer-oriented community <3 :hearteyes:.
    When I asked Rahul (@G_Rahul_Jadhav_RDlZ) that how did he got to know about OnePlus? And how did he put his trust on the OnePlus's products? (by this time he had a OnePlus 3T). He gave me a simple answer - "I've heard about the OnePlus from my friends and relatives". Not only he heard it but also saw the joy and satisfaction his friends and relatives were experiencing while using the OnePlus's devices day-in day-out.
    The way my friend was pouring all his skills to explain and convince me about the OnePlus, I realised one thing for sure, that OnePlus didn't needed any advertisements/marketing for their products because their customers/users from all across the globe were doing that job for them (honestly and loyally). And this was the key thought which took me closer towards the OnePlus, a renowned company who is backed up by its loyal world-wide customers/users. And I guarantee you that no matter which country you live in, no matter which religion you follow, no matter which language you speak, and no matter to which community you belong, you cannot resists yourself from keeping your belief in such a brand/company where the customers feel proud to do the mouth-to-mouth publicity of the products as well as the services offered by such company.
    From that moment I got obsessed about OnePlus and started following it. Fortunately, by this time everyone was ready to welcome festive season of Diwali in India and so was I. I thought this is the perfect time to buy OnePlus 5 for my brother as a Diwali gift. But my parents stopped me because they thought it would distract him from his examination which were scheduled just right after the Diwali vacation. So I dropped the plan, but then fortunately there were this rumours about #ANewView of #OnePlus5T. It got me excited and planned to gift it to my brother on my birthday i.e. on Tuesday, 12th December. I was so obsessed by the amazing #OnePlus5T that I attended the much awaited launch event of it at the PVR Cinema (Phoenix Market City Mall, Pune, Maharashtra, India) on Thursday, 16th Nov, 2017. I consider myself lucky that I was able to witness such a wonderful event live and I'm thankful to OnePlus for giving me such once in a lifetime opportunity. Meanwhile, I joined the OnePlus Community via Community app and to my surprise, I was welcomed to a whole new world of OnePlus where there is an open platform to not only put forth our complaints, feedback, queries, and suggestions but also to show our active participation in discussions, AMA, and can't forget to mention Raffles <3 :hearteyes:. But by now god had some wonderful plans for me and my brother. By the December we were struck by a mysterious force who can rule the galaxy. Yes, you guessed it right... I'm talking about the new #OnePlus5T Star Wars Limited Edition. But being from a middle class family who always has to keep the budget in mind, I decided to buy the limited edition on the last festive season of the year i.e. Christmas. And now I can proudly say that me and my brother Subir (@coolsubro09) are the proud owner of the very limited but astonishing #OnePlus5T Star Wars edition. Thank you OnePlus for making my and my family's Christmas so special this year. :innocent::smile::innocent:

    # My Best Moments -
    Following is the list of my very best moments which I had with/because of OnePlus <3... :hearteyes:

    1. My very first best moment was the much awaited grand launch event (one of its kind) of #ANewView of #OnePlus5T. I bought the ticket for the event from the BookMyShow and witnessed the launching of the amazing #OnePlus5T. :hearteyes::innocent::hearteyes:

    2. When I won a OnePlus Never Settle T-shirt XXL from a Lucky Draw for just Re. 1/- (Ordered On: Nov 14, 2017 Order Number: OPS0725136217111471059) :hearteyes::innocent::hearteyes:

    3. When I won the OnePlus 5T - Launch Event AMA and received a OnePlus Travel Messenger Bag. :hearteyes::innocent::hearteyes:

    4. Recently, when I won the OnePlus - Customer Service AMA and received a OnePlus Bullets v2 (Ordered On: Dec 23, 2017 Order Number: OPS0725136217122380384) :hearteyes::innocent::hearteyes:

    # My Best Buddies at OnePlus Community -
    Subir (@coolsubro09) and Rahul (@G_Rahul_Jadhav_RDlZ) are my best friends over here at the OnePlus Community. I'm thankful to Rahul (@G_Rahul_Jadhav_RDlZ) for convincing me to join the exciting community/family of OnePlus.

    In the end I want to share my experience and give some feedback regarding certaing things which I've seen, observed, and learned over here on our community.
    From the discussions like: OnePlus 5T - Launch Event AMA and OnePlus - Customer Service AMA, I came to know that OnePlus is so concerned about the quality of service they provide through their products. Such type of discussions will not only help OnePlus to close the gap between their customers/users but will also help them to develop better products and offer better service in future. Kudos! to all the entire team of OnePlus for such a wonderful initiative. Moreover, I feel that the OnePlus should focus more on to the quality and try to maintain it so that they can produce world class flagship killer products as they always do.

    Thank you so much once again and wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :smiley::smile::smiley:
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  5. coolsubro09
    Cupcake Dec 26, 2017

    coolsubro09 , Dec 26, 2017 :
    Thank you OnePlus and Vipul (@VipulJadhav12) for making my CHRISTMAS more cherishable and merrier this year. I couldn't ask more than this... :innocent:
    Thanks for the amazing #OnePlus5T Star Wars Limited Edition :hearteyes: smartphone. After using this flagship killer smartphone for just a week or so, I don't think I can ever settle for any other smartphone. #NeverSettle #OnePlus5TStarWars #ANewView :hearteyes::innocent::hearteyes:

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  6. VipulJadhav12
    Eclair Dec 26, 2017

    VipulJadhav12 , Dec 26, 2017 :
    Hello! @RamboH,
    I can understand how you feel now and I know that you've complete right to put forth your complaints, but I just want to tell you that no brand/company is perfect today. The only thing which takes a certain brand/company to the heights of success is the customers/users like us.
    As a part of this community and as a responsible customers/user of OnePlus, I think it's our moral duty to pin-point the drawbacks, limitations, or any shortcomings to the OnePlus so that they can improve their quality of service as well as it'll help them to adapt to the customers/users expectations in the future.
    The time when OnePlus 2 was launched, OnePlus was also trying to learn how to adapt and perceive the ever-growing demands of the customers/users like us. And now we can see that, over a period of time OnePlus has emerged and evolved as much more customer-centric/customer-oriented brand in the current smartphone industry.
    I'm sorry that I'm trying to put forth my (unasked/unwanted) opinion over here. But I really hope that as a community we should #NeverSettle with what had happened in the past, and should always try to help OnePlus to develop, evolve, and improve in this long run...

  7. Gaston NP
    Lollipop Moderator Dec 26, 2017

    Gaston NP , Dec 26, 2017 :
    Congratulations to the 10 winners @The1Lion, @eynox, @ludovicopasquale, @AlbertoGeass, @FAB1150, @ashacekar, @Cheetosdust, @LinkRar, @naveen puchakayala, @Mihali Dan

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  8. Cheetosdust
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  9. Antgl
    Honeycomb Dec 26, 2017

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  10. FAB1150
    Gingerbread Dec 27, 2017

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  11. jignesh chauhan0124
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  12. woSch
    Photography Expert Dec 27, 2017

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  13. FAB1150
    Gingerbread Dec 29, 2017

  14. The1Lion
    Marshmallow Dec 29, 2017

    The1Lion , Dec 29, 2017 :
    YOu should have been contacted so they can verify your address and which backpack you want. They send a PM to your forum account and if that is tied to your email you should also get an email.

  15. FAB1150
    Gingerbread Dec 29, 2017

    FAB1150 , Dec 29, 2017 :
    yes I did get a pm and verified my shipping informations.. but no more infos .-.

  16. Cheetosdust
    Starting Point Expert Community Expert Dec 29, 2017

    Cheetosdust , Dec 29, 2017 :
    It's probably getting shipped out to you. :p

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  17. FAB1150
    Gingerbread Dec 29, 2017

    FAB1150 , Dec 29, 2017 :
    oh, good to know!

  18. Adam Krisko
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    Adam Krisko , Jan 3, 2018 :
    There were way too many old fashions that night.. lol. I'm glad we were able to chill man, that was so fun!

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  19. TakuyaSama
    Cupcake Jan 3, 2018

    TakuyaSama , Jan 3, 2018 :
    Oh my, thanks so much, i don't know why i thought it was a OnePlus 5T the prize on this contest ^^. Congratulations to every other winners and thanks to OnePlus for this.

    Receive a huge hug.

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  20. FAB1150
    Gingerbread Jan 5, 2018

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