[Contest] OnePlus 4th Anniversary - My OnePlus Story

  1. nhenke
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  2. alextdarling
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  3. Mark Falsing
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    Mark Falsing , Dec 12, 2017 :
    Drinking Whisky from the bottle in the back of an Über will not be forgotten anytime soon :D

  4. thetaguru
    Froyo Dec 12, 2017

    thetaguru , Dec 12, 2017 :
    First heard about OnePlus during the smash your phone marketing and didn't have much luck with the invite system. Have always been curious but the timing was always off between when I needed a new phone and when a new OnePlus device was released. It finally worked out last month and now my story begins.

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  5. T1513085826822
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    T1513085826822 , Dec 12, 2017 :
    Newbie, just discovering 1+ here in December of 2017. Found a great mention on the XDA Developers site, giving their top "Phone of the Year 2017" award to 1+
    I'm a busy guy, but have experimented with my old Galaxy SIII with The help of those bright cookies on XDA. Through their recommendation, it may be time to upgrade my old SIII, replete with it's many modifications. + I Love User Forums..... :^) #KnowledgeIsPower

  6. SilentOG
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  7. Reivon Choccoli
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    Reivon Choccoli , Dec 12, 2017 :
    I enjoyed every minute of it. :D You and @drmartin made the trip super fun! Best travel company ever!

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  8. Deactivated User
    Dec 12, 2017

  9. keithnyc
    Marshmallow Moderator Dec 12, 2017

    keithnyc , Dec 12, 2017 :
    Wow, what a truly wild ride it's been, and I'm so grateful I was given the opportunity to be part of the OnePlus community..... A lot of my story up to the present is already posted here --> (which by the way was a lot of fun for me and the Andster...the guys doing the filming and the folks coming in from OnePlus India were AWESOME...warm, friendly , funny and left me with some great memories).

    But my real story starts back in April of 2014 when I was complaining to my tech friends at work that there was no Android phone available in the U.S. with amazing features, unlocked (i.e., no contract) and fairly priced. Everything was contract only, and if you wanted an unlocked phone, you were lucky if it wasn't a flip phone. But my buddies told me about this new startup company called OnePlus that would soon be putting out this amazing phone with all the things I wanted....beautiful design, great specs, unlocked AND supposedly offered at an unheard of price. So my curiosity was peaked when I went online and saw that there was a community of interested members forming around OnePlus. There was no phone available yet, but there soon would be.I figured what the heck, and I signed on.

    So here we were on this community forum; still no phone, but we were all chatting, making new friends, sometimes posting serious issues, sometimes just a bit of fun nonsense (yes, I was a good troll back then...). But everyone was always friendly, respectful and helpful. We formed some very tight bonds with many folks...my first "friend" here was @thepanttherlady (remember those amazing red nails with the 1+ logo......?). But where was the phone? Still not available. But that's when the "invite" system was born....

    WHAT?!?!?! I needed an invitation to buy a phone? Hmmmm, I didn't like it this at all, but hey, I also wanted this phone. THIS OP1!!!!! So I jumped right in...and waited. And waited. I checked my email every day...was the invite stuck in my spam folder? Was it in my junk mail? Nope.... But sure enough, one day in July when I was outside sitting in my favorite coffee shop, Java Girl (please try it...right on East 66th st), I got "the email". Yup, I scored my invite!!!!!!.....I ordered my phone on the spot and I received it 4 or 5 days later. It was truly a thing of beauty (and I still have that super cool box it was shipped in...I mean, how AMAZING was that)? And the phone itself was a work of art..... with that beautiful sandstone back (still my favorite), stunning design, amazing speed, overall great quality.....everything I wanted. AND I still had a lot of cash in my pocket! But the best thing about it? I realized that I had become part of this AMAZING community of users. I considered us to be part of a movement, a force to be reckoned with (OK, maybe I'm going a little overboard here, but I really did consider many of these forum folks to be good friends). And I was posting A LOT (the Neverending thread, the Wormhole, a little on the RNC, and maybe sometimes even serious, technical stuff lol). Wherever I was posting, I was in the forum daily. And then I started meeting a few of these extra-special amazing people we called "angels" who spent a good part of their day collecting invites which they would re-distribute them to someone who needed them. That's how I got to meet another one of my very special friends.. @SoniaB . She and others worked tirelessly to make sure folks got their invites so they could also get this amazing phone.

    At that same time I was becoming friendly with one of the moderators (we all remember Brett, right?) and I discovered that after a very bad accident, he was having surgery on his leg right down the street from me (in fact, we had the same awesome doctor at Hospital for Special Surgery). So I went to visit Brett....amazing , smart, friendly guy. We shared a lot of funny stories from the forum and afterwards, he always made sure I got hooked up with things like a OnePlus cardboard viewer (it was an extra one that he owned himself). He also introduced me to folks on the moderating team ....... another set of amazing and really very smart folks. I think around that time, I was also asked by folks at OnePlus if I'd like to help out at their OP@ launch in Times Square (well, they knew I lived in NYC, given my forum name), so I jumped at the chance....

    I will again use the same word I've said over and over again in this story...AMAZING. Meeting Carl and the OP team, and my new forum partner in crime, @mosesv26 (that's his adorable little kid in his avatar...I call him Pumpkin...not sure Moses appreciates that...) and ALL the incredibly devoted and amp'd up OP fans standing in line was really was a life changer for me. Greeting all the other fans, running to the local market to pick up water for folks (it was REALLY hot waiting out in line that day....), getting some of the inside scoop about the company from Carl, going out to dinner and drinks with the OP team (and of course, getting that amazing swag) made for an amazing day (and what's great about not having to go into the office on a weekday in the Summer on a beautiful sunny day in Times Square)?

    Soon after that I was asked to join the moderating team (thanks to Adam, David -who I won't tag by name- and their amazing dedication to us and the team...), and since then I've been wearing quite a few different hats (admittedly some of the hats fit better than others)....I've been moderating, posting on the forum as a community member, doing some beta testing, working at the NYC pop-ups (well not really working, just having a lot of fun...), meeting up with moderators and other members and just trying to be a positive force in the OP community.

    But all throughout these four year, one thing has not changed....my belief and knowledge that OnePlus is a company with integrity, vision and an ever-steady laser-focus on what community members want. Not what they need, but what they want. And that's always been the mantra of OnePlus, listening to the OP community and designing their products, and their company around the community.

    So for folks that stuck around through this story (I know TL,DR), thank you. Folks who know me know that I'm not a "kid", but I'm a kid at heart. And I to be sticking around with OnePlus and their, our amazing journey for many years to come. Thank you, OnePlus.


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  10. adam1986uk
    Donut Dec 12, 2017

    adam1986uk , Dec 12, 2017 :
    I remember getting a one plus one invite from a friend and when the phone got delivered it felt like I was part of a community compared to other company's. The feel of the sandstone back was amazing and totally different from what other companies were doing at the time. Best of all the hardware was mind-blowing.

  11. mevicks
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 12, 2017

    mevicks , Dec 12, 2017 :
    Having owned a phone which required a unique invite code in the past, I feel that my best experience (infact most good ones with the company) was with Oneplus one. Dont get me wrong but i currently use a Op3 and have gifted my parents the op5t and i totally feel they are the best bang for the buck devices of their times.

    Now coming to the OPO experiences. Aah! That feeling to have a wooden back (bamboo) OPO device, one of a kind, was marvellous. Since the devices were very few in numbers thanks to the invite system, every other day i would be asked by others about the phone as the bamboo back was again limited. They were amazed at the design, price and the specs. For nostalgic reasons attaching the Hexagon slider shortcut :p

    In 2014 / 2015 the iSheep ( XD ) craze was at its peak and if i told those apple users that i could change my themes on the fly and yes i can unlock via my face (yes it had face unlock then) they use to cringe that their device was heavily priced but not giving them the freedom to do such tasks. The easy to use cyanogen was good for everyone and at the same time it had a plethora of customizations for power users (never tried oxygenos on opo so cant comment on oxygenos on op1). To me this was the best feeling ever as this device was the flag bearer for all the other android phones and helped me convert MANY apple loyalists to android and today it feels like a job well done (nirvana xD)

    Wish oneplus allllll the very good wishes for the many years to come and hope they never stop listening to the community users which makes this company unique.


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  12. niko2931
    Eclair Dec 12, 2017

    niko2931 , Dec 12, 2017 :
    I bought the oneplus one, as soon as i could get my hands on an invitation. Since then i have had a Galaxy S6 edge plus, a Nexus 6p, and now a oneplus device again the new and beautiful oneplus 5t!
    what can i say, else than: "It's good to be back!"

  13. mosesv26
    Jelly Bean Dec 12, 2017

    mosesv26 , Dec 12, 2017 :
    great post don't mind the pumpkin names but I think little terrors is more fitting name lol.

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  14. keithnyc
    Marshmallow Moderator Dec 12, 2017

    keithnyc , Dec 12, 2017 :
    I don't care what you say, buddy.....that kid is a cutey. Hope you and the family are well. Pumpkin and apple picking done for the year?

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  15. mosesv26
    Jelly Bean Dec 12, 2017

    mosesv26 , Dec 12, 2017 :
    I still kept the box for the one and I remember opening the box with extreme care as I didn't want to ruin it.

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  16. Winterson
    Eclair Dec 12, 2017

  17. G_JP_Framework_uYsi
    Cupcake Dec 12, 2017

  18. youbi
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    youbi , Dec 12, 2017 :
    Seems interesting. :D @inffy do you have anything to say about that Finnish beer?

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  19. mosesv26
    Jelly Bean Dec 12, 2017

    mosesv26 , Dec 12, 2017 :
    they're great kid, pumpkin and apple picking done for this year boys are waiting for snow now, and if course Christmas.

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  20. suramas
    Jelly Bean Dec 12, 2017

    suramas , Dec 12, 2017 :
    My best memory isn't a specific day or thing, but it's definitely a more general thing: The Wormhole and its lovely people.

    Il mio ricordo migliore non è un giorno o una cosa specifici, ma è di sicuro una cosa più generale: The Wormhole e le sue adorabili persone.

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