[Contest][Prizes Inside, including a Nord] Write a Loving Letter to Dad.

  1. Batman360
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    Batman360 , Jun 19, 2021 :
    Father. What comes to your mind when you read this word?

    A person who loves you dearly? Someone who can be angry at you one moment and bring you gifts the next second for scolding you? The figure who works hard for you to be a better person?

    To define the word “father”, thousands of words would fall short. Remember the time when you used to write an essay in your school titled “My Father”? I still remember when I used to scribble in the entire essay the gifts my dad used to bring me. Ah, sweet memories!

    In this fast-paced world, we often forget to appreciate our loved ones and today we will talk about our fathers. For this 2021 Father’s Day, we are bringing the essence of those essays back, but with a twist.

    Take some time out of your life and write a loving letter to your father, letting him know how much he means to you, pouring out your feelings for him.

    You can be as creative with your letter as you want, no word limits. You can write it in the comment section of this thread or in a piece of paper sharing a photo of it below.

    The person who writes the most heartfelt, heartwarming and loving letter, will not only win his father’s heart, but also some amazing prizes. And, of course, you can keep the rewards for yourself or use them as beautiful Father’s Day gifts.

    Rules and Awards:
    • No plagiarism will be tolerated.
    • The letters could be typed in the comments or hand-written on a piece of paper with a shared photo in the comments themselves.
    • 1st Prize: The OnePlus Nord CE (OnePlus Nord N200, if the winner is from the US).
    • 2nd Prize: OnePlus Buds Z Steve Harrington Edition.
    • 3rd Prize: OnePlus Urban Traveler Backpack.

    Contest Timeline:
    • This contest will end on June 25th at 7:00 PM GMT (12:30 AM IST; 3:00 AM HKT; 3:00 PM EST).
    • The winners will be announced around July 2nd.

    What are you folks waiting for? Get your creative gears in motion and let the most important man in your life, your father, know that he is loved and appreciated by you.

    Happy Father's Day!
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  2. Batman360
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    Batman360 , Jul 4, 2021 :
    Winners Announcement!!
    1st Prize Winner: @harimadhav ( entry )

    2nd Prize Winner: @PritishPriyam ( entry )

    3rd Prize Winner: @Gor.V ( entry )

    Congratulations to all the three winners!

    Really loved reading all the entries, some were funny, some were emotional, some were dedicated to all the single moms out there (kudos for that), some were hand-written. But all of them had "Love for dad" in common and I hope all your love made your dad's heart melt too. Also, thankyou all for participating❤️

    P.S. To the winners, the community team will be reaching out to you soon for prize distribution. Keep an eye on the community's personal message section 🍻

  3. Dresa91
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    Dresa91 , Jun 19, 2021 :
    What a lovely idea 🥰
    Thanks for this contest:)
    Have fun everyone:) good luck:)

  4. DarshanMeniya
    Jelly Bean Jun 19, 2021

    DarshanMeniya , Jun 19, 2021 :
    I am dedicating this my illustration doodle wallpaper to all the fathers in the world!

    Project - Drawing 18474145579458635351__01__01__01__01__01.png

    Few words to Father,

    When you are in searching of god look at your father may be you will find your god in him.

    Dear "Papa", "Father", "Dad", "पिता", "अब्बा" , "बाबा"

    I know this letter doesn't justify to admires you but still I am sending it to you because "I Love You".

    Father is source of inspiration for every child. You have taught me how to run home with limited income, how to love your dear ones, how to take care of family members.

    Dear father you are great actor too, You know very well how to hide emotions and how to express emotions just to make me happy always. You have your dreams too but you always first trying to completing my dreams that's pure love towards me from you. You are great in management too because handling each child with limited source of income and completing their wish isn't easy task. You are always trying to do multiple job because we are demanding more wishes from you and I am fan of your dedication for family.

    I am using latest smartphone and you are still stick to very old smartphone that's your pure love towards me, You can purchased it for you but you have purchased it for me, You are wearing torn clothes but always deny us to wear old clothes and you are always surprising us with so many gifts in every occasion. You have given your entire life for fulfilling our dreams and now it's our time to give you something back!, I promise you that i will become good human like you in the world.

    You have always inspired us to do great works for world, you have always taught us to be humble and honest with the work.

    It will be great achievement for me if I become 1% like you!

    Project - Drawing 16177766291725771907__01__01.png

    With Love,
    Your Son.
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  5. Dresa91
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    Dresa91 , Jun 19, 2021 :
    Here is my entry:)

    Dad - a man for all occasions

    Dear Dad,

    even as an adult it is difficult to show and show love to you every day.
    This is not only because we live almost 120 kilometers apart, no, Corona has also made it difficult in these times.

    But that should not stop me from saying how much you mean to me.
    You are the lifeline in every emergency situation, you always help - no matter when and where.
    You are so proud of your children, it feels good that you are my/our father.
    With your help we have been able to cope very well with our schooling and professional training and build our own lives. A life without worries and problems.
    Thank you for everything!
    It's so nice that you exist and that I have you!
    Take care of yourself and please stay healthy as long as possible:)
    I love you :)

  6. McJader
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    McJader , Jun 19, 2021 :
    Lovely, Andreas 💕

  7. Dresa91
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  8. Pravin2999
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  9. Batman360
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    Batman360 , via OnePlus 7 Pro Nebula Blue , Jun 19, 2021 :
    Such pure love!! ❤️💙 Your father must be really proud to have a son like you✨💫

  10. Pravin2999
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    Pravin2999 , via OnePlus Community App , Jun 19, 2021 :
    You are great.

  11. Dresa91
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    Dresa91 , Jun 19, 2021 :
    Thank you 🙈
    And a daughter:)
    My twin sister and I did pretty much the same thing at the same time: Abitur, Bachelor of Science Business Information Systems and Master of Science IT Management.
    And he loved it.
    He always helped and supported us at school: homework, projects, „studying“ with us. Sometimes they were long nights - very long nights. Also with many tears: redoing homework or projects :D

    my dad is great:) ❣️

  12. G_plusone
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  14. Nipu_1998
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  15. Dhruv Kashyap
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    Dhruv Kashyap , Jun 19, 2021 :
    Thanks for this beautiful contest @Batman360 😄

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  16. McJader
    Marshmallow Jun 19, 2021

    McJader , Jun 19, 2021 :
    Great initiative, buddy.
    Regardless of this contest, we are oft lacking in our appreciation towards the heroes some of us call Dad.
    Here is my outpour of emotions and gratitude:

    Dear Papa,
    They say that we have the most concern for someone we care about it. From the day I was born, you have taken it upon your tired, but proud shoulders to prove this statement to the T.
    The sacrifices you've made, the countless sleepless nights, giving your children the last piece of the fruit, the standing in the rain, I cannot begin to comprehend the intensity of pure love behind them. And I will never be able to fully thank you for these sacrifices.
    Despite all this, I don't regret the many arguments and debates we've had over the years. Because at the end of all this, we still make jokes and laugh around.
    In my childhood, you were the perfect friend of an introverted kid, and in some ways you still are.
    Let's continue this love-hate friendship forever.(or until you get bored of my countless talks:p)

    Love and respect for you,
    Your son.
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  17. Dresa91
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    Dresa91 , Jun 19, 2021 :
    This is great ❣️

  18. paramjit2001
    Gingerbread Jun 19, 2021

  19. McJader
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    McJader , Jun 19, 2021 :
    Thanks buddy, it's completely unfiltered and from the heart.
    We may argue today, but we'll be laughing about it tomorrow..

  20. PritishPriyam
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 19, 2021

    PritishPriyam , Jun 19, 2021 :
    Dear Dad,

    As I write this letter to you, I cannot help but notice how even a gazillion words, would be unable to express the love and respect I have for you.

    Speaking of love,

    I remember how when I was a little kid, we would have a competition between us as to who loved the other the most, and how I'd go on rambling "I love you" till I fell asleep on the couch and wonder with amazement, as to how'd I end up on the bed in the morning, the next day.

    I remember the countless times, you'd let me sit on your shoulder when I got tired of walking.

    I remember, how you'd pick me up and wipe my tears, when I fell down while running and bruised myself.

    I remember the times, when I got angry and how you'd tickle me till I would burst into laughter.

    I remember, how even after the most exhausting day at job you'd still find that energy to play soccer and some board games with me.

    I remember, how you'd make me sing some nursery rhymes and sing along with me.

    I remember, how you'd help me with my homework and essays and scold me, when I couldn't solve that problem on LCM.

    I remember, how I'd go speaking on and on about you, in the class when the teacher asked me to speak about my role model.

    I remember, how I'd go crazy the night before an important exam and how you'd soothe me down.

    I remember, how you'd teach me some amazing life lessons through the simplest of things.

    I remember, how you always told me to be the best that I could be and to be a man of integrity and honour.

    Now looking back as an adult, I remember, that even though the times have changed, your love for me hasn't.

    For you I'm still a little boy, no matter how much I grow up.

    I love you a lot Dad, even though I don't say so quite often and I know that, I ain't that great a kid, but one thing I'm sure of, is that I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful father than you.

    With love and respect,
    Your son.
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