[CONTEST] Share nine impressions about the OnePlus 9, win a OnePlus Watch

  1. The Dinosaur
    Gingerbread Apr 12, 2021

    The Dinosaur , Apr 12, 2021 :
    My 9 impressions:
    1. Hasselblad Camera:
    An awesome camera if they deliver ( Photography by Ambassadors looks natural)
    2. Hasselblad collaboration:
    One plus promotes Hasselblad whereas Hasselblad doesn't promote Oneplus. ( Ouch)
    3. Hasselblad future projects: 150 M USD future investment ( Looks good on paper, depends on how they deliver)
    4. Display ( as gorgeous as ever: Won the Hz game it seems)
    5. Wireless Charging ( 50 W wireless charging is Fast, wait for a minute 67 W wireless charge by Xiaomi, Ooops bad timing)
    6. Superpowered Snapdragon 888 ( Highly capable, Future proof, only 2 5G brands in India, Really 😳)
    7. Overheating during 4k video recording ( Let me keep the phone in my freezer 🥶)
    8. Less pricy than iPhone 12 max pro, Samsung S21 Ultra; of course, less performance also. 🤐
    9. Marketing Hype of Oneplus is unmatched. ( Nobody in the world can beat them)
    Good phones, but better marketing.

    Time to watch the time on my watch.
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  2. eddyros
    Honeycomb Apr 12, 2021

    eddyros , Apr 12, 2021 :
    An here we are for an other gret competition!! Thanks @YRJ (much love)

    1. Hasselblad Camera: For weeks OnePlus has sponsored and advised that amazing collaboration, they've written more the word 'Hasselblad' than 'mom' :laughing::tearsofjoy: Anyway, the collab expresses a boost of camera quality and finally, I can say OP climbs the high camera phones podium, reaching the top 3 positions;
    2. Cameras development: camera of OP9 has nothing to envy with his big muscle brother (the OP9Pro), he has 3 cameras: 48 MP the main (to see all the face defects :grimacing:), 50 MP ultra-wide (really wide, even my skinny body results fatty :flushed:) and a Monochrome Lens (a deep lens, useful if you wanna discover your genetic code);
    3. Video improvement: Do you love movies but you don't own professional tools in order to work in big movie company? Don't worry mate, with OP9 you can record in 8k great cinematic masterpiece! You should be the next Spielberg, just remember it!
    4. 888: These three-digit numbers mean a lot in China. The number 8 it's a lucky number, so triple lucky for us! Joking aside, the new SoC is three-time faster than other chips!
    5. Play time: In Italy we use to say 'Prima il dovere poi il piacere' (translation: Business before pleasure) and this's our case! OP9 is synonymous of Gaming (just think Fnatic collab) so, why you should spend 1000$ to buy a console to a private marketplace?
    6. Immersive Display: The fluid AMOLED 120 Hz display is so immersive and realistic that seems you're pushing players in real life. Keep attention: OP is not accountable of any rude action.
    7. Warp charge 65T: This new technology gives a full day's power in just 15 minutes. If your bae has few time to charge her phone, OP has the solution! Maybe we have found a faster guy than you *wink wink* self-esteem level: over 9000. :smirk:
    8. OS: Usually we associate the acronym OS as Operative System, that's not the OP's case. The true meaning of OS is OhhMyF***IsToo SpeedThisPhone.
    9. 5G: Guys, come on, OnePlus is offering you two for one: the latest fastest mobile connection and the subscription to the Bill Gates Covid-19 Vax Team!
    Hope I draw a smile! :grinning::grinning:

  3. juttuka.pavan
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 12, 2021

    juttuka.pavan , via OnePlus 7T , Apr 12, 2021 :
    1) DESIGN : i really impressed for the changes take place in oneplus 9 series like camera module changed and i thought that now everyone eyes on this two big circular cameras. camera module gives premium look for oneplus 9 series .For OnePlus 9 pro they provide less curve with smaller bezels which provide good gaming experience and good look for mobile.i really like the all colour of OnePlus 9 series.
    2) DISPLAY :120hz FLUID AMOLED display with LTPO ,it is a combination of higher refresh rate with power saving mode .when i hear about LTPO, i thought like this chameleons changes colours according to surroundings in some situations and LPTO changes from 1hz to 120hz according to our needs.thanks to OnePlus for taking this LTPO technology.
    3)Camera: OnePlus with Hasselblad partnership is a great move from OnePlus. now, people can capture true colours of the world .As ,hasselbad had great history in capturing pics in moon. now ,its time for oneplus has good camera development and with hasselblad partnership.i think OnePlus 9 series show the colour full side of world.
    1618323990965.jpg said:
    4)PROCESSOR :Now ,its time for Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G processor with LPDDR5 and UFS 3.1 . Everytime OnePlus follows a tradition that giving Snapdragon processor for oneplus devices.if we conduct a Snapdragon race i think 888 processor takes frist place . Snapdragon 888 processor provide good gaming experience with good recording options.
    5) VIDEO RECORDING: now, In OnePlus 9 series the video recording options are 8k video at 30fps, 4k video at 30/60/120fps and 1080p video at 30/60 fps . additional features like super slow motion, time-lapse, video editor.
    oneplus device video recording produce true colour of the subject and no problems caused while recording.8k video at 30fps really cool.
    1618323920241.jpg said:

    6) BATTERY & CHARGING : 4500mah capacity battery is like a user drinking lemon juice with a jar.i think 4500mah capcity battery is good for 9 series users and oneplus has great battery backup that comes from Oxygenos and oneplus engineering.From me writing these 5 impression takes 30 minutes, but with warp charge 65T ,we can charge 100 percent at 29 minutes and with 50 w wireless charging 43 minutes to full charge.i think i didn't complete 9 impressions at 43 minutes.thanks, oneplus for improving wireless charging and wired charging.
    7)ONEPLUS 9R: oneplus 9r is a upgrade version of 8t .now , this time R represent gamers.oneplus 9r comes with Snapdragon 870 processor and new beginning for OnePlus.
    8) OXYGENOS: oneplus 9 series comes out of box with oxygenos 11 and i really love oxygen , because, oxygenos is smooth ,no ads that causes distribution to user and no drops of frame rate .oxygenos is a rich os with proper ratios of design and features. community members makes oxygenos better by taking feedback of users and community guidelines there to solve problems in oxygenos.
    overall that's why I like using oxygenos.
    9) PRICE : According to me ,oneplus price decided according to the features and design build quality, they provide .so, you must check what the features coming in OnePlus 9 series.oneplus 9 series capture true colour of images and a gaming mobile. In market some gaming mobiles there or some camera mobiles there. but, both are include in only OnePlus mobiles. I watch youtube videos and some reviews about oneplus 9series and all are saying that oneplus did justice to the price.

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  4. Joelioja
    Donut Apr 12, 2021

    Joelioja , via OnePlus 9 Pro , Apr 12, 2021 :
    1. Screen is absolutely stunning and large, 120hz is just so damn smooth.
    2. Charging. Best in the game. So fast, sometimes feels surreal how fast it actually is.
    3. Feel. Feels good in the hand, with or without a case, doesn't easily slip in your hands.
    4. Cameras. Haven't used the cameras that much yet, but so far, photos are very good in good lightning, have to take more photos but doubt my opinion changes.
    5. Size. For some, phone this size can be too big but for me, this feels pretty much perfect. Joy to watch videos and just scroll through internet. Don't use my phone a lot with only one hand but its possible even tho my hands aren't the biggest.
    6. Performance. Lightning quick and smooth. Whatever you want to do, you can. No need to worry about lag or speeds.
    7. Connectivity. You hear here and there that some other phones have problems with wifi, bluetooth or other connections but with this phone, you don't need to worry about those. Headphones, wifi, everything works and connects fast.
    8. Design. Simply stunning, really like the look of the phone.
    9. Last but definitely not the least, OxygenOS. Just so damn good OS, probably the best there is.

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  5. _Rajeev_25 , via OnePlus Community App , Apr 12, 2021 :
    1. Biggest leap for oneplus yet
    2. Mostly famous for the user experience they provide to the consumers mostly stock with not bloatware said:
    3. A hassle free experience with the hassleblad 📷
    4. The aesthetic design which make it elegant and comfort friendly to hold
    5. The refresh rate factor which had distinguished it since the beginning with an LTPO panel combined with QHD+ resolution makes it 🤯
    6. The UI customizations inside OxygenOs makes it more awesome
    7. Listening to the community and making changes according which makes onepus distinguished from other contenders..
    8. New LPDDR5 RAM with UFS 3.1 storage makes it blazing fast
    9. The most Important thing the heart Snapdragon 888 makes it the superior of all combined with the camera +Hassleblad OxygenOs and the newest member the oneplus watch makes it a wholesome ecosystem for the user
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  6. sanki_man
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 12, 2021

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  7. JakeTheJoker
    Cupcake Apr 13, 2021

    JakeTheJoker , Apr 13, 2021 :
    Well, let's give this a shot:
    • One new phone upgraded from my OnePlus 6T 😍
    • Never going to settle for anything less: the best Android phone so far :)
    • Even better cameras with Hasselblad and overall improvements! 👌
    • Performance improvement overall: Snapdragon 888? Say no more! 😤
    • Level up! Best gaming performance with 12GB of RAM along with Smart 120 Hz refresh rates! 😎
    • Under display fingerprint sensors, even faster and more reliable than ever! ✌
    • So many improvements with OnePlus's version of Android 11! 🤖
    • 9 hours charging time? Why not 0-100% in about 30 mins? That's so much time saved! ⌚
    • Plus, my OnePlus 6T is my friend's new saviour: his old device just passed, so this came in clutch! 🎁
    I've been waiting for a new OnePlus product for a bit, and this device really was the one that made me go for it! I'm so glad about it 😁

    And if anyone catches the secret message, 👍

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  8. Akshay Sonker
    Honeycomb Apr 13, 2021

    Akshay Sonker , via OnePlus 6 , Apr 13, 2021 :
    1. First we talk about looks because "Jo Dikhta Hai, Wahi Bikta Hai" and OnePlus 9 series looks great and feels very premium, lite and comfortable to hold. My favourite is Stellar Black.
    2. In terms of User Interface very fast and fluid. You didn't notice any lags and whatsoever. And Oxygen OS is generally excellent as always no bloatware just Stock Android experience.
    3. The Screen is very decent and clear, the 120Hz display gives you smooth images. Display is beautiful and ultra responsive. There is no flickering or tinting issue, even in the outdoor conditions.
    4. Now the most hyped feature of the phone the Camera. The Camera with Hasselblad partnership is really good, capture excellent images, 4K video recording, decent zoom upto around 8X but above 10X isn't great. The camera still need more updates.
    5. Let's talk about the basic feature for which anyone buying a phone. The Call Quality was very clear and the WiFi reception on this phone is excellent and best among all the flagships. The Speakers are very loud and clear.
    6. Charging is superfast the phone is charged in the blink of an eye 😉 thanks to 65W and 50W wireless charging. And the best thing 65W Warp Charger come along with phone.
    7. Snapdragon 888 offers incredible performance above and beyond anything. Especially while you play games it's ultra smooth but may drain the battery. Most of the flagships facing same issue with SD888. May be future updates resolve this issue.
    8. The biggest con for me is battery life. The 4500mAh battery may not be enough to get you through the day. But that's not a big issue with 65W Warp Charge.
    9. Overall OnePlus 9 series is the best balance of price and performance.

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    Froyo Apr 14, 2021

    RESWIN AMOS , Apr 14, 2021 :
    Here is my entry.
    1.Design:I liked morning mist variant of Morning Mist with glassy finish and build quality also very good.
    2.Camera-Photos:I see some samples image and videos in review and unboxing videos.Camera have great colour accuracy and crisp image,especially in Night mode its works very well.Ultra-wide (50mp) shots are awesome.
    3.Camera-videos: Videos colours are natural and not oversaturated.quality of videos and good stabilization in 8k,4k,Slow mo,Nightscape.
    4.In-display Fingerprint Sensor: fingerprint are very accurate and fast response.
    5.Performance: Here Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and 12 gb LPDDR5 ram is best for High graphics gaming and heavy multi-tasking.
    6.Battery : better battery performance for one day.
    7.Display & Audio :120Hz Fluid AMOLED with Corning GorillaGlass and Dolby atmos with
    Dual Stereo Speakers,when watching movie or taking photo its give stunning high quality picture and audio functions are very clear.
    8.OxygenOS11 : Oxygen OS11 gives smooth to use.
    9.Charging: Charging includes 65watt fast charger so its easily to charge 100% in 30 minutes.
    I not have oneplus phone.so don't know well about that,But I love oneplus phones and its features.Hope I will win the Oneplus Watch.
    Thank you @YRJ for giving this opportunity

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  10. A1618397734042
    Cupcake Apr 14, 2021

    A1618397734042 , via OnePlus Nord , Apr 14, 2021 :
    I am an old man when it comes to age but I'm as good as a teen when it comes to technology. I love updating and upgrading whenever need be and that resulted in me buying the OnePlus Nord recently. And, there would be nothing more exciting for me than getting another upgrade which I would love to flaunt near my family and friends.

    The OnePlus 9 series as usual impressed me. Here are my impressions.
    1. When it comes to affordability, OnePlus is the go to. With the series starting from as low as 39,999, it is worth for the features offered and caters college students and senior citizens alike.
    2. I am flabbergasted with the designs of OnePlus 9 series. None would imagine that a sleek design would encompass within it so many features.
    3. The display is as good as it can get
    The crystal clarity on the screen with the brightness of the videos is amazing.
    4. The variations it has to offer with the designs in the series is amazing. The colour and the texture set it apart from the conventional phones in the market. It matches customer expectations.
    5. The camera's need no special mention. It gets better with every upgrade. Tell me which one phone offers such picturesque pictures at this price.
    6. The processor: Snapdragon 870 and 888 and the OxygenOS 11 software and the constant upgrades makes it even bigger. The constant performance speaks volumes.
    7. The fast charging charges the phone as quickly as my shortest nap which makes it so convenient. Wireless charging is a big bonus
    8. The OnePlus 9R is only available in India, and that could set you apart from the conventional when you go abroad.
    9. Lastly, the OnePlus 9 series once again proves and keeps up the promise of the company: Never Settle. I would suggest if you are looking for a phone upgrade, do not settle for anything lesser than the OnePlus 9, an addition to the promising generation of phones with an outcome you desire.

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  11. hassan.almerzook
    Donut Apr 14, 2021

    hassan.almerzook , via OnePlus 9 , Apr 14, 2021 :
    The camera amazing but the front camera bad 😤
    The performance good the battery good and maybe become better with updates but i wish they put single shot like in galaxy phones it's amazing feature and it's shows the muscle of oneplus camera

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  12. Hitesh_mankar19
    Cupcake Apr 15, 2021

    Hitesh_mankar19 , via OnePlus 7T Pro , Apr 15, 2021 :
    • One Plus Series Consists 9 5G, 9R 5G & 9 Pro Now Looking at 3 different Models People Will Have More Options Too go for. This Time One plus Have Aimed For Every Budget people Great Job One plus 🙌😍 Simple and Attractive is my favourite since I owned My 1st One plus 3t #Neversettle❤️

    • OnePlus 9 5G, 9R 5G & 9 Pro each have 120 Hz Fluid AMOLED Display It's Great Too Have Such Beautiful Display even when there is Major Price difference between These phone that's the beauty of One plus Never settled 🥰

    • One Plus 95G 8 GB RAM + 128 GB Storage ₹49,999 &
    12 GB RAM + 256 GB Storage ₹54,999
    OnePlus 9R 5G 8GB RAM+128GB Storage price ₹ 39,999 & For 12GB RAM + 256GB storage priced at ₹ 43,999.
    One Plus 9pro5G 8 GB RAM + 128 GB Storage ₹64,999 &
    12 GB RAM + 256 GB Storage ₹69,999
    I was Surprised That Each Phone Has 5G Enabled in it Good Work Done By One Plus In the beginning of 5G Era 😍

    • One Plus 9 5G, 9R 5G & 9 Pro 5Ghaving in box Android 11 + There refined OxygenOS I just Love OxygenOS Smooth And Simple 🥰😍 Technical Support Team Of OnePlus Doing Great Job Bringing on Updates on Bugs That's Quick ahhhh "SPEED"

    • One Plus 9 5G Colors Winter Mist, Arctic Sky, Astral Black , One Plus 9R 5G Colors Carbon Black, Lake Blue & One Plus 9pro 5G colors Morning Mist, Forest Green, Stellar Black. One plus Never Fails too Add New Colors it Feels Vibrant Another Good work Moment of Appreciation 🙌👏

    • One Plus 9R 5G Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 , One Plus 9 5G & 9Pro 5G Snapdragon 888 ... Looking at The Price of These Models Processors Have Been nailed too their best 🌹 🥰 Again " SPEED" ❤️

    • One Plus 9 5G Glass: front (Gorilla Glass 5), glass back (Gorilla Glass 5), plastic frame
    One Plus 9R 5G & 9Pro 5G Build Glass front (Gorilla Glass 5), glass back (Gorilla Glass 5), aluminum frame
    Now I can Say Nothing is Perfect Plastic Frame Was Disappointment but One plus Is Good At Their Upgrades So Waiting For future Upgrade phone 🥰 one plus never settles

    • One Plus 9 5G comes with a 65W fast charger and 30W wireless charging , One Plus 9 Pro 5G comes with a 65W fast charger and 50W wireless charging & One Plus 9R 5G With comes with a 65W fast charger .. Once Again Looking At the Price " Speed " 😍🙌 One Plus Fast Charge is My Personal Favourite Time saver.🥰

    • One Plus 9R 5G & 9 Pro 5G have quad-camera setup & OnePlus 9 5G Have Triple Camera Setup .. these Phones Comes With Different Camera's Each Phones Are Built by Price Point of View .. This Feature Can Be Only Reviewed After Personal use ... But Looks Good Specially Hasselblad Camera for Ultra Wide & Ultra Clear Photos. would Love Too Review once later. Added Hyperlapse too😊❤️
    #Speed #NeverSettle ❤️😍


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  13. Harshit R.
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus Buds Pro Apr 15, 2021

    Harshit R. , Apr 15, 2021 :
    Hey @YRJ

    Thanks for this amazing contest.

    Here are my first impressions of the OnePlus 9 series.

    These are the points that grab my attention towards the 9 series:

    1. Design: When I first looked at the design of the 9 series, at that time my reaction was “Woah this looks Unique from others”

    2. Hasselblad partnership: when I looked at the cameras, the Hasselblad branding got my attention and I googled about the Hasselblad, then I got to know that they made amazing cameras and NASA used those cameras in its space missions (but very expensive), and now OnePlus partnership with Hasselblad to improve its Camera performance. At that time my expectations with the Hasselblad camera for mobile multiplied by 100.

    3. Cameras: The 50MP Ultrawide lens that captures 140* field of view grabs my attention

    4. Monochrome camera: The 2MP monochrome sensor disappoints me, it is useless. If you are making smartphones for the tech enthusiast people, then you should ignore that because tech enthusiast doesn’t love it. We can capture high-quality monochromatic shots using filters by using the main camera as well.

    5. Charger: Woah we get a charger inside the box. This is the rarest thing in the 2021 flagships. The charger is also upgraded from the last generation, it's the 65W charger packed inside the box.
    6. Charging time: Insane charging time, less than 30 mins for wired charging

    7. Color:

    8. It's Fast:

    9. The Smoothness............

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  15. ParisOneplus
    Gingerbread Apr 16, 2021

    Stickied Post
    ParisOneplus , Apr 16, 2021 :
    1. My first OnePlus is in my hand,
    and I feel I've got a new friend.
    Perfect design, good size and weight
    let's turn it on, 'cause I can't wait.

    2. I always scream for a nice screen
    but this one is good as a cream,
    able to show me every scene
    it's the best screen I've never seen.

    3. OxygenOS like a breath,
    keeps my phone always in good health.
    Android under this OS
    will run avoiding any mess.

    4. Music is important to me
    Dolby Atmos set me now free.
    I don't need anymore speakers
    to dance I only need sneakers.

    5. Hasselblad flies me to the moon
    with his natural color tune.
    I can shoot easily my picture
    or try professional mixture.

    6. No more battery up and down
    when I am in the wild or downtown,
    I do refill my energy
    in twenty-eight minutes only.

    7. Opening all my applications,
    feeling with no limitations,
    is what offers me 9 series
    maximum pleasure, no worries.

    8. Three time eight is the dragon name,
    blowing fire in every game.
    I never had so many frame
    let's go for the victory claim.

    9. OnePlus 9 gives me really plus
    about it nothing to discuss,
    for less money I do get more
    and in a French word "je t'adore"*.

    *French for "I adore you" (nobody is perfect, I am French...)
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  16. inviteless
    Gingerbread Apr 16, 2021

    inviteless , Apr 16, 2021 :
    1. Very fast SoC (newest Snapdragon)
    2. 5G-connectivity
    3. Enough storage for all the photos and videos you are gonna take
    4. Many nice colours to chose from
    5. Extremly fast wireless-charging for both phones
    6. Even faster wired charging
    7. Colour-calibrated Hasselblad camera
    8. Very high quality AMOLED-display
    9. Don't forget the great alert-slider;)

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  17. B1618571645261
    Cupcake Apr 16, 2021

    B1618571645261 , Apr 16, 2021 :
    1+0: The Bezals around the flat display

    1+1: Mobile Shape design & Slim

    1+2: AMOLED Display

    1+3: Display has a 120Hz referesh rate

    1+4: Camera ( what will I say)....ULTRA WIDE CAMERA , 8K - Video Recording & Camera with Hasselbald

    1+5: 120fps.....its cool for me

    1+6: 45 minutes to 100% charge in 65T make me wow but

    1+7: It's WIRELESS CHARGING.., It was just Awesome.


    Finally, I LOVE IT......Because


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  18. Ashokdcruzz
    Gingerbread Apr 16, 2021

  19. stajni13
    Gingerbread Apr 16, 2021

    stajni13 , via OnePlus 8T , Apr 16, 2021 :
    Winter Mist is deluxe.
    2. Warp Charge just hit another level with 9 Pro. Amazing
    3. That 9 Pro display is like a dream.
    4. Free form lens & 4K@120fps are the new norms. Gorgeous.
    5. As hyped, the colors are to falling in love.
    6. Premium Design and Premium OS. As always
    7. A new era begins with OnePlus 9 x Hasselblad. Futuristic.
    8. A little tough on the pocket. Worthy.
    9. The 9 Series is for everyone - Never settle

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