[CONTEST] Share nine impressions about the OnePlus 9, win a OnePlus Watch

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  2. scratchedbycats
    Froyo Apr 2, 2021

    scratchedbycats , Apr 2, 2021 :

    • Flagship killer through and through, nostalgia aside it's nice to see a company you've invested so much in finally going toe to toe with the big boys, it's like seeing your children's graduation.
    • Amazing color options, blue and greens were nice and all, but the 9 series bringing the game to a whole new level, my favorite is the classy "morning mist", but "pine green" and "winter mist" are stunning, it seems collabs with André Saraiva and more recently with Steven Harrington opened up a bold approach towards color expression.
    • A gaming machine in your pocket, to quote one of my favorite YouTube gamers PowerbangGaming, there's nothing quite like playing PUGB on an Oneplus, especially with the high refresh rate and touch input rate.
    • Premium design, I giggled when I've read this statement, in the pre-launch descriptions yet as bland as it sounds it's true, the 9series matured into something classy an instant "classic", not an easy feat in a world where glass sandwich devices are the norm, as always beauty is in the details.
    • Raw power, in my book, no exynos, mediaTek, or kirin would ever slay the snapDragon, and 888 is an awesome lucky name.
    • Fast charging all the way in every way, wired or wireless, time is all we have on this planet, and being chained to the socket is so last decade.
    • Hasselblad collab, not necessarily for what it is, but what it means, what it promises, it promises professional attention, and approach to the single, historically most lacking department of Oneplus, the Camera, yes things are only at the beginning, yet who remembers Huawei cameras before their Leica collab, results will come.
    • The plethora of accessories and miscellaneous available, I'm talking cool protection cases, the funky Oneplus droid is awesome 😎 , 3d glass shield, high capacity charging bricks, cool red long cables, wireless charging pod, true wireless earbuds, even backpacks, and water bottles, and soon to come, the long-awaited Oneplus watch, the Oneplus 9 series didn't launch into the void, it was launched into a well though family of complementary products, that have you covered, pun intended, for everything.
    • Community still has a strong influence over the shape of Oneplus decisions, and that both humbles and brings joy to me, this is most obvious in the handling of probably the best feature of any Oneplus device, its software experience, the OxygenOS. From the lack of predatory bloatware, to actually implementing ideas co-developed, born on this here forums, to more nuanced stuff like freely talking update schedule, issues, testing, ranting, etc, this symbiosis will forever be amazing.

    That's my two cents 9 bullet points on the matter, I would like to thank @YRJ for this great idea of a thread, actually fun, and definitely, a better way for Oneplus to find out what thoughts the folks had about the main Oneplus event of the year, frankly a quiz would have been boring 😋, so kudos to you and all involved.
    To anyone else reading, thank you! Have a nice day and most important Never Settle!
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  3. Karanb247 , via OnePlus Community App , Apr 2, 2021 :
    1. OnePlus has partnered with legendary photography company Hasselblad in a three-year plan to improve the photo capabilities of its smartphones.

    2. With this partnership, the cameras offer better color correction, and both regular and ultra-wide photos look great.

    3. Improvements are noticeable, with better color fidelity and improved low-light performance.

    4. What the OnePlus 9 does most better is recharge its 4,500mAh battery extremely quickly – from empty to 100% in around half an hour with its Warp Charge.

    5. These wildly fast recharging speeds are partially due to the battery's construction, as the 4,500mAh unit is actually split into two roughly 2,250mAh cells that are charged in parallel by the 65W wired charger.

    6. OnePlus 9 pro comes with Fluid display 2.0, thus capable
    of reducing screen refresh rate all the way down to 1 Hz from 120 Hz.

    7. OnePlus also does integrates Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide (LTPO) backplane panel with an advanced touch response experience for an improved user experience.

    8.The OnePlus 9 does use a flat display rather than the slightly curved screen on the Pro, but that feels like a matter of aesthetics.

    9. After watching a lot of reviews, for performance benchmarks, it certainly holds its own with a Geekbench 5 multi-core average score of 3654 - outperforming nearly every other Android phone on the market.

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  4. Aaron2017
    Jelly Bean Apr 2, 2021

    Aaron2017 , Apr 2, 2021 :
    I wouldn't call myself professional, i just try to defuse the situation rather than adding oil to a usually way out of control fire. No one would benefit from doing that. Although i must admit, i do sometimes would like to have at it when they go to far, like i saw someone doing, rightly so, on the 7t thread while defending another user who just tried to help.😉 i do fully agree about the community part, thankfully there's more people here that make it great to be a part of then those that ruin it. I'll try to keep you posted about Nirvana but i'm more of a Walhalla person myself.🙂

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  5. diablo0090
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 2, 2021

    diablo0090 , via OnePlus Nord , Apr 2, 2021 :
    For me OnePlus Nord is my first OnePlus device and a great ride so far.

    As a techie and gadget lover, OnePlus o Pro blew me with it's brilliant design, Haselblad Camera and 120hz display and wireless charging.

    The OnePlus 9, with its 65W charging speed, 120hz display, and the brilliance and amazing oxygen OS that breathes within it.

    The OnePlus.9R doesn't let you feel does. It's what you pay for is what you get. A 120hz display a decent and not to forget 5G.

    A great experience whichever you buy but OnePlus 9 Pro cuts above the rest..

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  6. RaraBunny
    Froyo Apr 2, 2021

    RaraBunny , Apr 2, 2021 :
    Hey, I have written a poem that rhymes, albeit having written it in bullet points:

    • Sd 888 is lightening fast, coupled with oxygen OS, it's a blast!

    • Black, Silver and Pine Green, looks Bold beautiful and serene.

    • Oneplus 9 Pro is crazy fast, looks like its made to last.

    • The four Cameras look dope, Hasselblad will make the all the colours pop!

    • Display looks simply cool, beautiful enough to make anybody drool!

    • 65W Blazing fast charging speed, More than what you'll ever need.

    • Software update under the rugs, no wonder there are so many bugs.

    • 5g is now in high demand, although, Indian variants have only two bands.

    • 70K price tag breaks my knees, thankfully, I don't need two kidneys.

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  7. Helder_DAlmeida
    Marshmallow Apr 2, 2021

    Helder_DAlmeida , via OnePlus 7T , Apr 2, 2021 :
    Great contest @YRJ!
    Here it is my entry :
    - The super hype train, all the OnePlus contests and the launch event were Incredible!
    - Equipped with the latest triple 8 from Snapdragon, QHD+ and 120 hz LTPO display it is a diabolical machine!
    - The colors are all beautiful but Pine Green is the best of the best, Beautiful!
    - The camera bump is very elegant, vintage!
    - The partnership with Hasselblad is essential to have more and more quality in the photos and videos as already happens in this series 9.
    - Super fast charging with and without wires, for those who have no time to waste!
    - The power brick comes in the box! It's incredible these days!
    - It is a pity not to be a gorilla glass victus ... Because we are more fragile both in the device and in the wallet.
    - The front face camera... Omg... What?! It's too bad to be true!

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  8. Technical SuranaJi , via OnePlus Community App , Apr 2, 2021 :
    Thank you OnePlus community for this awesome giveaway...these are the best impression of OnePlus 9 Series smartphone...
    • The Beast Unleashed...OnePlus 9 Series smartphone is a beast with Snapdragon 888 and 870.. said:
    • Fast and Furious 10...With 65W fast charging...we will charge our phone in almost 30 Minutes..
    • The Moonwalker...OnePlus 9 Series smartphones x Hasselblad...the top end photograph with combination of the both.
    • Fantacy Display...With 120Hz refresh rate and Amoled screen panel..the experience goes beyond less.
    • Don't delete your application and images.. OnePlus 9 series smartphones comes with 128GB and 256GB storage..no tension of storage space.
    • Do your Old Phone lags...throw it away take the OnePlus 9 Series smartphone..with 8GB and 12GB RAM..no more lagging.
    • Tired of typing PIN, password or pattern ...wait take OnePlus 9 Series smartphone..with fastest in-display fingerprint sensor...unlock it with your finger just in less than a second.
    • Did your phone break just by falling from your pocket...no tension..take OnePlus 9 Series smartphone with Gorilla Glass 5 protection on the back and front.
    • Getting bored of only seeing white, black or blue color phone..check out OnePlus 9 Series smartphones with Winter Mist, Arctic Sky, Astral Black, Morning Mist, Pine Green and Stellar Black.
    A meme for you guys and I love OnePlus devices
    Don't go crazy for it, it's just a phone.
    The Phone-:
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  9. Ranjit7253
    Cupcake Apr 3, 2021

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  10. YSRReddy
    Honeycomb Apr 3, 2021

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  11. AdityaMagdum108
    Gingerbread Apr 3, 2021

    AdityaMagdum108 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Apr 3, 2021 :
    @YRJ , I made some changes, is it fine now?

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  12. oneplusfav4ever
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 3, 2021

    oneplusfav4ever , via OnePlus 7T Pro , Apr 3, 2021 :
    1. 6.67-inch QHD+ AMOLED Fluid Display 2.0 with LPTO technology and 120Hz Refresh rate.

    2. Cameras - Co-developed with HASSELBLAD is a Huge hit. Photo's are stunning and coming with TRUE COLORS

    3. The OnePlus 9 series main camera sensors support 2x2 OCL all pixel omni directional phase detection AF they find the right focus really fast.

    4. Another great feature is 65W charger comes in box and 50W wireless charging support is amazing.

    5. Stunning design on All 9 series. 9pro had compact curved display. 9 and 9R comes with Flat screen which they made as per user's selection which is a good thing.

    6. Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 a Top notch performance and comes with 5g

    7. Color Varients based on user's interest. OnePlus actually listened to user's voice and made a Stunning and unique Colors on 9 series. Appreciated.

    8. Ofcourse Software a Clean and my All time Favourite is Oxygen OS With more Additions with Android 11. A great feature and my one and only Lovable Software till date is Oxygen OS.

    9. Build Quality on all 9 series. 9 pro A true flagship killer phone With everything and a complete Package which every user needs. 9 and 9R is again made for user choice with great value phones with best performance.

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  13. Nkheni
    Honeycomb Apr 3, 2021

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  14. yash00012
    Gingerbread Apr 3, 2021

    yash00012 , via OnePlus 6T , Apr 3, 2021 :

  15. hbk1402
    Honeycomb Apr 3, 2021

    hbk1402 , via OnePlus 7 Pro , Apr 3, 2021 :
    @YRJ, Below are my nine impressions about OnePlus 9,

    >Firstly, I should admit that the OP9 looks are stunning and feels premium.

    >The premium 50 MP Ultra wide Angle main camera is simply out of the Moon. 😍

    >OP9 has a polycarbonate frame but still feels solidly built and does look like metal.

    >OP9 is much lighter (183g) and slimmer (8.1mm) than the OP 9 Pro and even the OP 8T.

    >It's not an LTPO OLED screen, but still the HDR 10+ certified, FULL-HD+ flat display with 120Hz refresh rate produces excellent quality visual content on screen.

    >The OP provided transparent case looks nice on OP9

    >Lack of dust or water proofing (IP68) and lack of basic wireless charging, makes it odd 🤔. As now a days most of the premium or premium mid range series phones have it.

    >With bluetooth 5.2 (ability to pair two or more devices), wifi 6 is a boon and future proof with faster data transfer rates.

    >65W fast charging, under 40 mins for 100% charge, is time saver for many people on fast paced work style or life style.
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  16. YRJ
    The Lab - OnePlus 7T Reviewer; Community Hero 2020 Apr 3, 2021

    YRJ , Apr 3, 2021 :
    Yup! ;)
    The wait for the OnePlus 9 ends on 14th April, so everyone who needs a OnePlus 9 can get it then.

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  17. Shailender Sharma
    Marshmallow Apr 3, 2021

  18. Girish.Pranav
    Jelly Bean Apr 3, 2021

    Girish.Pranav , Apr 3, 2021 :
    @YRJ Here's my entry. make sure you view it on the web!

  19. hafu
    Gingerbread Apr 3, 2021

    hafu , Apr 3, 2021 :
    Something that catches up on my mind about OnePlus 9 series

    1.A Beast Processor SD 888.:smilingimp:
    2.Competent Ultrawide camera.:hearteyecat::hearteyes:
    3.Audio quality is very good with a dual speaker setup.:blush:
    4.Clean and Simple looks, Burden free design language.:innocent:
    5.Better and higher graphics compatibility setting for a gamer.:sweatsmile:
    6.Fast and Vibrant 'A+' '120Hz' 'LTPO' display with accurate colors.:sunglasses:
    7..As always the software optimization and user-free customization are awesome.:kissingheart:
    8.Can capture 12-bit RAW images for improved details, color, and higher dynamic range.:hearteyes:
    9.Battery capacity is smaller for this processor but 65T warp charger is a Queen to head up the King to 50% in 16 minutes.:smilingimp::smilingimp:

    In a kingdom way :D:D:D(Only a try to make it creative)

    1.A King born with the name 9, who is fast and looks every corner of his country.:smilingimp:
    2.His Ultrawide eyes can see his country even in low-light situations too.:hearteyecat::hearteyes:
    3.His sound is very sweet when he sings and talks to his Universe.:blush:
    4.His Clean and Simple looks made him a burden-free king in the whole universe.:innocent:
    5.He is Better in war and its compatibility settings.:sweatsmile:
    6.He has a beautiful and vibrant face.:sunglasses:
    7.The king's mind was always worked on his people's wills for territory improvement and its development.:kissingheart:
    8.He used to look into nature for improved details without losing anything.:hearteyes:
    9.His Energy level is smaller for a heart for a big country, but his Queen always heads up the King in few minutes.:smilingimp::smilingimp:
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