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  1. aakashjhaveri
    Lollipop Nov 28, 2016

    aakashjhaveri , Nov 28, 2016 :

    well well well......
    (I will go from L-R, and downwards,covering the most relevant ones)
    • A photo from New York fan meetup for OP2 that i forced my bro to attend for me
    • OnePlus 2 and Styleswap, on top of a shoulder bag. I got my invite at the Mumbai Pop event, and ordered it in the first hour of being available in India
    • My name tag
    • Loop VR, got for volunteering at the OPX ceramic sale
    • OPX pen, in its case
    • OP3 (box) this was the OnePlus3 I won being the #OnePlus3launcher in India (it was a contest where my entry won and I was flown to the capital for the launch )
    • ^though, this OP3 is with my brother now, as he wanted a new phone after his OPO, and since he gifted me the OP2, it was my moral duty.....
    • Group photo on the wall, with all the fans at the Media launch
    • Visiting card from an employee
    • OP2 box
    • OPx shirt, that I won at the pop event, along with the other opx shirt i wore on the volunteering day
    *second row*
    • OPX shirts, probably won somewhere
    • ALL the stickers of winning entries
    • OnePlus sunglasses
    • Bullets v2, got for driving the Dash car at the RedBull Soap box race
    • Black OnePlus polo (one of its kind) worn during unboxing India's first OP3 in a helicopter
    • Powerbank
    • White never settle shirt, designed by me for the first Mumbai fan meetup
    *bottom row*
    • messenger bag, with OnePlus diaries
    • stickers
    • Black version of the shirt designed by the community for the first FG in Mumbai
    • extra Dash charge shirt
    • <3 my favourite White never settle shirt with autograph of the ENTIRE OnePlus India team, and Pete (sent it half way across the country to get it signed)
    • some more shirts, lost count

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  2. rrahul100
    Donut Nov 28, 2016

    rrahul100 , Nov 28, 2016 :

    I didnt know when a phone called Oneplus one was launched. One of my friend told me he got a new new OPO. I tough whats so special about this phone. Then i found this is really good to use after i tried this. I wanted to buy oneplus two. I was not able to buy it due to budget problem. Then when oneplus 3 was launched my desire for it didn't have a limit. I bough it and joined the family of oneplus 3.

    And reg pic posted. I do not have any other accessory of one plus thats why i have just put these.

  3. F_Vasilios_Ntzilalis_MBQ
    Cupcake Nov 28, 2016

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  4. Dadifendo
    Cupcake Nov 28, 2016

    Dadifendo , Nov 28, 2016 :
    I took this vr as a big fan of OPO. I'm waiting for the death of my galaxy s6 to buy a Oneplus 3.

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  5. Clara Vega
    Cupcake Nov 29, 2016

    Clara Vega , Nov 29, 2016 :
    _20161129_015744.JPG This is my actualy smartphone, a Galaxy S2 that I have to charge minimum three times a day, so I have to Keep calm every day.
    I'm in love with One Plus since appeared.
    PD: sorry for my english.

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  6. cstumph
    Cupcake Nov 29, 2016

    cstumph , Nov 29, 2016 :
    Well, Doc... I sure wish I had a time machine right about now.
    Back when it came out, a friend won a contest for an invite to buy the OnePlus One. About a month later, she shared one of her invites with me and I was ecstatic. I even bought the bamboo cover as soon as I could!

    Fast forward to a few months ago, when I was at a local festival... I was just about to play the online scavenger hunt the festival had and OH NO!

    My precious was knocked out of my hand and flat onto the concrete. I don't know what was shattered more, my screen or my heart.

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  7. Errol Martin D'mello
    Honeycomb Nov 29, 2016

  8. Kavish chauhan
    Cupcake Nov 29, 2016

    Kavish chauhan , Nov 29, 2016 :
    OnePlus 2 my 1st OnePlus product bought on 28 October, a good phone now my brother using this.

    Then OnePlus 3 bought on 30 August, awesome phone, dash charging superb

    Oneplus 3 back cover get in diwali sale only Rs 1, thanks for this loot

    Now waiting for OnePlus 4/ next phone of OnePlus.

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  9. G_Vp_Technology_GUPN
    Donut Nov 29, 2016

  10. haroon900
    Cupcake Nov 29, 2016

  11. jlasensiofi
    The Lab Reviewer - OnePlus 9 Series Nov 29, 2016

  12. obakesan
    Jelly Bean Nov 29, 2016

    obakesan , Nov 29, 2016 :
    I was going for a robot in my head, then it became a person, but it's more like a OnePlus Fox or maybe it's Una haha


    Where to start then, lot's of swag and bits in such a short time, my adventure in swag really began with the launch of the OnePlus X though, but before we get there let's start OnePlus One.

    OnePlus One

    I think it was @David S. who organised a fan meetup in a pub in London. Chance to meet other fans, have a drink, grab a bite and get swag. It was chaos and I left after the madness but managed to grab some sheets of normal Never Settle stickers. You can see a sheet above the head, the VR headset.

    Sometime later the Power bank were released and I was looking for one , great timing as they are a great price and very stylish. I loved the sandstone back but was curious about the white version so figured I get one in the Powerbank for a change. It's really smoothly like silk and very elegant. You can see it in the left arm, but wait what's that sandstone version doing there well for that tale scroll down to the OnePlus 3

    OnePlus Two

    I managed to order the OnePlus Cardboard to watch the OP2 launch which I've used as a head, it looks a bit like a fox or maybe Una? (what happened to Una anyways not hear much hope she is ok) I never managed to get a LoopVR so this was my backup to watch the OP3 VR launch.

    OnePlus X

    It was the first pop up event where you could buy the phone and have proper play. It was held at The Dandy Lab near Liverpool St in London and I got a VIP pass. I bought the phone and got the shoulder bag you see on the far right it my mascots right arm. It also came with the Never Settle notebook you see, the X T shirt in the left hand corner above the backpack and best to the OP3. There was also a leather card holder which you see as the right hand; it contained an exclusive physical invite as seen in the left hand, still unscratched and never used. It was a great evening and a chance to try the new Icons which I ended up buying when released which my guy is wearing and Unused the box as his neck. Great night, great phone, met interesting people and best of all the spiced gin and rum iced teas kept flowing, stupendous.

    OnePlus 3

    With the OnePlus 3 this was my time for swag and more adventure, but let's start with the OP3 and another London pop up event which I queued for hours but met more great and interesting people. I finally got inside and touched the phone as soon as I did I was sold which rewarded me the very nice messenger bag, dash charge T-shirt, sandstone styleswap and the community stickers.

    Then one day out of the blue the grand wizard himself @Adam Krisko asked me if I wanted to help out on the London leg of the EuroTour oh yes and I manned the Dash Charge station, talked to over 100 fans and customers and met the wonderful @superplus , @Matt G. , @Caio S., @David S. and we all had dinner and drinks afterwards. I needed a charge for my phone and @Adam Krisko lent me his Powerbank, which in the end he let me keep, what a guy, thanks again man.

    The bag and t shirt I ended up buying during the gear sale and launch but got more shirts from the O2 OP3T pop up.

    That's about it for my tales of lore hunting the famous creature the swag . Stay tuned for further adventures which I dare not mention if not to anger the gods.
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  13. agoinfly
    Marshmallow Nov 30, 2016

    agoinfly , Nov 30, 2016 :

    August 2014, Edinburgh Fringe
    *Megan, American actress
    Sexy and disarming
    Love at first sight
    Dinner invitation
    *OnePlus One
    Waiting for me
    Claimed my invite
    Love at first sight


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  14. Toulouse
    KitKat Nov 30, 2016

    Toulouse , Nov 30, 2016 :
    That is such a big collection :eek:
    How much have you spent for all of these items? :D

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  15. Bradon H
    Honeycomb Nov 30, 2016

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  16. swapnilpkumar
    Gingerbread Nov 30, 2016

    swapnilpkumar , Nov 30, 2016 :
    #OnePlusSwag by swapnilpkumar.jpg
    My Story:
    My OnePlus 2: I heard about OnePlus when my friend bought an OP1 back in the end of 2014 when it launched in India. I started following the brand ever since. When I finally joined My College as an undergrad in 2015, I had collected enough Pocket money in my summer vacations (by part-time job teaching) to buy a new phone. I was eagerly waiting for the Launch of the Oneplus 2, and just a couple of weeks before the launch, my old lumia phone died. I started using a spare samsung phone running gingerbread and was so annoyed. After one month from launch, I finally woke up to find an invite in my email and was so excited. I placed the order immediately. Since then, I have loved using my OnePlus 2, and I still follow the Brand on Social Media.
    Oneplus Silver Bullets: This was a wonderful surprise gift by my best friend. She gifted one of the last pieces left in stock, paying a little extra, because she knows how much I wanted the Oneplus bullets. They are just awesome, she too loved the design.
    Power Bank: I bought this, but only after waiting for months for it to arrive in stock. I did not want to buy any other one, and the moment it was on Amazon.in, i placed the order. Love the design and the overall product.
    Screen Guards and Tempered Glass: Obviously i prefer the original ones, for the best quality and best fit.
    StyleSwap Cover, Silicone case, translucent case and Flip cover: I always wanted these, but they were but out of my budget, so I had bought just one initially with my phone. But after a year, I have collected all 4 during the sale when Oneplus finally launched the OnePlusstore.in in India. Just loving them, all my friends are jealous.
    Longer usb cable and the usb type C converter were all very much needed. very good products, happy to own them.

    Unfortunately there weren't many Pop-up events and other publicity events in India. even the few that were held wasn't near my city, and so I haven't got the chance to win Stickers and other goodies :( Even the VR headsets i tried a lot for, but couldn't get my hands on them, Sold out too fast. I am very much fond of the Oneplus Travel Backpack :)...Been keeping my eye on that for quite sometime now. Took part in the Diwali Dash and other online events too. Even recommended 4 friends to buy OnePlus Phones... they are now Happy owners of OPX, OP2, OP3 and another OP3.
    Thank You OnePlus for making such great Products. #OnePlusSwag #NeverSettle
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  17. _k1l1_
    Gingerbread Nov 30, 2016

    _k1l1_ , Nov 30, 2016 :

    Two years ago, a tech-fascinated little fourteen years old guys wanted to buy his first smartphone. His father didnt want to let Google his sons' data so the lil boy had to choose between Firefox Os or a CyanogenMod smartphone. The little boys name is Kilian. He did a lot of researches about CyanogenMod and found out, that there was a project between a company named OnePlus and CyanogenMod. He was on fire as he heard of the company and there plans to create the best smartphone of the world and sell it at low prices ! He registered at the forum and had a lot of conversations and discussions with other users and the support ( wanted to know if "under 300$" means under 300€ as well ;) ) . In the summer vacations he received an email from OnePlus that he had received an invite and so on! ( switching perspective ) It was the best day of my life! I received it an half an hour before I took my train to airport to fly to London with my dad so that was another WOW day ! ( I had one of the first 2k devices out there - was so proud ! ) In the next two years I had some trouble flashing, rooting, recovering and the community always helped me out! I had some hardware issues and after a few days and email conversations I was allowed to send it back for free repair ! I really LOVE the COMMUNITY and the SUPPORT ! Always had the best imagineable experience ! Now its time to change my daily driver to a 3T and fun fact: two minutes ago I have received my shipping - message :D Its coming soooon !

    OnePlus is just like a family for me, call me silly or names, idc ! I watch every launch, read every announcement and the weekly update ! That is one reason why I have to spread the word to let them have more and more success ! My father bought the X after I removed his few doubts about a Chinese company. My friend Anatol bought the 3 and my other friend the 3T together with me!

    In my picture you see all my stuff except of my lil drone ( Do you remember ? Flips in any directions :D ), it broke.... RIP :/

    Thats my story in my bad english xD
    Have a grat day and dont forget to #NeverSettle ! image.jpeg

    OnePlus Charger
    OnePlus Bullets v1
    OnePlus One
    OnePlus FlipCover blue
    OnePlus Tempered Glass
    OnePlus VR
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  18. F_Hamza_Mehmet_Emin_mliB
    Eclair Nov 30, 2016

    F_Hamza_Mehmet_Emin_mliB , Nov 30, 2016 :
    OP3 2-1.JPG I and my girlfriend are studying 300km away from each other and we both decided to buy the OnePlus3. I was planning to buy it, but when my old phone broke down I had to order it immediately. I ordered it but I had to wait 5 weeks to arrive. After 2 weeks my girlfriend’s old phone broke down too. She was waiting for the white but the white was out of stocks.

    One day when I was refreshing the website I saw it in stocks and ordered it to my address. I didn’t tell her that this one will arrive in 1 week. When the white one arrived, I told her that, “my OP3” arrived, and I went to the city where she study. I also told her that I will not open it until we meet. We met and I let her to open the package. When she saw the white OP3 she was shocked. She couldn’t believe it because she thought that her phone will arrive in 5 weeks too. After that my phone arrived, the black one.

    We love these devices. For me one of the best features is the dash charging because of this, I ordered also a car dash charger after 1 month, to charge my phone wherever I am.

    I want to thank to the Oneplus team because they Oneplus` shipping delay gave me a chance to make a huge surprise to my girlfriend. The Soft gold isn`t in the photo because she is 300km away now.

  19. meatandy
    Oreo Nov 30, 2016

    meatandy , Nov 30, 2016 :
    @Bradon H here's your huckleberry.;)

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  20. Carl
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 30, 2016

    Carl , Nov 30, 2016 :

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