Costing me CA$ 496.80, Is it worth it?

  1. sukhakar
    Gingerbread Aug 19, 2014

    sukhakar , Aug 19, 2014 :
    This DHL delivery is problematic.
    As I got home, I found DHL left yellow slip saying, Deliver attempted but No Package delivered because I did not left duty fee.
    Then, I checked online from DHL tracking to see I can go and pickup. Surprisingly, it says the package has been delivered...

    Is DHL people crook or are they deliver to wrong place?

    I called Customer Service, they see the same thing.
    DHL customer service says, they will track down and call back Tomorrow.

    Should OnePlus consider to change this DHL to another shipper?

  2. Iseek1
    KitKat Aug 20, 2014

    Iseek1 , Aug 20, 2014 :
    Hey I already got mine, and have been thru the RMA process cuz the first one they delivered was DOA would not charge, started at 31% and dropped to 27% battery over the few hours I had it on while plugged in cuz it would not power up unless the charge cable was plugged in, and either I caught CS at a good time or I convinced them in a hurry to act on it, so got an RMA and the device picked up and shipped back to Hong Kong within 11 days and only when they received the original did the replacement ship. So the whole RMA process took 4 weeks from the time I got the original to the time I got the replacement.
    I'm quite sure the original shipped from the California warehouse, where they have been doing controlled shipments from, but the replacement I am certain shipped from Hong Kong and there is a difference, besides the fact that this one worked, the back is more gray than black and not as rough a texture as the original.
    I didn't have the first on long enough to really notice the yellow, but the replacement doesn't have it.
    Stick to your quest, the yellow is just wrong and I sure hope they come clean and address it.

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  3. ShehryarHussain786
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 20, 2014

  4. Iseek1
    KitKat Aug 20, 2014

    Iseek1 , Aug 20, 2014 :
    Well, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to be a delivery man, but you should show some pride and care in your work no matter what it is

  5. iTrollz
    KitKat Aug 20, 2014

    iTrollz , Aug 20, 2014 :
    It's our dollar, when it's low it's good for our manufacturing, but not imports priced in USD.

  6. shastada
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 20, 2014

    shastada , Aug 20, 2014 :
    I have it, its fast, but full of flaws. If you're lucky enough to have one without any issues good on you. I have serious reception issues as do many others. Touchscreen doesn't work very well. They cheaped out everywhere they could including software/integration/testing as this thing works like a beta product.

  7. manosome
    Jelly Bean Aug 20, 2014

  8. B4kken
    Lollipop Aug 20, 2014

    B4kken , Aug 20, 2014 :
    So you got a faulty product? That sucks :(
    I'm not going to be the fanboy trying to protect the startup company, but I'm pretty sure Samsung makes those as well, their support is probably better though..

  9. thesoaresan
    Honeycomb Aug 20, 2014

    thesoaresan , Aug 20, 2014 :
    Also, don't forget that the Nexus 6 is probably the last of the nexus line. Google is starting their Android Silver program next year :) So the nexus 6 is gonna be super special for collectors. And it be most probably be priced at $400-$450 like previous Nexus' :)

  10. PhantomLord
    Eclair Aug 20, 2014

    PhantomLord , Aug 20, 2014 :
    I find it rather funny but sad at the same time that everyone wants that elusive invite and then they order the phone and they are so happy with it (the vast majority of them) like it's the greatest phone out there.

    People who don't even have an invite are like "Damn I really need to have this phone, specs are the best and the price is unbeatable". Yet, I come to this thread and basically everyone says it's a glorified piece of dog shit in the end o_o' That same shit is really nice at <400$ but at 490$ it seems to be a joke! wtf! How can let's say 100$ less for the phone make it suddenly a GREAT phone?!?. Even at 350$ I wouldn't want to have any of the problems mentioned here, I would be disappointed nonetheless...

    Is the invite system to blame? creating an artificially high demand so people just feel special when they get their hands on one but then realize that it's really not that special nor that great with all the problems I've read here...

    Honestly, I'm kinda lost after reading that thread

  11. ozdavo
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 20, 2014

    ozdavo , Aug 20, 2014 :
    = CAD$466 or US$423 approx...
    Your paying nearly as much.

  12. 9997
    Honeycomb Aug 20, 2014

  13. mansoor_
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 20, 2014

    mansoor_ , Aug 20, 2014 :
    the only thing attracting me to this phone is the price, otherwise the nexus would be on the top of my list.

  14. shastada
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 20, 2014

    shastada , Aug 20, 2014 :
    OP doesn't even acknowledge there are problems let alone consider it faulty. There is a long list of people with connectivity issues, if you don't have them count yourself lucky but it seems to be a wide trend with this phone that you're getting 'beta' level gear. There is no way to compare a OP to a Samsung or Apple phone. There is more to products than the spec sheet which is the only thing the OPO wins at.

  15. B4kken
    Lollipop Aug 20, 2014

    B4kken , Aug 20, 2014 :
    Then of course, where do you go to read Samsung or LG complaints? I hope op get on track with this soon cause the phone I got is awesome.

  16. javilaca
    Honeycomb Aug 20, 2014

    javilaca , Aug 20, 2014 :
    Best, fastest and cheaper way will be for you to have the phone delivered to USA. Shipping from there to another country will be around $20.

  17. Iseek1
    KitKat Aug 20, 2014

    Iseek1 , Aug 20, 2014 :
    WTF who ships into Canada from the US thru customs at the border for $20.00 ?

  18. masterfred
    Gingerbread Aug 20, 2014

    masterfred , Aug 20, 2014 :
    476$ CAD here

    349+27$ USD (phone + shipping) + 63$ Duties fees. OP needs to resolve this issue, cause it's a ripoff for Canadian customers

    I don't want to start a debate, but considering the total amount, the Nexus 5 is a much better choice for price.

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  19. Cmarenburg
    Eclair Aug 20, 2014

    Cmarenburg , Aug 20, 2014 :
    How is it one plus issue that we pay tax? Our health care is not free it is universal health care we pay for it with our taxes, everyone has the ability to go to school for 13 years and not have to pay, again payed for by taxes.

  20. Victorhung
    Donut Aug 20, 2014