crappy first experience with opt.:/

  1. shawn0223
    Gingerbread Sep 15, 2015

    shawn0223 , Sep 15, 2015 :
    so my whole day was wasted sitting at the house waiting to sign for this thing. get it at 4pm. go get myself a nano sim from ATT. opened the packaging in the att store. put in the sim and turned on the phone. before i can get through the fuckin setup wizard the ***** reboots. im like whatever. its the initial version of OOS. ill update that ***** and ill be good.

    phone boots up and goes right into another reboot. did this for ******* EVERR!!! somehow managed to get in the os finally and i start to unlock dev options and shit so i can unlock it.

    fastboot oem unlock goes fine. reboots and again im in boot loop city. after tinkering with this damn thing forever i finally found a way to get twrp on that ***** and im downloading the latest zip and im gonna sideload it into the storage so i can flash through recovery. hopefully that fixes this nonsense. will update if i get anywhere. pretty lame considering my opo was a fuckin boss.

    update: I flashed the latest OTA zip through TWRP and it still bootloops before i can get through the setup wizard. Any ideas?

    update 2: update 2: cant install exodus. installation hangs at "patching system unconditionally"
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