Battery/Charging crashes - randomly and when charging; hot sensor pm8994_tz

  1. F_Marc_Sandering_cPOU
    Cupcake May 27, 2020

    F_Marc_Sandering_cPOU , May 27, 2020 :

    I’ll try to be precise and keep it as short as possible. But the list of issues and behavior is long…

    Ambient temperature: 20°C
    System: Oxygen Oos 9.0.6
    Never rooted.
    OP3 A3003

    - Phone randomly freezes/screen turns black (results in Notification LED going off)
    - Phone turns black when used for 10 minutes straight (nothing heavy)
    - Light gaming can provoke a crash reliably
    - Trying to reboot requires the phone not to be used for 10-20 minutes previously
    - Phone is not unusually warm as it crashes
    - Phone dies when I connect it to the charger as its battery is below 30%
    - Phone doesn’t continue charging if it dies after connecting it to power
    - If I try to reboot within too little timeframe after a crash, it starts booting and immediately crashes again.
    - CPU-Z shows temperatures between 20 and 40 °C for all sensors except one:
    - Pm8994_tz is above 40°C in idle. When used it’s around 80°C (pm stands for power management as I’ve researched)
    - I found my phone twice with an error message saying the battery was too low and going off 1sec later

    I tried several factory resets. Changed back to Android 8. Went back to Android 9.0.6

    I charged the phone fully to 100%

    The battery is never very warm or hot.

    Battery life is ok. After 3 years it’s certainly not as new but not horrible at all.

    Issues occur with oneplus launcher and nova launcher. I stopped using a KLWP, but the issues persist.

    besides all that the phone is just as new :)

    Past Issues:

    Before and in between the resets and software changes the behavior was slightly different:

    - Phone used to slow down before a crash and it became hot in the area under the camera. I guess that was thermal throttling of the SoC and then shutting down due to heat.
    - Battery was not warm at the same time
    - Fingerprint reader wasn’t working. Homebutton functioning well tho
    - It also used to tell me that my PIN was wrong. Funnily I never set a PIN

    Months before that I had 2 random bricks of my phone with the Android data corruption message: “Decryption unsuccesful” forcing me to factory reset.

    Resulting Questions:
    So regarding the current issues and some of the history: Is it a software issue? Might a custom ROM fix it? Do I need a new battery? A combination? Why is the pm8994_tz sensor so freaking hot? Why did my SoC used to become hot and now doesn’t anymore? Is any other hardware component faulty?

    Thank you for reading through this and any input!

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  2. F_Marc_Sandering_cPOU
    Cupcake May 28, 2020

    F_Marc_Sandering_cPOU , May 28, 2020 :
    CPU-Z sensors "bms" and "battery" just showed 130°C while the phone was resting on an ice pack. Other temperatures just like in the picture above. Restarting the phone and checking again showed 18°C for the two sensors.

    Also the phone is slightly warm (nothing to worry about at all) around the camera when it crashes.