1. havoktek
    Gingerbread Aug 24, 2015

    havoktek , Aug 24, 2015 :
    I'm not a maintainer, but I feel people on here don't know what's out there......Too many stuck on one flavor of ROM.
    Ok here is an old favorite I just found on our beloved Bacon

    "This is crDroid for Oneplus One"
    Thanks to jejecule (http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=4933230)
    for the permission to share.



    crDroid Custom Features:

    * Volume panel timeout
    * Clear recents location
    * Heads up customization
    - Quick access button on expanded status bar
    - Swipe behavior
    - Touch outside behavior
    - Time out
    - Do not disturb
    - Blacklist
    * SlimRoms custom lockscreen shortcuts
    * Navbar on/off
    * Hardare keys on/off (in devices supported)
    * Power menu in navring targets
    * SlimPie controls with all working
    * Sound panel option om power menu
    * Superuser indicator (Notification, Statusbar icon or no indicator)
    * Force expanded notifications on expanded statusbar
    * Power menu and notifications tiles
    * Four tiles per row
    * Vibrate on tiles touch
    * Disable quick settings on secure lockscreen
    * Kill app back button configurable timeout

  2. ishtiyaaq50
    Honeycomb Aug 24, 2015

  3. havoktek
    Gingerbread Aug 24, 2015

    havoktek , Aug 24, 2015 :
    For me it has been Golden, and I only float between 3 CM built ROMS but I'm OCD and each user experience may vary...no random reboots, nothing like that. However I've never had that in CM12.1 Nightlies either.