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    Hariragh , Jan 26, 2019 :

    Hello guys, my name is Harichand -i was an owner of the OnePlus 2 the OnePlus 3 OnePlus 3T and is an owner of the OnePlus 5. My journey started with OnePlus long back in the year 2014. I've been an active member on the forums, an active community member and a die-hard fanboy. Travelling over 54hrs and over 2800km on a train, I guess that qualifies me for the above statements. Well, there were times I never missed out on any event. I hope I still continue to do it.

    Tell us about how you first heard of OnePlus?

    The first time I heard about OnePlus was back to where it all started in 2014. I was in hunt for a new phone and after lot of shortlisting the HTC 820 and Moto X were the final picks. Back in 2014, being a broke student, these smartphones weren't easy as they could put a hole in your wallet. (Thanks to the Lord am better off now lol) So finally I had decided to try my hands into the Chinese market but as any typical Indian I wasn't quite ready back then to try one owing to the fact that its Chinese and also because I was skeptical about the service. All these thoughts were in the back of my head.
    At first I had Xiaomi in mind coz they were the first to reach India with the flash sales. When I was still not sure of what to do, one of my friends said that there is this phone called OnePlus which I need to try. With Xiaomi’s reluctance to release their flagship phones on time since their mid-rangers were selling well, I focused on OnePlus. Moreover, YouTubers like Mkbhd, Erica Griffin and Android Authority have been a great influence to tech nerds like me and many. I started with the OnePlus 2, and we all know what happened but that never let me out. 2015 was a rough year for OnePlus because of that and they came back with the OnePlus 3 in 2016 and the rest is history. When it comes to premium smartphones in a market like India, OnePlus has its own achievement.
    I have been using a OnePlus 5 ever since launch date and this phone is still as good as new 2 years in. OnePlus is one of those few brands out there that give priority to Android updates.

    In your journey with OnePlus so far, what has been your most memorable moment?
    I can't pinpoint one memorable moment coz each moment is a new memory.

    The first one being the Presenting @Pete with Netti Pattam in 2015. I was given an opportunity to represent the Oneplus Kerala group.


    Being a squad of the volunteer team during sales of oneplus 3.My friend Kasif had reached the event by 8am in the morning .We had a chance to meet David Wang that day

    WhatsApp Image 2019-01-26 at 3.46.03 PM.jpeg

    Meeting @Szymon K. during OnePlus 5 Launch and there after being close friends and then getting to be a part of the Product group.There after being part of the sales team in the Banglore pop up



    Getting an opportunity to be a part of the sales team of OnePlus 5T Star Wars edition at Lulu mall Kochi.


    Going to Mumbai for the OnePlus 6 Launch getting to meet @Ruby G. and getting a free Mumbai tour- thanks to @Joel Jacob


    Getting selected for the OnePlus Open Ears event in July 2018. Being the runner up for the OnePlus 6 red costume party. That pain hasn't subsided yet


    Going to Delhi for the OnePlus 6T launch meeting @Crystal Z. , @Carl again.


    Being a part of the Reviewer squad for the OnePlus Explorer bag this November 2018.

    Who's your favourite OnePlus community member in India and why?
    If there is one person I love from the OnePlus community team it will always be the one and only @OALEXANDER my brother from another mother. If it wasn't for that meet during OnePlus 2 with him I wouldn't have been a part of what I am with OnePlus today.he will always remain my favourite person, the one who screws my ears, kicks my butt and guide me through hard times as a big brother. Mike u heard it rite.


    As our 70th Republic Day approaches, we want to focus on the true meaning of ‘Republic’. India, as a republic, believes that the supreme power is held by the people and with equality between its members. In this system, the ideas, the perspective and the feedback of every member matters.

    This system of like-minded individuals coming together to create positive change is one that is shared by our community. Keeping this in mind, we spoke to 5 community members from different backgrounds who have worked and contributed to OnePlus in their own unique way. This is a look at how we created together, with the community.
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    Happy Republic Day for all our fellow Indians and True Indians.... Love our Country and Feel for Country!! Proud to be Indian. Today's Lalbagh flower show at Bangalore Remembering our Great Leader Mahatma Gandhiji.

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    YRJ , Jan 26, 2019 :
    Safe to say, this was by far one of the best reads, you added pictures too.......... awesome ;)
    Hopefully, I can make it to this awesome list next time :p
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    OALEXANDER , Jan 26, 2019 :
    OMG!!!! Sheikh of Dubai. This is indeed a surprise. Another thread from a Never Settler who never missed a single event. Happy to read your thread. This rewinds to the good times had together, the fun, the ups and down, and last meet at Delhi before you flew abroad.
    Looking forward to see you again until then my best wishes for your new career.

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    Nice one @harichand raghavan

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    ty @OALEXANDER we will surely meet again

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    K1548565451609 , Jan 27, 2019 :
    dear all,
    this is the feed back of 6t
    there is no much settings in camera.how I come know my camera IAM using either 16mp or 12mp.
    network speed is also not showing in display.although I switched on the option.but it is still the same.
    battery draining is another prob of 6t.

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    K1548565451609 , Jan 27, 2019 :
    in portrait mode their is no such option of camera setting to be change up and down.yes one plus is excellent.but this time with 6t it's seems little bit overconfident

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    i_am_JSK , Jan 30, 2019 :
    Hi, I too belongs to Gods Own Country. I m new and it's nice to be a part of OnePlus Community.

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