Creating double exposure photograph Tutorial (using Snapseed)

  1. SonalGaurav
    Student Ambassador India Jan 27, 2020

    SonalGaurav , Jan 27, 2020 :
    Double exposure is an editing technique in which we mix two different photos on top of each other. In the generic sense, 1st picture constitutes the outline. The picture taken is usually undersaturated (eg. black & white) with no surrounding background. The 2nd photo, which we use as fill is usually dramatic picture that is used to fill the outline created by the 1st picture. Below are some examples.
    images.jpg double-exposure-4554077_960_720.jpg

    so now that we have the basic idea, let's begin our tutorial:
    Step 1: This a photo of model (IG: @hennabhalla) imported into snapseed.

    Step 2: We do basic tuning by making the photo undersaturated while lifting up the details

    Step 3: We increase the clarity and structure to increase the details on our outline picture

    Step 4: We now use the brush tool to increase the exposure surrounding the picture. This would remove anything from the background and give us a white background picture.



    Step 5: Now that we have our outline ready time to import our 2nd picture. Head on to the tab "Double Exposure'. This tab provides the option to import another photo to your edit. I have chosen the picture of Humayun's tomb to show architecture. It's up to you to select your picture to tell your story.

    The tab also provides various options such as lighten, soften, darken, etc. Play around with different options to find your choice.


    Step 6: I have selected the Default Option. They click the 'tick' mark. This saves the photo above. Now, I wanted the background to be white and to do this, head on to the revert edits tab (Top right icon denoting a stack of paper). Click on the double exposure, then the pen icon to open the brush tab. Select the outline and erase the background. Your Double exposure is ready.




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