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  1. MrJaggerjack Honeycomb Oct 26, 2017

    MrJaggerjack, Oct 26, 2017 :
    well i did my best to do it xD and its all thanks to the forum I learned all few things so yeah giving back something to it sure feel nice.. would like to be more active on thread but got my exams..

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  2. Mr. BG Marshmallow Oct 26, 2017

    Mr. BG, Oct 26, 2017 :
    Exams should indeed be priority, but do drop in when you can find the time.

    What do you study and when are the next exams due...?

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  3. MrJaggerjack Honeycomb Oct 27, 2017

    MrJaggerjack, Oct 27, 2017 :
    PCM in class 12.. well it starts just after my CS inter school match.. i.e on end of October xD so yeah will be free in December kinda..

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  4. Mr. BG Marshmallow Oct 27, 2017

    Mr. BG, Oct 27, 2017 :
    Go ace those, and return in December ;)

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  5. ajshanker Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 30, 2017

    ajshanker, Oct 30, 2017 :
    Has anyone tried the Zoetrophic app? its awesome, pretty simple to use. Better and cheaper than Plotagraph pro for ios. Can't give samples as they are in video format. Do try and let us know. I could give my 2 cents to making creative moving photos.

  6. script Nougat Moderator Oct 30, 2017

    script, Oct 30, 2017 :
    Just to tell the full story: this was my very first draft, but I couldn't post it here, as it was before the mod Meeting in London and it was a secret.


    I then posted the „mod approved“ version here, [Main] Creative Photography and the original pic. You later produced your version, with the „D“ behind the buildings.
    [Main] Creative Photography

    The interesting part about this, and the reason for me to post this post, is: we have a mod, @Reivon Choccoli , who is also a designer.

    We mods all together produced a final version of the London mod meeting pic, and reivon also was hiding the „D“ behind buildings. BUT, and that is the punchline, she didn't know about your version, and I haven't told her or inspired her to use that idea.

    Both you and Chocoli had exactly the same great idea, without knowing each other.

    The final version of that pic will be shown soon, so I won't spoil it here.

    Just to let you know the full story :)

    @Adam Krisko @David Y.
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  7. ajshanker Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 30, 2017

    ajshanker, Oct 30, 2017 :
    This was very humbling, I did not know the significance of that photo then, I just tried to elaborate my typography point regarding that. I am no designer, just a budding Doctor who is passionate about all things tech.
    This gives me great joy to find that you guys take these things seriously. Cheers from my end, Would love to see the final poster. always happy to help.

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  8. vittunen Honeycomb Oct 31, 2017

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  9. script Nougat Moderator Oct 31, 2017

  10. MrJaggerjack Honeycomb Oct 31, 2017

    MrJaggerjack, Oct 31, 2017 :
    well i thought no one posted anything.. well i was goofing around last night and then decided to do something and this was the result.. i know the pic is not great or anything but it was fun doing it.. xD if anyone is interested (I doubt that) I could tell what i tried(that was also very stupid)
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  11. MrJaggerjack Honeycomb Oct 31, 2017

    MrJaggerjack, Oct 31, 2017 :

    View attachment 613202
    i dont know why but i am not able to see the pic so trying again..

  12. MrJaggerjack Honeycomb Oct 31, 2017

  13. MrJaggerjack Honeycomb Oct 31, 2017

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  14. ajshanker Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 31, 2017

    ajshanker, Oct 31, 2017 :
    yaay! its classy. The reflection on the waterbody has not been adopted, I thought that was a clever touch. Anyways the overall image looks professional.

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  15. Mr. BG Marshmallow Oct 31, 2017

    Mr. BG, Oct 31, 2017 :

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  16. MrJaggerjack Honeycomb Nov 1, 2017

    MrJaggerjack, Nov 1, 2017 :
    wonder what happened to the app ._. like earlier i was using it to upload pics now i cant see any pics.. even the one uploaded via browser

  17. Mr. BG Marshmallow Nov 1, 2017

    Mr. BG, Nov 1, 2017 :
    Trash the app, it just sucks at so many levels.

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  18. MrJaggerjack Honeycomb Nov 1, 2017

    MrJaggerjack, Nov 1, 2017 :
    well opening the webpage on browser is little pain in the neck

  19. Mr. BG Marshmallow Nov 1, 2017

    Mr. BG, Nov 1, 2017 :
    Since when? o_O

    I've been using it for years like that

  20. ajshanker Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 1, 2017

    ajshanker, Nov 1, 2017 :
    check your phone for a folder called One plus and see the size of that image cache. Mine accounted for almost 11gb after 2months of use! its a totally useless usage of space. since then I have started using the browser. Use Opera as page reflow is a little better than in chrome. Use can still use the app for notifications,serves that purpose.