Creepy oneplus files

  1. alexsirgool
    Gingerbread Jul 19, 2017

    alexsirgool , Jul 19, 2017 :
    I was scrolling through my files the other day looking for where the zip folder for update 3.6.0 so I could move it to where all my other roms are and upon scrolling I noticed a folder labeled "OnePlus"

    The folder was in the main storage not in any android files etc I'll tag a screenshot. Anyway the OnePlus folder has 379 items and they're all pictures of people from the forums I guess.

    THE FOLDER HAS 379 PICTURES OF RANDOM PEOPLE. I wanted to know if anyone else has a folder like this ... its awfully odd and CREEPY.

    If I had been in the forums and opened up abunch of people pictures then sure I guess it makes sense but I don't have that much time to stock people on the forums.

    does anyone else have this folder? and can anyone tell me where the folder is containing Ota's? if there is one



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  2. Juggy
    Eclair Jul 19, 2017

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  3. Sylarr
    Froyo Jul 19, 2017

    Sylarr , Jul 19, 2017 :
    LMFAO I just checked mine and I had 1000 pictures of random people lol wtf

  4. ShortyEx
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 19, 2017

    ShortyEx , Jul 19, 2017 :
    If you use the community app, it's probably just a cache folder from that.

  5. G_Abin_Shibu_eKdH
    Cupcake Jul 19, 2017

  6. alexsirgool
    Gingerbread Jul 19, 2017

    alexsirgool , Jul 19, 2017 :
    I understand it's cached imaged but that isn't the point. it shouldn't cache data I never accessed it's just messed up

  7. ShortyEx
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 19, 2017

    ShortyEx , Jul 19, 2017 :
    So you never read threads in the community app?

  8. nithin.prabhu
    Donut Jul 19, 2017

    nithin.prabhu , Jul 19, 2017 :
    So if you have a profile pic up on one plus community it's downloaded on every damn device , who ever sees your post ! Huge hit to privacy I would say. Hope they have this note up in the "terms of use". I really hope some one will sue one plus for this ...

  9. Chandra_Shekar_M
    Cupcake Jul 19, 2017

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  10. TheDiv23
    Gingerbread Jul 19, 2017

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  11. alexsirgool
    Gingerbread Jul 20, 2017

    alexsirgool , Jul 20, 2017 :
    this is a privacy problem as well as the fact that it shouldn't cache the full image if it's even just displayed. its not like I'm going to open everyone's image.

    the main concern: Privacy.

  12. milkdude
    KitKat Jul 20, 2017

  13. F_Usama_Khan_Yousafzai_t
    Cupcake Jul 20, 2017

    F_Usama_Khan_Yousafzai_t , Jul 20, 2017 :
    My home key has stopped working like a month ago it did the same problem a year ago after i updated it. Then i found it on the Internet that if i drain my battery completely and then on it it will start working and it did but this time no method would work i was so looking forward to the next update but as it has came today and the home key and finger print are still not working please help

  14. ShortyEx
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 20, 2017

    ShortyEx , Jul 20, 2017 :
    You should see what your browser on your computer stores in cache, you'd be amazed. Every app on every device which has to do requests over the internet tries to store stuff in cache because everything that is stored locally, shouldn't be requested next time. If apps or your browser wouldn't to that, you'd feel the difference in speed. These pictures are probably just images that someone used as their avatar or posted in a thread so how is that a security issue? They are publicly available online...

    If you want something to remain private you don't put it on the internet and if you do, you don't put it in a public forum...