Crossword Puzzle: find the hints to win the OnePlus 9

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  9. Micky25
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    Micky25 , Sep 15, 2021 :
    One Day Neil Armstrong went to the moon to take the Nightscape*/NightMode/Nightshot of our beautiful earth using his Hasselblad ‘XPAN’ camera which was very Fast and Smooth in clicking pictures. He got the call from NASA office to provide “Your Best Shot” so that they can enjoy Lemonade and Cupcakes sitting back at earth while enjoying that Never Settle picture of Earth. He send the photos back to NASA using Warp Charge technology to his boss on his NORD phone in SANDSTONE shade which he receives in Ninety seconds confirmed by Qualcomm head office by keeping eye on there WATCH.

  10. Khushii21
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    Khushii21 , Sep 15, 2021 :
    Neil Armstrong was given an unordered box , full of ninety cupcakes and lemonade sashes to sort ! Since the work was very tedious everyone said give your best shot! The time at his watch was 10 and he had to complete this in 1 hour. His Never Settle attitude motivated him to complete the work. After completion of work he clicked his photo with the box behind the big Sandstone building using Hasselblad's XPAN camera and he was rewarded with a Nord phone powered by Qualcomm chips and Oxygenos for his fast and smooth work. Neil always wanted a nord phone cause of it's fast warp charger and it's excellent night mode photography !

    yes i used nord three times ;)

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  11. DarshanMeniya
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    DarshanMeniya , Sep 15, 2021 :
    OnePlus 9 Series gives day's power in 15 minutes as it comes with WARPCHARGE technology and charger included in the box and it comes with latest QUALCOMM Snapdragon 888 chipset for FASTANDSMOOTH experience with latest OXYGENOS so belive in NEVERSETTLE.

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  12. Khushii21
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  13. ErDaveS
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    ErDaveS , Sep 15, 2021 :
    Can i submit my answer here? Or it needs to be via email?
    Sorry, first time join

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    Micky25 , Sep 15, 2021 :
    Once upon a time in 1969, NASA launched a mission "SANDSTONE" to see the "Never Settle" attitude of there astronauts. NEIL ARMSTRONG was one of the contestants who his fully "WARP CHARGE" and he know in his mind that he has to keep his "Your Best Shot" attitude to show his capabilities. They have been asked to take photo of moon in "Ninety" Seconds which should be done so "Fast and Smooth" that there managers who was sitting and enjoying "Lemonade" and "Cupcakes" shouldn't notice that. He used his "NORD" phone operated by "OXYGEN OS" with "Hasselblad" camera and his "xPAN" mindset to click the fastest photo in "Nightscape*/NightShot/NightMode" keeping tab on time using his "Qualcomm" powered "WATCH".
    Nice Stories coming up in mind!! :)

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  18. Tinku_Singh_67 , via OnePlus 9 Winter Mist , Sep 15, 2021 :
    1 - your best shot
    2 - Sandstone
    3 - OxygenOS
    4 - Hasselblad
    5 - Neil Armstrong
    6 - Night mode
    7 - Ninety
    8 - Watch
    9 - cupcakes
    10 - Qualcomm
    11 - Never settle
    12 - Lemonade
    13 - Fast and Smooth
    14 - Nord
    15 - Warp charge

    I completed

  19. ItsCyRuS
    Gingerbread Sep 15, 2021

    ItsCyRuS , via OnePlus Nord , Sep 15, 2021 :
    When Neil Armstrong returned from the moon his family asked what was your best shot taken from the hasselblad camera he showed the picture of sandstone taken in the nightscape on the moon and his teammates enjoying cupcakes and lemonade on the moon and told his children that he will try to reach the mars next time and will Never Settle for exploring space.