Crush on a girl ?

  1. cjm_s
    Gingerbread Jan 25, 2015

    cjm_s , Jan 25, 2015 :
    You are just jealous that is not your case so please. of course I will expect comments but not nonsense. Write something helpful not criticising stupidities. The reason for me to shared my story was for helpful answers not available for ignorants and haters without life.

  2. Gudds
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 25, 2015

    Gudds , Jan 25, 2015 :
    why should i be jealous, its not like you have her already and you dont know me so how can you say i have no life or jealous?? lol. for all we know this might be a made up story or the girl might not even be my type...

    take no offence dude, get a chill pill and in the first place you quoted me, i did not even quote you...
    as you clearly said "its off topic" and the forum does not belong to anyone, we are all passers by if you post here, anyone is free to comment and see. if you want selective posting, just make a private forum.


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  3. lostLambda
    Lollipop Jan 25, 2015

    lostLambda , Jan 25, 2015 :
    Smoking is a large turn-off, but if you are truly mesmerized by her, then I say go for it, young fellow!!!!!

  4. cjm_s
    Gingerbread Jan 25, 2015

    cjm_s , Jan 25, 2015 :

  5. OlfakD
    Jelly Bean Jan 25, 2015

    OlfakD , Jan 25, 2015 :
    I posted I thread like this too and there was someone going off about it but I just ignored I think that's the best way to treat people like that:(

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  6. Possible007
    Eclair Jan 25, 2015

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  7. OlfakD
    Jelly Bean Jan 25, 2015

    OlfakD , Jan 25, 2015 :
    Any one is free to give an helpful opinion not criticize and what don't you understand about off topic

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  8. Uberlight
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 25, 2015

    Uberlight , Jan 25, 2015 :
    ESOL huh? I studied it 6 years ago when I was fresh off the boat to the UK.
    I admit it, there were those lovely Caucasian girls who are quite the smokers.
    But my will was strong, I didn't let my heart to sway and my soul to be mesmirised by them :D.

    My advice, focus on your studies, and move on to a more useful course, you'll grow up and forget ....

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