Cruzerlite whitewood skin + Orzly protector + alum bumper review


Which color way should I keep?

  1. Red + white

  2. Black + white

  1. panakun
    Donut Dec 3, 2014

    panakun , Dec 3, 2014 :
    Greetings~ Been about 2 months since I've had the OPO, even traveled to asia and added some mileage to it, loving it so far!

    Right when I'd ordered the phone I'd grabbed a bunch of accessories also to ensure that the OPO is protected right outta the box. So here's my review so far for the following, installed pics at the bottom, along with a poll on which color scheme should I keep :)

    (pls excuse the grainy pic as they were taken with an ancient iphone 4 XD)

    1) Cruzerlite white wood skin (back only), $10 from amazon, prime eligible.
    Got several to try out and to swap down the line (white wood back, red carbon fiber back, and black aluminum front and back). White wood was my favorite by far due to its texture. (all of the above are textured skin). Sturdy, thick, very easy to apply once heated. Could potentially last very long time if taken cared of.

    One gripe I have is that it doesn't cover the sides as stickerboy's do, though I also believe dbrand may not cover the sides neither? Also the alignment of the cuts, while it's good, it's not *great*. The OCD in me made me nitpick about the camera cutout not being 100% flush, with a very very slight 1mm gap towards the left and bottom edges of the camera plate once the 1+ logo is fully aligned. But, that's just me.

    I'd say I'm probably 80% satisfied with everything, but I had returned the rest of the colorways while keeping just the white wood due to just B grade fitment. Looking to try stickerboy/dbrand out when I get tired of the current scheme. One big plus to this brand, it's amazon prime, and it's super quick delivery.

    **of note, cruzerlite's color selections are curiously identical to stickerboy's, hmm...

    2) Orzly tempered glass protector, $13 from amazon, prime eligible.

    Super easy to apply following the instructions to clean, align, and press. CanNOT even tell it's there afterwards. Very thin, very scratch resistant, and very easy to clean with eye glasses cloth. The alignment was superb. Phone operates perfectly from touch; if there was any capacitive sensitivity loss, I'd never noticed. 100% satisfied.

    3) Aluminum bumper. $7 shipped from ebay. Bought 2 colors to try out.

    Fitment is great, as others have reviewed. Although putting on and off requires a little finesse, and installed with as little angle as possible, as the sharp edge may cut and mar the softer back cover; don't ask me how I know. Also with the skin installed, I'd recommend trying to slide the bumper on from the backside towards the front, that way it'd have less chance of bunching up the skin at corners.

    But once installed, it had saved my phones several times already from light drops, and come out barely scuffed if at all. Reception hasn't been an issue for me, as ookly speed test were done both with and without the bumper on both high signal and low signal areas, with results virtually unchanged.

    90% satisfied, looks great, protects great, if it didn't have such sharp edge that would cause damage through my carelessness, I'd give it 100%.

    Now on to the poll, which color way should I keep? :)


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  2. Doctor Dream
    Jelly Bean Dec 3, 2014

    Doctor Dream , Dec 3, 2014 :
    just not digging this look..

    I just hope Rhinoshield crash guard makes it past pre-orders

  3. lassmat
    Jelly Bean Dec 3, 2014

    lassmat , Dec 3, 2014 :
    I don't think there's need for aluminum bumper when you have the case already. Anyway, I will recommend the dixtronic new case and casebase tempered glass protector

  4. Doctor Dream
    Jelly Bean Dec 3, 2014

    Doctor Dream , Dec 3, 2014 :
    IDC.. i guess you quoted the wrong dude

  5. Beyoncé
    KitKat Dec 3, 2014

  6. Timotis
    Jelly Bean Dec 3, 2014

    Timotis , Dec 3, 2014 :
    Agree with above comment... I think you'd be better off with a clear TPU case or something like that.

    I mean it doesn't look bad, i'm just not a fan of bummer cases. The skin on the other hand is good....